God Complex Chapter 1190

God Complex Chapter 1190

"You should know the personality of this child Shang`er, somehow he met Qing Shui earlier, and scolded Qing Shui. The end result, Qing Shui directly wasted him." Situ Ba hatefully said, both of his hands were clenched into fists, trembling by his sides.

"Someone will see usĄ­." she said. But she didn't pull her hand away off.

"Long time no see, Xiaochun...." she murmured. A moment later, a passing breeze lifted the veil for just a moment, revealing a spectacularly beautiful face.

Qing Shui awkwardly laughed. How should he put it? Should he tell the old person that he was the one who injured his granddaughter before?

Storing the remaining four pills in a specially created porcelain bottle, Qing Shui looked at the remaining ingredients, gave it some thought, and decided to refine one more time. With the six additional Small Revitalizing Pills, in addition to the previous four, there were a total of ten pills. He stored them in pairs!

But there were also strong people among those two opposing teams - two of the eight Sky Prison Sect's sovereigns. Their strengths were slightly stronger than the Sky Prison Sect's Fifth Sovereign. Mu Qian's strength was about the same as the Sky Prison Sect's Fifth Sovereign so they still had a chance to fight back.

"However, it is always escorted by at least 100 corpse troopers. It's the same with Zhou Yixing." Miao Lin'er spoke slowly and clearly so that everything she said was very easy to understand. Furthermore, she was no longer dressed in the revealing way she had been before, but rather, more modestly.

Situ Luan howled as he slammed his palms on the youths who were kneeling on the ground. Instantly, a pressure akin to the weight of a mountain erupted forth, just like a ferocious tiger springing forth to devour it's prey. The bodies of the youths shattered into smithereens, only leaving behind pools of blood and flesh. Blood covered the entirety of Situ Ba's face and clothes, making him look like a crazed demon.

But it's all futile now. The Basic Sword Technique was just like the base of a house. Since the house was already built, the foundation of the house had already been set. No matter how much time they spent on the Basic Sword Techniques, they still wouldn't be able to achieve anything.

Nature Energy!

Now it was already noon and the previous battle had resulted in too much consumption of their energy. There was already a large piece of Berserk Dragon meat as well as an antelope in the cave. Although it could be said that the stronger the demonic beast the more delicious it's meat was, there were people who disliked eating demonic beast meat.

"The Realm of Truth, signifies a turning point from Houtian to Xiantian. To think that I met someone younger, whose cultivation was not even in the Xiantian Realm, and yet he already comprehends insights from the Realm of Truth. How could I not be curious?"

Soon, everyone was aware that a new, savage figure had appeared in the Blood Stream Sect. He had single-handedly fought an entire group of Foundation Establishment experts, and even killed seven or eight of them. He had drawn upon all the blood qi of Middle Peak to form an enormous, shocking blood sword.

The expression on the face of Donggong Maisun, who was familiar with poison, changed greatly when he saw that pitch black Frosted Iron Ball. He quickly evaded, but unfortunately the Meteor Smash had pinpointed its target's qi and would lock onto its target until its qi had vanished. Qing Shui took out another ordinary Frosted Iron Ball and launched it again. He forced Donggong Maisun to a corner and sealed off his only escape route.

And that image of the majestic bull!

AST 955 - Hu Yanlin, Meeting Lady Duanmu

"Nian Lao, are you leaving as well? How about you leave after the end of the year? Then we can go together." After a few more days, Nian Lao wanted to return to the Central Continent but Qing Shui tried to get him to stay.

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