The Black Tiger Chapter 1881

The Black Tiger Chapter 1881

"According to the information from our spies," he said, "that's exactly what happened. More specifically, Bai Xiaochun handed in more than 1,000,000,000 souls...." Even the necromancer almost couldn't believe the number he had just spoken out loud.

"I understandˇ­you've said this for the third timeˇ­" Dong Haiqing said. She found it hilarious, but she was feeling very happy at the same time. On top of that, there was also an indescribable feeling.

Qing Shui assessed this middle-aged man. He was in his fifties, with a burly and strong physique. His arms looked muscular and strong too.

Terrifying destructive power erupted out, completely wiping out the magical and natural laws that were descending from beyond!

The two of them quickly finished the soup, and couldn't help but ask for two more. The feeling of being unable to stop was too tough to bear, one couldn't hold it in!

558 Towards the Central Continent, The Triple-Eyed Grass Green Frog

"What's going on?!?!" Gasping, they began to dodge the attacking minotaurs, intense unease rising up in their hearts. They were now more nervous than they had been when they first saw the 1,000 minotaur monsters.

Looking at the cutesy little girl in front of him seriously nodding her head, Qing Shui almost forgot that he was only 8 years old himself, and could easily pass off as a cutesy little boy.

"Why don't... why don't you do the test, Eldest Brother?" Bai Xiaochun said hesitantly.

"It was void magic. This guy... definitely deserves to be known as the south bank's number one Chosen. Even with a Qi Condensation cultivation base, he can actually use void magic!"

Seeing Qing Shui staring into space, Yu He smiled gently as she waved her slender fingers in front of Qing Shui. "Why are you in a daze? Don't think about it too much, just leave it all to fate."

Just like this Beauty Pellet, although it was Qing Shui's first time refining it, he felt like he had refined them a couple of times. Maybe this was due to the experience from when he refined other medicines... ?

There weren't many Spirit Stream Sect disciples in the Wildweed Mountains, only a few dozen. The area didn't have many Foundation Establishment-level beasts, but it still had its dangers, even for Inner Sect disciples.

The only thing in the world that could move... was Bai Xiaochun... and the long red spear!

All of them had injuries, but as soon as they bathed in the light cast by the Pill Stream Division's cauldron, their wounds began to mend. Clearly, they had been prepared for this moment. As soon as they were out in the open, members of the other three divisions rushed to aid them, and many of them grouped up into the Blood Stream Division's locust-like battle formations.

After his breakthrough, the Live Forever power within him continued to surge!

"Yes, I heard that Mu Qing is back, so I came over," the man gave a simple smile.

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