Living a life with you Chapter 1829

Living a life with you Chapter 1829

Obviously, he planned to take advantage of Reverend Devourer being stuck in place by the Live Forever LampsĄ­ to kill him!

Even as Bai Xiaochun stood there fuming, Chen Manyao sighed and stood up. Looking over at Bai Xiaochun, she said, "This is my fault for not getting complete information. Junior Patriarch, I'm going to go look for some friends of mine. If destiny will have it, we'll meet again in the rainbow district."

Di Qing left after they finished dinner, leaving only Di Chen and Qing Shui in the room.

This could be why talismans were drawn using blood to ward off evil spirits, although Heavenly talismans were not used to ward off evil spirits, and not all all Heavenly talismans were drawn with red blood either.?

With that, he threw his arms wide and then performed incantation gestures, causing the sky to tremble as something like a red sun appeared!!

Qing Shui took out a bunch of Descending Heavens Talisman and quickly threw them out!

As soon as he examined it more closely, he was as shocked as if his mind had been struck by lightning. Inscribed on the surface of the jade slip was a line of characters!

Since his spatial realm did not upgrade to the 4th level, Qing Shui exited it with a heavy heart. Initially, he thought that he had already found the secret, but to think that it was all for nothing.

Even now, Bai Xiaochun wasn't sure exactly where the turtle-wok came from. He only had some guesses, and no real proof.

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Bai Xiaochun was on the verge of exploding.

However, the very nature of the Blood Stream Sect essentially doomed such efforts from the beginning. The Blood Stream Sect was fundamentally a devilish sect, and most disciples viewed concocting medicine as a waste of time. They would much rather study techniques to increase their battle prowess. If they needed medicinal pills, they could simply go rob people from the Pill Stream Sect. If they needed magical items, they could take them from Profound Stream Sect disciples. If they needed spirit beasts, they could get them from the Spirit Stream Sect.

Not everything had gone exactly as planned, but close enough. Ghostmother's celestial Daoist magic had been unexpected, and powerful. Unexpectedly, she had called upon all of the living beings in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, controlling their minds in a way that Bai Xiaochun could never have planned for. At long last, he had come to realize how truly powerful the Celestial Realm was.

Qing Shui silently finished eating at Qing Yi's side, the other clan members of similar strengths would usually congregate together with the exception of Qing Shui. Ever since he was young, Qing Shui had always been alone. As a mother, seeing her child bereft of friends and companionship, Qing Yi felt really helpless!

According to the stories which were spreading through the Wildlands, this Bai Hao was a person who was wicked beyond redemption. In fact, in many of the savage tribes, his name was a very effective tool used to frighten naughty children.

While there were those who were at the Martial Commander level and a few who were at the pinnacle of the Martial Commander level, Qing Shui had easily dealt with them.

These kinds of greedy people would never bear responsibilities or be firm with their standpoint. They would never be open-minded enough to accept other people's criticisms as well. Moreover, these people would never be suitable for friends of any kind. Qing Shui shook his head in disappointment. He had overestimated the Wang Clan and it was a mistake to do so.

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