Mr Daedalus da CEO wiff supa Harem Chapter 2217

Mr Daedalus da CEO wiff supa Harem Chapter 2217

Having rained his cup, Katata spoke to the other, "Katafei, you ought to know what happened back in the Cloud Capital too. Do you think that the Flame Mercenaries there are the very same ones from Wake City?"

Bringing up his Ruler Armament to defend himself, Dugu Feng quickly protected himself. The youth staggered back a few steps as his feet dragged across the ground.

Everything was the same as when Jian Chen's group had first left the Tianqin clan. The only difference in their journey now was that they were walking rather than flying.

The 30 meter tall Ice Demon King bowed deeply toward Yan Chenyu. At the same time, it addressed her as master using the special communication method.

Vast rainbow colored lights fell down and covered Jiang Chen from head to toe. Then, a huge amount of blood dripped down from the rainbow colored lights; it was a Saint's blood; it was Jiang Chen's blood.

If Jiang Chen really killed Liang Xiao today, that would really bring explosive news.

Early that morning, Jian Chen took hold of the tiger cub and made his way over to where the auction house was to be held. With the purchase of an entry ticket for several purple coins, Jian Chen was able to enter the auction house with the throngs of other people.

Firethorn Savage had become angrier and angrier, he hates these human, in his mind, all of these humans shall be perished in hell, until now they still didn't want to hand over his golden egg, if that was the case, there was not much to discuss anymore.

Plenty of people on the streets found themselves turning their heads to look at You Yue because of her stunning beauty. Plenty of surprised whispers could be heard, and many mercenaries made less-than-discreet eyes at her. There had been several young masters, who thought themselves to be quite handsome, that tried to come up and court You Yue. Each and every one of them had been kicked back by Ming Dong. In the end, Tie Ta couldn't handle it anymore and took it upon himself to protect the princess as well.

Jian Chen's sword began to speed up even more as it blocked the other Saint Weapons. It then flashed out like silver lightning, piercing two of the Great Saint's throats.

Today was the first time Jiang Chen had witnessed it, and he was shocked by the ability's power. It was a critical moment just now, and if Big Yellow didn't strike at that moment, even with the combined attack of three men, they still could have killed the Evil Devil in the end, but it wouldn't be this easy. A Combat Soul Evil Devil's last attack before death was extremely terrifying.

The men from the Lee family were acting cruelly. A man swung down a whip, hitting a civilian who was unable to move away in time and instantly cutting him into 2 pieces.

Seeing the impatient look on Jian Chen's face, Ziying and Qingsuo began to smile. "Master, we can refine the Chaotic Force whenever you wish. However, because the world Qi in this world is quite weak, refining the Chaotic Force will use up a huge volume of Qi. This will make master's future cultivation even harder."

"I've no objections, I, Duo Kang, pledge myself to you." Duo Kang of the Golden Dragon Mercenaries declared.

The soldier handed over the letter in his hand to the king's hand without hesitation. Unfurling the letter, the king took out a single white parchment from within.

Jiang Chen felt pretty amazed by Big Yellow's ability as well. But, no matter what incredible things this dog did, Jiang Chen wouldn't feel surprised. After all, Big Yellow was a descendant of the Dragon Horse, and he possessed the complete bloodline of a Divine Beast, that was why he had all sorts of innate abilities.

Jiang Chen said in a serious tone. There were a total of 28 cities in the Red City region, and now, every single one of them were severely damaged. Many of them had lost their leaders, and the entire region was in a mess. Right at this moment, in order to start over, someone needed to stand out a pull everyone together. Right at this moment, this region needed to be unified and ruled by one power, and with that single authority, it would be much easier to start fresh, and only the Jiang family could do this.

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