His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy Chapter 873

His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy Chapter 873


Kendall had been the strongest in the village, by the age of twenty-one, he had been able to form his Saint Weapon. As a result, he had often gone into the mountains to hunt for boar, thus earning the respect of the entire village. However, the village life did not suit him despite the comfort it provided. For the sake of improving his strength and making a better life for his son, he left the village by himself shortly after Sans was born to travel the continent.

Xuan Ye had a serious look on his face. Although he was an Early Combat Soul warrior, no human warrior could gain an advantage when fighting an Evil Devil at the same level. Not everyone was an abnormal monster like Jiang Chen, and not everyone possessed the True Dragon Flame.

During the past few days, Jian Chen had already reached the Peak Great Saint level. Adding onto the fact that he had been fighting Class 3 Magical Beasts every day, his originally exquisite swordplay became even more perfect from this refinement. As his strength grew, the power of his physical body also gradually increased. Although it was still far from reaching invulnerability, it undoubtedly provided him an extremely durable body that could fully utilize his nimble swordplay. After all, if he wanted to increase his speed, the toll on his body would be extremely high. If his body's resilience wasn't enough, a simple fist that used all his strength would most likely cause his arm to throb in pain, as if blood wasn't flowing through it. If he ceaselessly maintained his lightning-fast swordplay, the greatest merit it would provide would be in his cultivation of the profound Azulet Sword Law, especially for its first layer of techniques, "Refined Body". It would not only help strengthen every cell in Jian Chen's body, it would also make his body softer and yet still possess an exceedingly strong toughness.

"Let's go."

While standing among the crowd with both hands against his chest, Jian Chen suddenly felt a distinct pair of eyes staring at him. When he turned his head to look, he only saw a rather beautiful woman staring attentively at him. Her eyes were like limpid autumn water in the light, but the expression in them carried a questioning glance ¨• it was Ka Di Qiuli.

The spear caused the air to violently vibrate. The friction between the spear and the air produced a lot of fire sparks. In just an instant, the spear arrived in front of Shangguan Chong.

"You're right. Jiang Chen did save our lives, and if not for his help, many of us would have died today; this is a fact."

Jian Chen looked at Xiao Tian as if to study him. Xiao Tian was wearing a white robe in a refined manner and his white hair was tied up around his head. There was a heroic spirit to him, and justice could easily be used to describe his aura.

Hearing this, the second brother was stunned for a moment before realizing what was happening. With a dark laugh, he spoke, "Third brother, you're the smart one among us! It would be a crying shame for this beautiful woman to die so soon!' Then, speaking to the girl, he laughed once more, "Little beauty, I've changed my mind. Killing such a beautiful person would be a big shame. Why don't you accompany us for a good time. If you can make this a pleasurable time, then big brother here will let you go."

Nangong Wentian asked with mixed emotions.

Hearing this, the middle aged man who spoke earlier and a happy look on his face. Staring him down to measure the elder's strength, he said, "Good, good. To go against my Youlan clan! But what an impatient movement you've made. Be smart and hand over the Class 5 Magical Beast, otherwise, you won't be at ease."

The fact that Jian Chen had killed two Earth Saint Masters as if it were nothing with just a flick of his finger had caused an endless amount of surprise to everyone watching. They had fled several meters away to maintain their safety as they gasped in shock at the sight. Even those who had been standing nearby Jian Chen had kept their distance--not a single one of them dared to draw any closer as if afraid of causing trouble with this man.

"Could it be that the two of them really are Saints?" Li Sha asked in shock. The school administration had clearly declared that all students that were Saints had to enter the third region. There was no way they could've appeared in the second region.

After everything settled down, Jiang Chen and Yu Zi Han flew up into the sky and left towards the Black Sect.

After a dozen high speed blows were exchanged, the two were finally split apart. However, the 30 year old man looked to be in a sorry state as his clothes were completely ruined by this point. A few parts of his body had deep looking wounds, and even his neck had a thin line from where Jian Chen had only barely cut apart the first layer of skin.

The Silver Striped Golden Snake cautiously stared at the floating Light Wind Sword with its forked tongue flickering in and out of its mouth. The incredibly strong and sharp Sword Qi gave off a dangerous air around it that the Silver Striped Golden Snake could easily feel, which made it not dare to attack carelessly.

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