The entire sky was filled with dazzling lights. Each of those persons who appeared wore luxurious clothing, and they wore the same superior and prideful expression on their faces. They belonged to the strongest power in this city, so it's obvious they would be prideful.

The youth smiled coldly as the silver white sword within his hand started to emit a faint white glow. With a single slash, the sword tip flew towards the black panther's opened mouth.

Half an hour later, the Dimensional Purplesand Crystal had been completely absorbed by Jiang Chen. Numerous blood red Dragon Marks could be seen hovering around his body, each of them looking like a real tiny dragon, giving Jiang Chen a mystical image.

"Once the exit appears, the entrance will be completely shut. All of you are latecomers who had yet to reach the center of this island, so once the exit appeared, every single human who had yet to reach the center would be automatically be teleported here. If not, you'd be completely trapped here for at least another hundred years, forced to wait for the Island of Ice's next opening."

A single human head flew through the air as blood came spilling out. Elder Wu had been killed by Jian Chen with regret still filling his eyes.

Guo Shan nodded his head and said. He knew the details about how Jiang Chen had killed the Blood Devils. If it wasn't for Jiang Chen, all of these townspeople would have been dead right now. A great kindness like this was more than enough for these townspeople to worship Jiang Chen like a god.

"Little brother, why are you going to Mount Tianyuan now? It's not safe to be there at this moment!"

"Sect Chief, please enlighten us."

Big Yellow's attitude was firm.

Tian Yishan and the others' valiant spirits had been ignited. These men had seen too much slaughter, and because of the situation where they knew they were going to die, they became merciless.

Immediately, the look on Nubis' face softened to only look at the four men in disdain. Turning to Jian Chen, he hissed, "The great Nubis, why must you never remember that."

"From now on, you are both of the genuine lineage of the Jiang family. Brother Cheng, take a good rest here; your young master will make sure that everyone in the Martial Saint Dynasty who were involved in this incident apologizes to you in the afterlife."

Following the death of three great guardians and Tieyi Ying's fleeing, all demons started crazily fleeing from the city. They continuously increased their pace, scared that if they flew just a little bit slower, they would get burned by the Heavenly Tribulation.

"Haha, break everything for me!"

"Alright. I'll bring you to the Great Leiyin Temple tomorrow. With my disciple's talent, even if you're at the Great Leiyin Temple, you won't be weaker than any of their geniuses."

At the same time, the man who had spent quite some time waiting beside him immediately sent forth his thought to explore the book. However, the outcome was exactly the same as before. Just when his thought approached the book, the seal immediately recovered, blocking his thought outside.

Big Yellow dampened Jiang Chen's enthusiasm.

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