The Greycloak Trials Chapter 1041

The Greycloak Trials Chapter 1041

"Why is this happening...?" On the verge of tears, he wiped the sweat off his forehead, gritted his teeth, and continued concocting, surrounded by the rumbling sounds from outside.

The Saint-Emperor was shocked to see Bai Xiaochun's two archaean slaves, but at the same time, it suddenly bolstered his confidence in the Eternal Immortal Domains' chances of surviving. He focused on a certain sprawling mountain peak that was under attack, whereas Bai Xiaochun headed toward the largest of the meteorites, which had fallen like an enormous island in the middle of the Eternal Sea.

Even as the savage giant was shoved away, Bai Xiaochun's right hand flashed with an incantation gesture, and he pointed out, sending a dozen flying swords out at top speed, completely cutting off the giant's path of retreat.

"It's easier for me to flee and run by myself. I've a fleeing technique. I've come to the Eastern Victory Divine Continent for the sake of finding for the Sky Penetrating Grass. I'm a person of the Greencloud Continent. Perhaps I might never return to the Eastern Victory Divine Continent again," said Qing Shui slowly with a smile. Even if he were to ever return, there seemed to be no chance of them meeting in such a big place like the Eastern Victory Divine Continent, furthermore he could just avoid her.

Destructive power +10%, strength +30, agility +20, endurance +20. Effects did not stack.

"I refuse to believe that you have a truly undying body!" Bai Xiaochun said, his eyes as cold as the winter wind. With that, he clenched his right hand into a fist, stepped forward, and struck the bedraggled Lei Shan yet again!

"The Profound Stream Sect tried to sow disharmony between our sects, with the goal of getting us to slaughter each other. Not only did they murder Fellow Daoist Droughtflame, they tried to kill one of our blood masters. We cannot tolerate such things! When the Blood Stream Sect goes to war, we don't return home until blood has been spilled. Therefore, the best thing to do is go wipe out the Profound Stream Sect!!" As his words reached the hearts and minds of the Blood Stream Sect disciples, their confusion was quickly replaced with fury.

"In that case, you should just find me another bedroom!" Qing Shui smiled wryly when he saw the serious look on Hai Dongqing's face.

"Young Master Guo, isn't my Sister Qingqing beautiful?" Qing Bei teased Guo Polu.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun didn't have much experience getting love letters. As for the surrounding disciples, from the looks in their eyes, they all seemed to be wishing him well over the matter, and some of the male disciples even seemed a bit jealous.

This was a pavilion located at the Heaven Stepping Road, as well as a business quarter of the Mu Clan. Dong Yan brought Qing Shui and Sun Yan into the pavilion to meet a new acquaintance.

The heavens and earth around was completely stifled. Qing Shui remained standing, like a gigantic tiger guarding the mountain and integrated the huge mountain below his feet.


Qing Shui rubbed his nose. The ancient people were really powerful. It was already overwhelmingly shocking to find dishes like Dragon Liver, Phoenix Tails and Qilin Egg in the recipes. These were things that the dishes from his previous life could not compare with. For those, they were only dishes in name, and not the actual item. Qing Shui recalled that in his previous life, there was a dish by the name of Dragon Beard Noodles, which was just called pasta in the countrysideˇ­ˇ­

This was because of the earlier increase in Medicine Refinement Realm, a realm increase could be discovered but not sought. Of course, his confidence was only valid if the Alchemy Recipe was one that had a possibility to succeed.

His mood gradually got better, and his spirits lifted. One afternoon, just when he was getting everyone ready to continue along through the front lines territory, a golden beam of light suddenly shot up into the air off in the distance.

"Dad, just tell us. We won't tell others. I wanna know as well." Canghai Mingyue hugged one of Canghai's arms as she pouted.

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