Save The Humans System Chapter 1575

Save The Humans System Chapter 1575

Han Yan furrowed his brows as well. Although they wouldn't have to worry about the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect seeking revenge with the help of Wu Jiu, the Crown Prince was no ordinary man. Han Yan had never met the Crown Prince before, but thinking from the perspective of the Crown Prince, he would definitely try his best to get the girl he wanted.

A prince was always surrounded by servants, this was almost a symbol of a man with a strong background. Just like Qiu Tianba, he always brought a few servants with him.

Hearing this, the youth instantly blanched, he hadn't thought that the situation would be that dire. Cupping his hands, he spoke, "Yes, father! Your son will leave now!"

Hearing that Jian Chen was awake, the girl tilted her head up to look at Jian Chen before immediately turning back to the dancing flames without a word.

Jian Chen carefully followed behind the elderly man through the pavilion. His footsteps were especially light since he didn't dare step too heavily.

"Jian Chen, come back early. Remember to be careful on your way. Right now, you've pulled really ahead of me, but the three year period is almost coming to an end. After you leave, I'll immediately go into isolated cultivation and try break through to a Heavenly Saint Master before you come back." Ming Dong said carefully. Reaching the end, his tone contained excitement and expectation that he struggled to conceal.

"Looks like older brother knows about these Blood Devils pretty well."

Right at this last moment, a white figure suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Zhenhai in a ghostly manner!Chapter 373 ΓΏ Your Son Has Returned

Then just ten kilometers away, two figures in white materialized into the world, but following their arrival, another three elders suddenly made themselves known as well.


Completely terror-stricken, Yun Li could hardly believe his eyes. There was no way he would have imagined that Ming Dong would possess such a tremendous amount of power.

At the appearance of this youth, the entire group of spectators began to whisper among themselves.

This sudden aberration had caused the four elders to grow extremely grim. They had never thought that such an event like this would happen.

"Three days? So fast?"

"I did not think that the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom would send me such a considerable gift after I entered their treasury." Jian Chen chuckled as he looked at the door. Slowly grabbing it, his arms began to bulge from the effort as he brought the tungsten alloy door into the air. With roughly 1500 kilograms worth of weight, Jian Chen's legs began to sink into the ground a little.

The sharp tip of the Light Wind Sword had smashed through the rest of the sword much to the extreme shock of Tianxiong Daoyun and penetrated through his throat.

The three men and beast let out a sigh in relief having heard that. Even the greed in their hearts was diminished; if the grand elder of Mercenary City was unable to break through the tungsten alloy to get to the Origin Essence, then who else in the continent would be able to?

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