The Second Life Of Naota Takaki Chapter 1052

The Second Life Of Naota Takaki Chapter 1052

Right at this moment, an ear-splitting buzzing sound could be heard. Wu Jiu turned around and looked at Big Yellow, and to his surprise, the disc shaped defense mechanism had been completely formed. It was spinning at high speed as well. After working relentlessly for two and a half months, Big Yellow had finally created the Spiraling Defense Mechanism. The buzzing sound was coming at the Spiraling Defense Mechanism that was spinning at high speed.

Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu were happily talking with each other. After fighting shoulder to shoulder in the previous battle, their relationship had become closer. Usually, talented and beautiful girl tended to be very prideful, and Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu were both like that. Thus, those who could befriend them must be equally excellent.

Hearing this, Jian Chen's expression clearly became startled. After finally returning to his senses, he asked in an incredulous and shocked tone, "What! An arranged marriage?!"

Jiang Chen casually said. Then, he unleashed a gentle force from his body and lifted all three girls up. Since he happened to pass by this area and saw demon beasts bullying humans, he had to give them a helping hand.

After that, Jiang Chen threw his gaze at those men standing around the scene. He didn't hide his killing intent at all.

This mountain range was called the Black Mountains. Countless mountain peaks spread across the top of the Black Mountain.

"Father, he is called Jian Chen, a friend I have made from the outside." Before Jian Chen could even say anything, Qin Ji spoke out respectfully to his father.


Jian Chen immediately closed his eyes once more and forced himself to calm down.

What? Hang up the Sect Elder and beat him? Are you sure?

"I found it, I found the exact location of the Island of Ice!"


Strong demonic aura was leaking out from these men. They were clearly not humans, but demon beasts who had transformed into human shape.

Without any complaints, Jian Chen handed over the jade piece to the guard. That guard accepted it with a polite manner and began to carefully turn and rotate the piece in order to inspect it. After ensuring that it was authentic, he gave it back and spoke, "My lord, if you could give us your name, we will report it to the third prince at once."

In regards to Jian Chen's strength, everyone had only thought that he had the strength of a Saint. If a Great Saint had difficulties fighting this Black Tiger, then a Saint would definitely have no chance of resisting it. Even though the Black Tiger had already sustained plenty of wounds, the serious state it was in had aroused its ferocious nature. Its fighting strength hadn't taken a decrease in intensity, instead, it had only grown stronger.

Afterward, the king of the Pingyang Kingdom guided Jian Chen to the kingdom's treasury. Right behind them, the entire crowd of officials and soldiers followed with anxious faces.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and spoke word by word. He had always planned ahead and covered all bases before striking. He didn't allow any accidents to happen. Although Firethorn Savage had entered a weakened state, a demon beast like him might still have some earth-shattering skill he could use if his life was threatened.

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