Pathway to Eternity Chapter 1871

Pathway to Eternity Chapter 1871

A high pitched eagle cry emerged from Jiang Chen's mouth. Layers of sound waves coalesced to become ripples, causing the thin air to crack. The powerful sound waves transformed into a huge web, and it covered another three Mortal Core warriors.


"Boom!" With the collision between Jian Chen's Origin energy and the elder's Saint Weapon, a tremendous amount of Saint Force had been expelled from the area and over the entire earth. With dust pervading the air from the blast, the area between Jian Chen and the elder had been completely blocked by the dust and had made visibility almost impossible.

The Imperial Emperor had never been this angry before. Even Yan Chenyu hadn't expected this to happen; her castrating the Crown Prince bringing such serious consequences.

"Big Bro Jiang Chen, let's leave this place quickly. If not, the Mayor might appear, and then we'll have to struggle with dealing with him."

Qiu Tianba cried out in disbelief. He pushed both servants away and leapt toward Jiang Chen in an imposing manner, fully unleashing his energy of an Early Combat Soul warrior. With that, he threw his big fist filled with massive power at Jiang Chen's face.

Also, after a warrior obtains a crystal core, he would usually just absorb it to increase his cultivation level as quickly as possible. To survive in Inferno Hell, strength was always the number one priority.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen quickly grabbed onto Nangong Wentian's arm. Big Yellow also pushed his head against Nangong Wentian's waste. One man and one dog were working together to forcefully pull him back into the tunnel.

"Oh right, there might be a place where you can find the Nine Solar Holy Water."

"What a fast speed!" The fire sword youth cried out in shock.


Hurriedly taking out an abacus, Ochire started to total up the sum of all the items. "My lord." She began. "Each of the twenty-eight heavenly resources have varying ages. Some are just a thousand years old, some are two or three thousand years old. Combined with the fact that some of them are of rare species, each one of the heavenly resources will be of different prices. As such, the cumulative price will be a million and thirty thousand purple coins. If my lord is willing to purchase them in bulk, then we will discount the remaining thirty thousand purple coins for a grand total of a million purple coins. Is that to your satisfaction?"

Noticing his sister's red eyes and her tear stained face, Ka Di Liang couldn't help but feel extremely furious as he spoke, "Sister Qiu Li, don't worry. Even if I get penalized by the academy, your second brother will definitely teach him a lesson."

Jian Chen understood in his heart that these children were disciples born directly into the family line. The Changyang clan had about 1000 clansmen. Although half of them were guardsmen and servants, the other half were members that were born from within the clan line.

By now, the eastern, western, and northern strongholds had been completely stabilized. Only the southern stronghold had the army of the Andreas Kingdom within their borders. However, no one was worried anymore. The southern stronghold had eight Heaven Saint Masters, meaning the experts were literally as numerous as the clouds. The Andreas Kingdom simply had no chance of winning against the eight, so their surrender was only a matter of time now.

As soon as Dugu Feng yelled out loud, everyone grew quiet as they bit back their anger for the ones blocking the cave. Dugu's commotion had instantly earned their new ire and immediately, everyone began to curse at him.

Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to continue staying in the Black Sect. With Daoist Black's help, Jiang Chen would at least have place where he could rest. He couldn't just give up on this.

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