Heroes of Horizon Chapter 43

Heroes of Horizon Chapter 43

"Just what is going on, could it be our group has too many people in it? That could be why the magical beasts aren't attacking." Jian Chen looked backward with a doubtful look. On this single road, he had only seen the traces of a single magical beast.

Outside the Asura Palace, four disciples on guard duty were chitchatting with each other. One man suddenly looked at where Jiang Chen had momentarily appeared, but he found nothing.

Looking at the man, Jiang Chen couldn't help but shake his head. He didn't even take a second look at the warrior who just flew away. He knew it was useless even if the warrior could fly; he was dead for sure!

"This is already the deepest part of the valley, where might the Saint Ruler's cave be?" Jian Chen muttered to himself. When it came to the cave, he only knew the name¨•everything else was unknown to him. Even what the cave look like was a mystery to him; combined with the fact that it was hidden, finding the cave would be an extremely difficult challenge.

But Jiang Chen did still have another method he could use; the Earth Jail! The Devil King was now standing on the ground, and the Earth Jail was the perfect technique to launch a surprise attack. As long as he and Tyrant cooperated well, it wouldn't be difficult to kill this Devil King.

"Chief, what should we do now? If young master Jiang can't break free from the Blood Banner, there is no way we can stop Lord Blood Moon from completing his blood sacrifice ceremony."

"Little Chen, you're getting stronger with each passing day, I really want to thank you for helping me today! If not, your brother I would immediately upon arriving in the Southern Continent."

Immediately after walking into the room, Qin Xiao noticed the giant hole on the ceiling of the room with a pile of broken tiles on the floor.

The official road was filled with caravans escorted by groups of armed yet blood soaked mercenaries. Although Jian Chen was a lone traveler, no one paid extra attention to him. Despite his bloody clothes from the wounds he gained, to every single mercenary within the Tian Yuan Continent, this was a very common sight to see. Practically every mercenary had seen these types of things every day.

"Wu Lang obtained quite some benefits back on the Island of Ice, I'm sure he'll gain some improvements after coming out from his secluded cultivation."

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Great Master Ran Feng, then turned around and left with Tyrant and Tan Lang. His trip to the Western Region had been fruitful. Not only had his cultivation improved hugely, he had also met the successors of Ancestor Greenlotus.Chapter 539 ÿ Heavenly Tower

After using the herb, Jian Chen immediately leapt onto a nearby tree. Sitting cross legged on a slightly flatter branch, Jian Chen took out another faintly sweet smelling herb from within his Space Ring and started to sprinkle it on his body. This white colored herb was very effective in suppressing one's Qi, preventing his qi from escaping which might attract any kind of wild beasts while he was sleeping at night. After all, both the wild animals and the magical beasts in this mountain range had extremely acute senses of smell. Although this powder wouldn't be able to completely hide Jian Chen's Qi, it could at least conceal it from the senses of normal animals.

After saying that, the Great Elder disappeared from the scene.

There was a disciple of the Qingyi Sect stood in front of Mao Fang.

The manager's expression instantly changed upon hearing the name Tan Lang. This Tan Lang was a genius who recently made his debut. He had left the Asura Palace for a period of time and only returned recently. After he returned, he had quickly become a young Combat King, and the Asura Palace also had a very high opinion of him. He was also one of the most popular candidates for the tycoon position. A genius like this, not only the Golden Tower, even the Hongyue City Lord wouldn't dare offend him easily.

Rapidly, the captain came running back out from the Qin Heaven Palace and spoke to Qing Shaofan, "Imperial Advisor, please enter!"

Jian Chen sat on the cavern ground with a calm posture. Although it wasn't suitable to stay here for long, it wasn't time to leave just yet. He would have to wait until nightfall before he could leave so that the chance of being detected would be extremely low.

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