I Woke Up In A Completely Different World! Chapter 1813

I Woke Up In A Completely Different World! Chapter 1813

"Not good!"

"This tragic conclusion caused your ancestor Ming Yitian to feel an extreme amount of grief. He didn't think that within the final moments of his life, his own clan would come to a terrible end. Naturally, I had been at his side and knew what he was feeling. With all of this sorrow, it was enough for him to cry tears of blood."


"An enemy is at our gates, everyone prepare yourself!"

"Mighty Jiang Chen!"

The Sword Qi was so quick that it seemed to be able to teleport, completely exceeding Jin Feng's escape speed. Just after fleeing for a few kilometres, Jin Feng was caught up by the Sword Qi. Afterwards, it passed through him like a hot knife through butter.

The same day, the Black Sect spread the news everywhere, telling the story of how Jiang Chen had killed the six emperors, how he had captured the Crown Prince, then gone to the Martial Saint Dynasty all alone to rescue his friends and family. And, the news also included how Jiang Chen and the Imperial Emperor had exchanged three strikes in the sky above the Martial Saint Dynasty, and not only that he was not defeated, but that he actually had the upper hand!

"Five experts? What five experts?" Qin Xiao questioned.

The ground was shaking together with the horrible screams of the men. At least eight men were unable to escape, and were slapped onto the ground by the dragon claw, squeezed into meat paste with their blood splashed all over the place.

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment. "Senior, this is quite the important manner. Please forgive this one for not being the one to give a response." Jian Chen really didn't dare give a response to something like this. If he did, then it would be very possible that the Qinhuang Kingdom would earn another two strong enemies. Although the Qinhuang Kingdom had four Saint Rulers, two enemy Saint Rulers was still quite a foe to the kingdom.

The vein that was being mined became a heavily guarded area by the Flame Mercenaries. Practically every force they commanded stood there as silent watchers to prevent anything from happening.

Fan Kun spoke with a lustful smile on his face.

"Honorable gust, you're our most valuable guest, you don't need to pay any entrance fee. Please follow me."

Jian Chen's interested was piqued and so he asked, "Patriarch, perhaps something has happened to miss Qin Qin?" Qin Qin was the young lady of the Tianqin clan.


"If my memory serves me well, after passing through this hill and a couple miles after that, we will find a city. But, I've never been there, so I forgot the name of that city."

Without saying anything else, Jiang Chen slapped Big Yellow's big head. He knew how much this damned dog could eat. Even if he ate all herbs on this mountain, he would still be hungry.

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