Angels And Demons: Two Worlds Residing In One Chapter 2698

Angels And Demons: Two Worlds Residing In One Chapter 2698

An upward curve appeared on Jiang Chen's lips. His hot blood started boiling. Initially he had no interest in the Qi Province, but he had never expected to meet someone like Nan Bei Chao. This instantly ignited Jiang Chen's fighting spirit.


Not long after that, another two men descended the mountain. One of them was senior disciple Huang, and the other one was someone who had a much higher cultivation realm. He was emitting the qi of a Late Mortal Core warrior.

"Skynet Formation, interesting. Let me see how powerful this formation is."

The old man instantly became enraged.

The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and one of the Eight Great Powers fighting each other caused plenty of noise in the neighboring areas. All of the nearby kingdoms had great interest in this affair and many people went to gather intelligence within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom to find out what had caused this war.

Jian Chen and Changyang Hu returned to their respective mothers' side and walked with the others towards the main hall of the Changyang Mansion.

The leading guard stretched out his arm and grabbed toward Jiang Chen.

"In this huge world, nothing is truly too bizarre." Jian Chen sighed to himself.

In Lore City of the Gesun Kingdom, the Changyang clan had already indisputably become the greatest clan in the kingdom without dispute. They was an existence that could dwarf the royal family and was respected by all ordinary people. Even in a radius of several thousand kilometers, there were no other great clans that could rival the Changyang clan.

Jiang Chen would never show any mercy to these people. Therefore, he decisively ordered that these men were to be placed into the hands of the Black Sect disciples, allowing them to decide what they wanted to do to these people.

At the same time, Jian Chen took action as well as the Light Wind Sword clashed with Caraga's own sword with a violent crash.

On the other hand, his opponent was fighting with the utmost ease as if there was no pressure at all. Each Heavenly Layer that separated a Saint Ruler from another was extremely massive. A deficit like that couldn't be made up easily, unless one was an ancient beast like Nubis.

"What's going on? This is terrifying!"

He sighed once more. He had to be honest with You Yue, else he would only hurt her more.

Lots of people started discussing this matter.

The forests began to shake for a moment before a five meter tall magical beast walked out from it. This magical beast resembled an orangutan, but not quite. It had no fur on its body, instead, its entire body was covered with dark jade colored scales like a viper. In the daylight, the scales radiated a brilliant glow.

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