Naruto is Reincarnated Chapter 2321

Naruto is Reincarnated Chapter 2321

Lei Shan and Fang Lin were both shaking as they fled in different directions, resorting to life-saving magics to flee as fast as possible.

Qing Shui's movement became faster and faster. The skills which he used were all Tiger Form's skills. He was like a butterfly diving back and forth atop the mountain path.?

He couldn't help but sigh, especially when he thought back to how closely he had brushed with death during his fight with Mistress Red-Dust.

"You should know that in his debut appearance, he took the first place spot in the first stone stele. He did it as easily as flipping over his hand.

Only when one reached the highest peak, then and only then, would they know their benefits. Even if they were one step away from reaching the peak, they would never know its true power. Just like a bird learning to fly, reaching the peak was the same as a bird flying in the sky. Those who did not reach the top or were just one step away from it were like a bird learning to fly, but could never fly away.

As Zhao Tianjiao got his breathing under control, he prepared to go track down the white shadow. As for Chen Yueshan, she moved to follow.

Bai Xiaochun's heart was pounding, and deep inside of him, he suddenly had a profound desire to focus on spirit enhancement, for much the same reason he had developed his desire to learn how to concoct medicine. Spirit enhancement could help him live forever!

Bai Xiaochun had a profound cultivation base that enabled him to kill a late Foundation Establishment cultivator with a single bashing attack. However, to face three at the same time, one of them being in the great circle, and in possession of a shocking magical treasure, left him shocked and terrified. More than ever, he felt that the older generation in the Blood Stream Sect were all fear-inspiring individuals.

"Big brother. Although you broke through, your strength is only almost the same as that woman from Hai Clan. Besides, love isn't based on strength. It has been a few years. Just give up!" the lady urged with a sigh.

Qing Shui reached out his hand and softly tapped on Ye Guyan's Lingtai acupoint before he took a step forward with a smile on his face.

"Did I justĄ­?" His eyes flickered with incredulity as he looked down at his hand. After a moment, he reached out again with his hand, touched his inner hourglass with divine sense, and then waved his hand.

"Didn't you say earlier that the fruits were maturing during this period of time, why would the snake king leave during this period. But, you look very adorable when you show your naive side." Qing Shui held Wu-shuang's hands as he hurriedly spoke.

The ten heavenly dukes, the more than one hundred heavenly marquises, and countless necromancer clans were all marshalling their forces!

"Although being the number one dark inquisitor doesn't come with a formal appointment, according to the rules of Devil Penitentiary, as long as all four cellblocks agree on the matter, then it will be official. The number one dark inquisitor has a standing just beneath the warden, and is just as powerful as the deputy wardens!

However, the smoothness of her skin caused his heart to itch. Waiting for a long time after not hearing any sounds, Qing Shui spoke, "Qingzhuang, is there something wrong? You can't urinate? Qing Shui half-carried her, as he whispered into her ears laughing.

The sky was violet, and yet the light it cast down didn't make anything difficult to see. Right now didn't seem to be the time for protracted thought, so Bai Xiaochun immediately began to edge backward.

That in itself was shocking to Gongsun Yi. Just when he was about to attempt to strengthen the sealing power of the net, the dozens of chosen who had been following Bai Xiaochun appeared.

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