Rebirth of Flash in MCU Chapter 1441

Rebirth of Flash in MCU Chapter 1441

"From now on, our Changyang manor will no longer be a smalltime clan in this part of the kingdom. With a Saint Ruler, our Changyang manor can set its eyes over the entire continent. We will be a face that everyone knows!"

Big Yellow let out a loud laughter. He didn't feel any fear, even when facing a group of hundreds of people. With his abilities, he would be able to run to the other side of the stronghold and back, unharmed. There was no way these men could kill Big Yellow, even if they had formed an alliance.

Yan Yang asked with a shocked expression.

"Alright then, you take care of yourself fourth brother. Luo Jian's strength has already reached the middle ranked Saint level." Changyang Hu immediately went off to help his friends. Although seeing Jian Chen in the 3rd region was unexpected, he knew that now wasn't the time to try to figure out how or why.

"Senior envoys, brother Jian Chen, because of this recent destruction, why don't we switch places to talk?" Yun Li spoke up suddenly. Despite having a body full of injuries, they were nothing more than superficial wounds and would be nothing more than a hindrance. Seeing how the two envoys and Jian Chen had made up, Yun Li couldn't help but sigh in relief secretly.

Immediately after Yan Hong Tai spoke, everyone was shocked.

A few hours passed, Jian Chen and Tie Ta were getting closer and closer to the 3rd region's exit. The whole journey had been fairly peaceful, although at regular intervals, they'd encounter a magical beast carcass. Sometimes, there would even be 2-3 magical beast corpses lying in the same location.

If the extremely weak azure and violet Sword Spirits had such an overwhelming amount of power now then Jian Chen couldn't even begin to imagine just what kind of terrifying amount of power they might have at their strongest point.

After cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill for such a long time, Jiang Chen had truly began to understand this divine skill, and had gained complete acceptance from the skill itself. It was a skill that came with its own sentience; mysterious and unpredictable. Even Jiang Chen himself couldn't predict what the future development of the Dragon Transformation skill would be, and he couldn't imagine what realm he would be able to reach with the Dragon Transformation skill. However, there was one thing he was certain of, and that was whenever the Dragon Transformation skill transformed, its circulation would become much faster, and it would eventually bring more benefits to Jiang Chen. Each evolution would make the engagement between it and Jiang Chen more perfect. Just like this time, blood essence had come straight out of the skill itself. This was something unprecedented, and it could be considered a miracle.

Seeing how happy Little Fatty was, even his mother couldn't help but let out a smile as well.

Ziying and Qingsuo both looked at each other briefly, as if hesitating, before Qingsuo spoke, "Master, in truth, the first volume is only enough for you to cultivate Chaotic Force. The other two volumes are still a long ways away from you."


The Crown Prince waved his hand, retrieving his golden halberd. Then, he simply turned around and swung his weapon, instantly shattering Yan Chenyu's attack.

Stabbing through the area between the grand elder's eyebrows, the Origin energy immediately pierced his head, completely obliterating his soul.

"There's no need to ask the people of the Dugu clan. Just I myself will be enough to save lady Qin Qin from the Flood Dragon Bandits." Jian Chen said confidently.

Feeling the great presence given off by the old woman, the expressions of the two old men suddenly changed greatly. One of them immediately called out with a deep voice, "Who are you?"

"Young brother, you must understand, if you do not return the Seal of Treasure Mountain, then the Shi family will not let you go. This item will only serve to destroy you." The elder spoke honestly and kindly.

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