Rolf the Barbarian Battlemage Chapter 1174

Rolf the Barbarian Battlemage Chapter 1174

Ants weren't a very common sight in Great Wall City, but at the moment, they carpeted the ground. Before any of the guards could react, the entire Armory was thrown into a commotion.

AST 381 - Basic Sword Technique One with Heaven, Interspatial Sachet?

The Deer Form only had a Deer Canteering Technique that increased speed. Qing Shui had long integrated the essence of it to his other movement techniques!

But nowĄ­ here in this trial by fire, he found it!

"There shouldn't be any talk of fairness and whatnot. As long as I'm willing, Yuchang is my daughter, my blood daughter! Otherwise, do you want her to ask you where her father is when she grows up in the future, and only to tell her she that has no father? I love her, as well as you. I can't do without the both of you. This should be sufficient." Qing Shui stared into the beautiful eyes of Mingyue as he said with determination.

She was concerned about him?

The only other option would be to go to a larger market, but places like that were some distance away from the sect. After considering the matter, Bai Xiaochun lit up with determination.

"You see," continued the salesman, "even down to their teeth and bones, their fleshly bodies are very powerful, making them excellent servants. Furthermore, they've been sealed with restrictive spells, so that you can control their life or death with a single thought."

"Qing Shui, take care of yourself on your journey," Qing Yi worriedly reminded while pulling onto him.

AST 674 - Benefitting from a disaster, the powerful Yin-Yang Image

But soon enough, the fragrance of the All Aspect Nourishment Soup's wafted in the air. It was sweet yet not overwhelming, but also smelled very rich at the same time. Just by smelling it one's appetite would increase. After all, it was a better version than the one he had boiled back in Yu He Inn since he had a more complete collection of spices now compared to before.

Upon hearing Zhou Zimo's name, Bai Xiaochun sighed despondently.

Although it was only a rumour that he had become Canghai Wuya's grandson, nearly everyone believed the saying that everything happened for a reason and that there was always some truth behind a rumour.

Looking at this screen made him feel that humans were really insignificant. To think that the majestic aura from a standing screen was already able to give him such a feeling, Qing Shui wanted to very much know what level of cultivation the artist was at. It was just that he was slightly puzzled as to why such a high level standing screen as well as the drawing on it would be classified together with furnitures. The screen felt more like an exquisite art piece with excellent workmanship.

Before he could finish speaking, a little turtle head popped out of his bag of holding and looked up at him. The turtle sighed.

"You little delinquent. You might have outstanding talent, but you're far too ruthless. Trying to kill a fellow sect member right in front of us? Are you looking to die or something?!"

Zheng Yuandong felt a headache coming on from the embarrassing loss of face.... Clearing his throat, he glanced over at Elder Zhou.

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