The Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2627

The Unrivaled Tang Sect Chapter 2627

Although it sounded like an exaggeration, this was an aspect of the Illusionary Flash that could only be described as terrifying.

Great Master Ran Feng placed his palms together in a devour manner and bowed toward Ancestor Greenlotus's statue. However, Jiang Chen could clearly see a vague sadness from Great Master Ran Feng's expression, and there was even slight anger mixed in. This was abnormal; an eminent monk like Great Master Ran Feng would never easily show his emotions, and would not easily become angry. However, upon mentioning Ancestor Greenlotus's ascension, his expression immediately became uneasy.

At that moment, there were already a large group of sturdy-looking men gathered at the gates to the Kai family's home. Each one of them possessed a murderous air to them, totalling to over two hundred people.

Both Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu exclaimed, especially Jiang Chen. He had traveled everywhere in the Saint Origin realm, but he had never heard about this book before. Also, he didn't know anything about this Spiraling Defense Mechanism.

"It has been three days since Little Chen dived into the magma pool, but he still hasn't come out. Could there have been any problems?"

"That's simple, just look at me!"

"Jiang Chen's movement skill is so terrifying! There were so many Jiang Chens, and Jiang Wei couldn't figure out which one was the real one!"

Now Jian Chen had a better understanding of the first painting. Slowly, he could understand that the people within the painting were like the heavens. They were representatives of the world, their movements were fused together with the world. Each move contained a profound mystery of the world, and each strike contained a profound theory, but that was something Jian Chen didn't understand.

"Haha, perfect! Now we can fight side by side again!"

Yu Tian Long said in a serious manner. Such an expensive gift, if it was given at any normal time, he might have just rejected it. But since the time was so crucial right now, he accepted it.

Wu Jiu said with a smile. It wasn't difficult to tell that he was defenseless against the Imperial Emperor.

The disappearance of anyone that left for the forest did not strike fear into the hearts of the mercenaries. Instead, it had bolstered them and caused even more mercenaries to believe that there was some sort of treasure within the forest.

"How can this happen?"

Smiling, the second elder spoke, "Haha, if the grand elder is able to praise him, then this Jian Chen is surely quite the person then. But this youngster is far too rash if he's starting a fight in Mercenary City. Does he not know the consequences of fighting in Mercenary City? Still, it's strange, why hasn't the barrier punished him yet?"

"Mother, Bi Lian, we should hurry the coffin back to the city. After spending so many years buried in this wasteland, I am sure aunty is fed up with this place." Jian Chen consoled them.

"It really is a Class 5 Magical Beast's carcass. It seems like a Magical Skywing Cow££"

"What is that?"

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