A world of fantasy and inverse beauty Chapter 1611

A world of fantasy and inverse beauty Chapter 1611

Jiang Chen said with an evil smile.

"Source of Combat Strength Talisman."

The night was extremely calm and the moon extremely beautiful. Within the palace of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, it was even more quiet. If one were to stand at the very top, they would be able to see the entire palace and all of the men standing quietly here and there as if they were stone statues. From the moonlight sprinkling down on them, one would be able to barely see the twinkling silver armor they wore.

It was similar for the Lee family. They also had no more than 3 combat weapons. This was why when they saw Lee Chang Hao take out a low rank combat weapon they knew that the Lee family had used it as a hidden tactic in dealing with Jiang Chen.

Soon after, the three men all unleashed their divine sense, spreading it throughout the entire mountain range. The three Fifth Grade Combat Kings could easily search every single inch of this mountain range, and they could even see a tiny ant from high up.

Wu Jiu drank a cup of wine himself and said in a carefree manner. He had publicly said he would stand in front of Jiang Chen even if a hole was poked through the sky.

Jiang Chen asked Tian Yishan with a smile on his face.

After that, Jiang Chen waved his hand and unleashed a layer of flames, burning away all the green air. Together with the help from some of the warriors who blew the poisonous gas away with their Yuan energy, fresh air finally returned to the auction hall.

Hearing this, Qian Yun looked extremely troubled. This was a tremendous loss for their kingdom; each Heaven Saint Master was a pillar to the kingdom and directly tied to their power.

Dugu Feng refused to say anything, so Kaizer had decided not to mince anymore words. He turned to face everyone else. "I, Kaizer, have unfinished business with Wu Yun. Please allow my Harido clan to deal with this."

Early morning the next day, Liu Hong arrived outside the courtyard's entrance.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

After the war, the first step was for everyone to heal up. Daoist Black had taken out the entire stock of healing pills and given them to all the disciples and elders.

There were simply too many people in this trade fair. Inevitably, there would also be many cheaters mixed in. But, there were also a lot of people who were genuinely selling treasures. Everyone were taking whatever the needed, some would exchange for pills, some wanted combat weapons, and some wanted combat skills and cultivation skills.

"How would I know which place is good? This is your father's first time coming here. Your father wants the most delicious food!"

Jian Chen wrapped the Space Belt around his neck as he began to knead at his entire body. His arms continued to rub everywhere as the water nearby him began turn black with contamination.

"Cheng Buping!"

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