Somanath: A Tale of Forgotten Time Chapter 1088

Somanath: A Tale of Forgotten Time Chapter 1088

The massacre of more than a dozen men from the Yangji Sect was an enormous piece of information that could not be silenced. In a flash, the news had traveled throughout the entire city, even to the mercenary groups residing there. As they traveled, they spread the news even more, resulting in almost everyone knowing what had transpired.

Wu Cong felt like he was about to throw up a mouthful of blood.

"Senior disciple Wang, this is the guy! He dares come to the Black Sect and cause trouble, and he also beat up our men! Please cripple him, beat him till his mom can't recognize him!"

"Are you certain that you will not return the Seal of Treasure Mountain? It will only bring you more trouble." The third elder asked Jian Chen once more for confirmation.

A majestic figure appeared in front of Zhou Beichen, it was Jiang Zhenhai! After Jiang Chen gave him the Xuanyuan cultivation skill, his cultivation had improved significantly, and now, he was a Late Divine Core warrior, and the strongest warrior in the Red City region.

Jiang Chen clenched his fist tightly, making a cracking sound from his fingers joints, and his eyes were glowing with confidence. With his current combat strength, he could easily defeat any ordinary Late Heavenly Core warriors.

Facing Ming Dong, Tian Jian struggled to maintain is indifferent expression and could not help but reveal a warm smile. He looked at Ming Dong lovingly, "Child, you don't need to worry. Jian Chen is fine." Towards Ming Dong, Tian Jian showed extra affection.

After swallowing the pill, Ming Dong's face grew to a better shade of color before looking at the poisonous fog with a serious look, "This poison is too strong. The deeper we go, the stronger it gets! I've already used my best detoxification pill, but even then I'm afraid it won't protect me for more than fifty meters. We're unable to enter this place then."

Guo Shan still objected to Jiang Chen accepting the task.

Flying over to Chang Wuji and Khafir, the elder with the tiger cub spoke, "This elder is named Xiao Tian. From here on forth, we are yours to command for whichever purposes you need us for, so don't hold back. These Hidden Dragon Kingdom people are yours as you see fit."

"Please don't do this brother Yan, you're too generous."

"Brother Ba, who did this to you? Was it Yu Zihan? Daddy will get revenge for you!"

"Haha, Tian Yishan, Guan Yiyun, how does death creeping up on you feel? Are you guys scared right now? Too bad, fear won't help, no matter how scared you are, you're still going to die!"

Daoist Black nodded his head. He had absolute belief in what Guan Yiyun said. Jiang Chen had only been in Inferno Hell for three months, but he had grown so much. Without thinking further, he already knew that Jiang Chen must have gotten some massive benefits in Inferno Hell.

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice.

The Imperial Advisors had made the preparations for Jian Chen's group to travel to the Heavenly Kingdom via the Space Gate some time ago. Thus, they were able to arrive there extremely fast.

"Stop right there, who are you?"

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