I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 974

I was mistaken for being gay and ended up in a all girls school Chapter 974

Zhou Bei Zhen said.He jumped up from behind the table, and a strong Qi belonging to the Qi Hai level was unleashed from his body.Many people felt the pressure from this field turning their expressions sickly and pale.

After meeting the monk today, Jiang Chen firmly believed that he must be Ancestor Greenlotus's inheritor. Even if he wasn't, he must have some kind of relationship with him. Therefore, when Jiang Chen saw the Fudo Seal, he instantly gave up on involving himself. Not only that, he wanted to help the monk absorb the sarira, so that he could pay back Ancestor Greenlotus for the kindness he had shown him.



Jiang Chen was currently cultivating the mighty Dragon Transformation skill.Not only can it form a Dragon Mark in his body, but it will also make his body stronger, eventually allowing him to reach a stage where he can transform into a dragon.

"Damn it! This Zhang Yang has really gone too far! No matter what, we're all fellow disciples, and there weren't any life or death grudges between them, so why did he resort to such violent means? Luo Song is finished now that his Qi Sea is destroyed!"

The Middle Tier cannons continued to fire and fill the skies with sounds from each blast. Time and time again, crowds of Class 4 Magical Beasts went up in smoke, leaving a crater in the ground below.

Noticing this, the gloomy face on Lee Shan Yue instantly turned into a joyful one. Both of his eyes lit up like a torch in the dark night, his eyes were so bright that they emitted beams of light towards that direction within the Lee family mansion.

"Chief Yan, there's one more thing I need your help with."

The sword Qi was immediately dispersed by the four awls. However, the Baleful Yin Force surrounding the awls also grew much dimmer, before flying back into the four people's hands simultaneously.

Old Sixth immediately let out a miserable scream as his body was impaled by the devil dragon. In order for Han Yan to kill him; he needed but a single strike.

A razor sharp longsword appeared in Fan Kun's hand, and it shone in a cruel light. He walked step by step towards Han Yan.

All the people in the Fragrant Sky City were in an unprecedented panic. Compared to those super provinces in the Eastern Continent, the warriors of the Fragrant Sky City were just the lowest ranked mortals. It was rare to find any Mortal Core warriors here, therefore, none of them had ever experienced a situation such as this before, and no one had ever seen creatures this ferocious before.

Guo Lei couldn't control his emotions and cursed. Although he was a pretty brave man, and didn't seem to care much when mentioning Jiang Chen, now that he was really standing face to face with Jiang Chen, the feeling was completely different. He was scared.

Jiang Chen said.

"Jiang Chen, I really didn't expect you to have such amazing talent, enough to forge the broken piece of the Emperor Weapon into your own combat weapon! It looks like you are indeed a man with great talent! In my opinion, you should give the sword to the Imperial Emperor, as a token of appreciation!"

"Damned dog, out of my way!"

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