Chaos Immortal Chapter 127

Chaos Immortal Chapter 127

"I don't want to listen to your bullshit. I don't care about settling scores with you, the Green Sanctuary Sect means nothing to me. Huo Yuner, come here and fight me."

Suddenly, an azure glow could be seen across the sky as the wind attributed Heaven Saint Master chased after Jian Chen.

The men had known this result was coming, yet they couldn't help but have a look of dejection on their faces as they listened to Jian Chen. A Class 5 Monster Core was a treasure that even the Tianhua Sect would want. If they were to go to a major city to buy one, then the hazards associated with it would be heavy. If the news were to escape that they bought one, then on the road they would be besieged by bandits who would fight them over it. In the Tian Yuan Continent, there weren't many Earth Saint Master bandits, but there were plenty of major bandit groups or even Heaven Saint Master experts that wanted in on the monster core.

"Get lost! Why is it a waste when daddy eats them? A treasure like this is useful for the master dog as well! If I obtain any more crystal cores in the future, don't try and take them from me!"

Someone said.

Jian Chen's gaze indifferently swept across the three corpses, before finally falling onto their Space Belts. After some hesitation, he slowly advanced forward to retrieve the belts and examine their contents.

"Honored Radiant Saint Master, I can only assume you've heard half of the rumors. Could it be that you didn't hear about the two envoys of the Earth Saint Master level?" Jian Chen spoke softly.

She surrendered so casually, she was even happy and didn't mind it at all. Perhaps only those from the Valley of Happiness were able to do this.


Thinking to himself, Jian Chen quickly came to a decision. In a split second, the Light Wind Sword flew back to his hand before disappearing from view. Without further hesitation, Jian Chen began to run toward the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Just as the five mercenaries were about to pierce the Black Tiger's body, Captain Kendall's slightly trembling voice rang out.

"Young man, quickly pay the entrance fee, don't waste other people's time here."

Big Yellow asked.

"Don't let him get away!" One of the five men had cried out. The five of them immediately formed a ring in the air to form a blockade in an attempt to seal off all of Jian Chen's possible escape paths. At the same time, five Sword Qi strikes were shot towards Jian Chen once more.

"This is the skeleton of a Saint Ruler!" Tianmu Ling shouted out loud in shock at the skeleton. Qin Ji, Dugu Feng, Ming Dong and the yellow clothed girl all showed similar signs of shock at this new found discovery. As they discovered the skeleton and felt shock overtake them, everyone soon quickly felt their blood begin to boil.

"We can't alert the Old Great Emperor now, as we're still far away from reaching a critical situation, so he won't help us. I'll go find the Old Emperor now."

"Waiter, serve me another table!"

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