Poems of My Life Chapter 2750

Poems of My Life Chapter 2750

Jiang Chen said with an extremely fierce voice. His ice-cold glance caused Xiu Rui to tremble, as if a bucked full of ice-cold water had just been poured down his back. Without hesitating, he shut his mouth. He had a feeling that Jiang Chen's glance was no joke; he could see endless slaughtering coming from the eyes. When faced with this young man, he felt as if he was but an ant, and the young man could kill him with just a simple pinch.

"Oh right, how is my father and father-in-law's conditions?"

Today was the day Yun Li's execution. The entirety of the Flame Mercenaries had gathered here, and even more curious passersby were standing around to point at Yun Li and gossip.

At the same time, Huang Tianba came into view with the Solunar Bow in hand and the golden-robed Nubis by his side just twenty meters away. Both of them were glaring heavily at Bi Hai, and their auras were beginning to grow in amount to try and lock Bi Hai into place.

The toxicity of the poison was extremely strong and none of the competitors were able to make it through into this valley. Furthermore, this place served to hold the Space Gate that would lead to the shrine. Those who wanted to come to the shrine would need to have the permission of the shrine lord, so Jian Chen felt relaxed. No one would be able to disturb him while he cultivated so he began to delve deep into a cultivation trance.

After the bandages fell off, it was clear that the wound on Changyang Ke's stomach was nowhere to be seen. Only a small bloody scar remained, but other than that, the wound had ceased to exist.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the other two old men knelt down, for them it felt like that piece of paper in their hands weighed more than a thousand pounds.

The novice disciple stood blankly in the same spot. Fear covered his entire face, he was hoping that Jiang Chen could slap him as well and make him unconscious. However, Jiang Chen didn't. To him, this was torture, he could only stand there without moving a single inch.

Straight away, the innkeeper's face had drained of its color. "What? They're the ones that killed the three heads?"

"This body's father knows how to feed good medicine to his son, but he doesn't know that his son's body can't absorb them.All the pills were stored in this body, and sooner or later something bad would've happened.But for me, this body is awesome!"

For other people, there was no difference between the Flaming Stallion's demon soul and any other demon soul, but for Big Yellow, there was a huge difference. He had the Dragon Horse bloodline, making him a supreme existence amongst all horses. He was also able to absorb all horse bloodlines and make it his own, improving his own bloodline. He would also become much stronger from absorbing bloodlines than he would from a sudden breakthrough. Therefore, after Big Yellow absorbs the Flaming Stallion demon soul, his cultivation would become a few times strong. The evolution of the bloodline also allowed him to break through to the Late Divine Core realm.

"My apologies brother Qin Ji. I hope I did not offend and that you will forgive me." Jian Chen cupped his hands in an apologetic manner toward him while confused at what just happened, could a Saint Ruler's skeleton hold some sort of treasure?

"Jian Chen, this warbeast is unbelievably tough in terms of defenses. Not only that, but it's also a Class 4 Magical Beast. Unless we have an Earth Saint Master here with us, then it'll be impossible to fight this. Even a Great Saint Master will be unable to pierce through the defenses of this warbeast!" An experienced mercenary explained to Jian Chen. He doubted Jian Chen due to his age and because of how strong the warbeast was.

The old monk glared snappishly at Tyrant. Tyrant spat out his tongue in response. However, he knew that everything his master did was for his own good.


Within the room, a white robed woman around the age of thirty could be seen pacing the room restlessly. Despite the restless air around her, she still had an uncommon air that added to her personality and made her look very beautiful still.

The Blood Devil leader took a step forwards, he had locked down Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with his powerful energy. Although the intrepid behavior of the duo in front of him had surprised him, but since he had a strong cultivation base, he didn't really care. He had enough confidence in himself that he could kill them both.

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