Project:Unknown - The Tales of Souls Chapter 994

Project:Unknown - The Tales of Souls Chapter 994

Hearing his companion's warning, the remaining youth became extremely cautious. He dodged the battleaxe, and grabbed onto Tie Ta's Space Belt££

Liang Xiao was dead, it meant the fall of a peerless genius. He had gotten himself killed in this nameless place. Before coming here, Liang Xiao would never have imagined that this would be his ending. He had also never imagined himself getting killed by Jiang Chen.

Bi Yuntian shook her head softly. "Now that I've finally found the patriarch to my family due to the help of Xiang'er, there's no need to hide it anymore. You should know about the circumstances to my family."

The sledgehammer student nodded his head, "That's right, Tie Ta has the support of the headmaster, so we can't get revenge on him. But Changyang Xiang Tian doesn't have that same support."

"What!? A Class 5 Magical Beast!" The blade in the middle aged man's hands suddenly stopped as he turned around to look at the housekeeper with a stunned expression, "Housekeeper Cheng, what did you just say?"

The old man replied.

Seeing this many monster cores, Jian Chen was starting to suspect that this was already half of the total amount of Class 2 Monster Cores in the 3rd region.

Right now, at the border of the third sector, three Sect Elders from the Green Sanctuary Sect were still waiting. All of them had dark expressions, especially the Mid Divine Core Sect Elder, Liu Hong.

A few hundred miles away from Jiang Chen, there was a valley that was very quiet. There was a huge rock blocking the top of the valley, it was much more hidden than the valley Jiang Chen was currently at.

Seeing Ka Di Qiuli walkover, Ka Di Liang stopped his movements and laughed, "Third sister, didn't you say you were going to the library? Why are you looking for me here then?" In his heart, he still dearly loved his younger sister.

Just as the Light Wind Sword was about to pierce into the leader's throat, an ear piercing sound was heard as another sword came in from the side. Abruptly knocking against the Light Wind Sword, it altered the trajectory of it so that it would go past the leader's neck without harm.

Jian Chen simply had no desire to make contact with the sword of the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries. Narrowly dodging the giant sword of the leader, Jian Chen's sword disappeared into a blur of silver light once more as Jian Chen stabbed at the leader.

Right at this moment, everyone, including Big Yellow who had just woken up, raised their heads and looked at Jiang Chen, who was floating in the air.

"I'll sell it for High-Ranked Combat Weapon."

"How dare you!"

Still staring blankly at Jian Chen, Jian Hua could only smile as he continued to speak, "Brother Jian Chen is quite the jokester. How would we have followed you? This meeting was a coincidence."

"Does Sect Chief have a strategy?"

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