That OP Dude is a God Chapter 2903

That OP Dude is a God Chapter 2903

Qing Yun continued to smile at Jian Chen, "Although brother Jian Chen will find it difficult to fight against the Xia clan with eight people, then if you add the three of us, then this will be an easier matter. Will brother Jian Chen accept our help?"Chapter 260: Assassination Operation

The ancestor suddenly stopped speaking to glance impassively at Jian Chen, but there was a faint smile on his face, "Well then, let us dispense all of the pleasantries. Jian Chen, do you know why I called you here today?"

The monk asked in a serious manner.

Immediately, Ka Di Yun's foot lashed out and smashed against Changyang Hu's chest. His strength was high enough that it was able to send a strong person like Changyang Hu flying backwards and off of the arena. As he flew off into the air, blood came spraying out of his mouth as his face grew pale from the shock.

Jiang Chen responded to Master Blissful's question. Only now did Master Blissful noticed Jiang Chen and the others in his group. His expression had a slight change as he recalled the brutal scene left behind in the desert.

"Yes. If we have three Saint Rulers join us, our power will increase a lot. We just don't know what relationship Jian Chen exactly has with the two, and whether he can pull them towards our Qinhuang Kingdom. Perhaps they are unwilling to interfere in this matter."

And that was the part that baffled the Imperial Emperor.

"Let's go, we're all disciples of the Black Sect now, so let's report that we have arrived first."

When Jiang Chen had taken a closer look at the blood sacrifice ceremony, he had concluded that there was no way for Lord Blood Moon to stop the ceremony half way. Also, the attack he could use to retaliate were limited. If not, not only would the blood sacrifice ceremony become a failure, Lord Blood Moon himself would suffer serious injuries as well.

Seeing this tear in the fabric of space occur within his tiny house made the ancestor feel dumbfounded. He had placed a barrier on this mountain so that it would be isolated from the rest of the world. Even a Saint Ruler wouldn't be able to walk in here without being detected, let alone open a Space Gate without resistance. Furthermore, this Space Gate had coincidentally opened up right inside his small home.

"Before the competition beings, I, the elder have one thing to tell you. This year's competition is different from the last, as the disciple who gets first place will be given the chance to meet with the Palace Chief. The disciple will receive enlightenment from the Palace Chief himself, and this is an extremely rare opportunity. Even I, the sect's elder am not qualified to receive such a reward."

Upon hearing Ming Dong's explanation, Jian Chen finally had some understanding of what a blood oath was. He didn't think that this world would have such a bizarre thing; truly, this strange world was filled with magical things.

Chang Qing coldly harrumphed. After losing face in front of senior disciples today, he was enraged.

The only thing that puzzled Wang Yun was, Jiang Chen, at such a young age, why did he have the abilities to point out his problems with just a single look? This really puzzled him.

The moment when Jian Chen had recognized the two, the two elders recognized him as well. With their eyes largening in surprise, shock began to register across their faces.

"The door is finally opening! I wonder what kind of rare and precious treasures we can find inside!"

Every single person within the room was stunned by Jain Chen's words. A youth that was only 21 years old was able to kill a Heaven Saint Master, that was a shocking piece of news.

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