From Nadir to Zenith Chapter 2783

From Nadir to Zenith Chapter 2783

After an indeterminate amount of time, the sounds of footsteps could be heard coming up the pavilion. Then, the hurried voice of a middle-aged man could be heard, "Luan'er, are you there? Your father has some good news to tell you."

Big Yellow immediately felt regret after asking that question. He could sense evil intentions behind Jiang Chen's smile.

"A Heaven Saint Master! A Heaven Saint Master! Xiang'er, are you really a Heaven Saint Master?" Bi Yuntian spoke joyously. Her entire body began to shake with joy. There was no way she wouldn't be happy, since her son was a Heaven Saint Master.

"It isn't important who he is. What matters is that he isn't our enemy."

The elder's gaze gradually became more serious as he continued to ask, "Mu Tian, did you gain these monster cores by yourself, or did you work together with others for them?"

Standing right outside the dark house, Jian Chen let out a sigh. Calming his heart of any emotions, he brought both his hands onto the ice cold door and slowly pushed it open with all his strength.

Everybody became extremely excited. They had all heard about what happened in the Dancing Sun City not long ago, and when they looked at the clothing of this young man, he indeed resembled the man they had heard about! An existence who attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm; that was a peerless monster!


At the same time, the azure and violet glow in Jian Chen's eyes began to grow stronger and stronger in intensity. All of the trees surrounding him exploded and caused countless of splinters to fly up into the air, protecting his entire body. With a single thought, Jian Chen instantly transformed the wood splinters to form a draconic shape before flying to hit the wolf.

"If not for there being something wrong with his brain, I would have delivered him a slap just now!"

"You stinking scoundrel!"

Lee Chang Hong said with a smile on his face, he then started whispering something into Mu Rong Zhan's ears.

"Aiya, you stepped on me, you stepped on me!"

Jian Chen's confident words made everyone look at him in astonishment; some even stared at him in disbelief. Jian Chen's words had made everyone think that Jian Chen was going to reveal his strength or that he had a way to deal with the magical beast. Even then, because of his age, some people were still very skeptical of his strength. So because of that, someone couldn't help but wonder, "Could it be that he began to cultivate from within the womb?"

"Daddy's status is much better than yours! Let me tell you this, I'm not going to settle this matter easily, I want you to kneel down before me and kowtow, beg for my forgiveness! After that, you need to compensate me with some pills. Of course, you also have to move out from here."

If one wanted to break open the tungsten alloy, one needed a tremendous amount of strength. If the thickness of the tungsten alloy reached fifty kilograms, it would be able to withstand the strike of a First Cycle Heaven Saint Master. With 250 kilograms, it would be able to withstand a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master. If it was over 500 kilograms, even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would find it difficult to destroy.

In the depths of the mountain range, a dozen or so large tents were set up under a towering old tree. Outside the tent, there were several big, bare-chested men standing in the rain, keeping guard. Their swift and forceful gazes were filled with a fierce light. They clearly were not simple people.

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