LOOSED - Sex with a Ghost Chapter 2233

LOOSED - Sex with a Ghost Chapter 2233

"He removed my veil££ there really is a man who has lifted my, Wu Ningzhu's veil££"

"Do you think Jiang Chen will come back before the devastating change?"

"Damn it, I refuse you believe you really are invincible!"

"I've found some useful information. The captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen, actually has another important identity, and that's the fourth young master, Changyang Xiangtian, of the Changyang clan. Also, he's a new Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

The Third Emperor did not dare neglect this. He immediately took out his King Weapon. The golden spear immediately let out a loud cry, then it unleashed its frightening King Weapon aura, and started vibrating, producing a constant buzzing sound. The Third Emperor was a peak Combat Soul warrior, and although he didn't understand the Dimensional Laws and couldn't fully unleash the strength of this King Weapon, it was still able to double his combat strength.

"We've offended so many people, we will face a lot of trouble if we remain here."

Bang, bang, bang££

"Little Chen, thank you."

"Beautiful girl, are you interested in talking about your life with this master dog?"

"No." After dropping this word, the woman turned around to leave and walk to the next room. It seemed as if she had to notify every students one by one.

If it was a Divine Core Sect Elder from the Black Sect who killed Liang Xiao, the Heavenly Sword Sect would definitely erupt with anger and go all out against the Black Sect. But, Liang Xiao was killed by Jiang Chen. Besides, when Jiang Chen killed Liang Xiao, he had a much weaker cultivation level compared to Liang Xiao, and everybody knew this.

"Second aunt, please be at peace. Second sister has always been a lucky person; she won't come across any trouble. Look at me, I left the Gesun Kingdom for several years by myself without anything harmful coming my way." Jian Chen consoled her, but to no avail. Yu Fengyan and the others simply did not think that Changyang Mingyue had the same capabilities as Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. After that, he turned to Han Yan and said, "Brother Yan, brother Nan, you two follow brother Jiu and leave us here. I have something to tell Little Yu and Big Yellow."

"There's a carving on the stone door, it looks like a dragon."

Jian Chen's face grew deathly serious as well as he stepped forward. No matter if he could believe it or not, one thing was certain¨•elder Xiu had definitely figured out the matter behind the Heavenly Tiger God.

"Big Yellow, let's go."

Everyone were talking at the same time, all attention now shifted onto Jiang Zhenhai. It was certain that Jiang Chen would travel to the Divine Continent soon, because if they were Jiang Chen, they too would go to a better place to cultivate. After reaching his current stage, it would be really difficult for him to progress further in the Eastern Continent.

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