Incubus System Chapter 820

Incubus System Chapter 820

Just that once already caused Qing Shui an unforgettable pain. It had required a long time for him to recover from that.

"Don't force my hand, unless you want to force me to completely kill everyone here!" Qing Shui did not cover up his intentions.

It may just be a 10% decrease in strength, but one thing that Qing Shui was well aware of was that there are almost no warriors in the World of the Nine Continent who didn't have temporary abilities, so much that he felt that some of the supportive techniques were also temporary. If it was really as he thought, then the Fiery Golden Eyes would truly be terrifying.

"Xiao Tian, be a little more respectful to my grandfather when you are speaking in public."

"Yeah, that's right!" he shouted, gesticulating wildly. "Turn your asses around! Especially you people from Green Crest Peak, you--" He was just about to explain how he really hadn't concocted any medicine on Green Crest Peak when all of a sudden, pressure weighed down on him as Li Qinghou materialized up ahead. Face grim, he waved his sleeve, causing Bai Xiaochun to fly through the air toward him. A moment later, he had Bai Xiaochun by the neck.

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Despite the faint smile on his face, when he spoke, the voice of a fiendish monster echoed out from his mouth.

"At the same time, a single thought on his part could increase the battle prowess of the entire sect by thirty percent! Simply describing a person like that as the Blood Devil isn't quite sufficient, so another term exists, a term known only to a select few in the sect. In fact, only the patriarchs of the top clans in the sect are aware of it....

This was the effect of the Wind Water Primordial Pellet. Qing Shui was truly agitated. The effects which would increase one's abilities by 30% was tremendous. Qing Shui did not know if he could enter the door leading to the Martial Saint level in just one go.

The Middle Peak cultivators weren't the only ones to notice that something strange was going on. Soon, people from Nameless Peak and Lesser Marsh Peak realized that something odd was happening, and flew over to check out the situation. When they saw what was playing out, they all gasped.

"Oh, practicing his fists techniques? I shall go take a look. I'm not hungry anyway. The last meal was not so long ago."

After arriving in the room, Qing Yi and several of the women were here. At this moment, Qing Yi was embracing a child wrapped in an embroidered cloth. The crying was coming from there.

Four stone golems performed incantation gestures and then shoved their hands down toward the sepulcher floor, causing the entire area to turn into a watery swamp!

As for the Nascent Soul bodyguards, they clustered around him closely as he left through the main gate. Back outside, Chen Hai was waiting for him, looking like the picture of loyalty. As soon as he caught sight of Bai Xiaochun safe and sound, he hurried forward, simultaneously glaring coldly at the Cai Clan cultivators. Obviously, he was ready to destroy the entire clan at a single word from Bai Xiaochun.

She gave a charming smile upon seeing Qing Shui, causing his heart to turn numb as he secretly envied the man who could hold her at night and do as he wished. She was a not a lady of overwhelming beauty that one would give up a country or city for. However, she was a lady whom one would be willing to die in the arms of.


The water didn't corrode the ship or hurt it in any way. The Deva Realm aura rolled out, and even the vicious spirits which inhabited the waters avoided it....

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