Chasing Family: Reborn an Ability Thief Chapter 2623

Chasing Family: Reborn an Ability Thief Chapter 2623

With a tremendous force, Big Yellow slammed his head right into the man's chest. Underneath the terrified eyes of the crowds, the Combat Soul warrior let out a blood-curdling screech, and was knocked back to where he came from. He was slammed into where he original stood before he tried fleeing, and after effortlessly struggling for a bit, he completely stopped moving.

"Venerable elder, was there something that happened here recently?" Jian Chen asked.

"Xiang'er! Xiang'ers back?" Suddenly, a dignified but excited voice echoed through the halls as Changyang Ba came running into view.

All the old folks in the square started crying. When they thought about all the townspeople that would be killed by these Blood Devils, and have their blood sucked out of their bodies, they couldn't help but feel extreme pain in their hearts. These old folks were like the Town Marshal, they weren't afraid of death, but they didn't just want to die for nothing.

Nangong Wentian said with a serious expression. He was really confident in Jiang Chen.

Jian Chen's figure had flown straight up into the sky as well. Aided with the wind element from the world, Jian Chen had chased after the third elder without reprieve.

Jian Chen looked to the pale three soldiers kneeling nearby. They had already been injured by his initial attacks, so Jian Chen hesitated for a moment. "I will forgive them, but if they dare try to exploit the Gesun Kingdom in any way, I will not be so kind then."

"No shit! I heard it too."

The reservoir underneath Phoenix City was a natural one that supplied water for each and every well within the city.

A few hours of rushing later, Jian Chen's group of people finally arrived outside of the 3rd region's exit. They smoothly passed through and entered the 2nd region. At this moment, everyone could not help but sigh in relief. They all understood that their monster cores were secured, because after leaving the 3rd region, no matter whether or not others had gathered the required 2 monster cores, their task was complete. There was nobody here that would dare to steal their monster cores.

The two palm strike collided with each other, and the shockwaves that came from the collision instantly shattered the True Dragon Palm, and hit Jiang Chen's body. Although Li Tianyang stopped the attack, Jiang Chen was in a really bad shape right now, so the shockwave would be enough to kill him in an instant.

"If you don't wish to die, then get out! Offending our Yangji Sect is something even the prince can't do."

Taking a few steps back, Jian Chen spoke honestly, "Little Fatty, use your Saint Weapon to strike me."

Seeing the color of the sky, Jian Chen didn't hesitate for a moment and began to gather the light Saint Force. Rapidly, he began to heal his chest once more.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Qing Yun did say anymore.

Tu Fu hadn't even gotten far away from the soldiers when he saw the sight ¨• much to his shock. Both of his eyes grew wide as he cried out, "Dear Heavens! They're££ they're££they're all Heaven Saint Masters!"

This time, the lightning lasted longer than it did during the first tribulation, and it only disappeared slowly after a few minutes. The youngster was revealed once again, and right now, Jiang Chen's aura had clearly become a bit weaker, and his dark hair was in a chaotic state as well. His clothes weren't as clean as they had previously been either. He had obviously suffered some injuries from the second tribulation bolt.

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