The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger Chapter 1875

The Saga of the Emptiness Harbinger Chapter 1875

Jiang Chen looked behind Mu Rong Zhan, but he couldn't see anyone there.Mu Rong Zhan came alone.Of course, this was more than enough.In Fragrant Sky city, there had been almost no events that needed Mu Rong Zhan to attend.But just him coming here alone, he could represent the entire Mu Rong family by himself.

The disciples who had been bullied mentioned a few more names, they were so excited. Jiang Chen was a really domineering person, he had simply just burnt down the entire courtyard.

"Alright, you be careful."

"Haha, come!"

Yun Li furrowed his eyebrows, "Brother Jian Chen, this amount of information is too little. To try and find them from this information may be difficult, but don't worry. This matter is something I will personally oversee and search the entire city. Whether it is possible or not, I will find out. As long as they are in Wake City, then I will definitely do something."

Seeing how pitiful the tiger cub was, the five Imperial Advisors looked on with a disturbed expression. Walking up to it, Xiao Tian wrapped the tiger cub around his chest before looking back to the others, "Let us go."

Wu Jiu concluded.

Looking at the plentiful monster cores, Jian Chen couldn't help but smile in excitement. The rewards from the past few days were really abundant, to the point where it was hard to believe. Such a large amount of monster cores was enough for Jian Chen to cultivate for quite a while.

Huang Feng's head which was flying in the air fell down onto the fighting stage, then it rolled down from the stage and fell down onto the square. The eyes were still wide open, and a terrified expression was seen on its face. He had never thought he would die in a situation like this until he actually died.

"100,000 purple coins going twice££."

"Sect Chief."

Jian Chen's expression immediately grew solemn. He tilted his head, dodging the giant scorpion's pincers by a hair's breath. He then gathered strength in his feet and pushed off the ground, leaving a deep footprint in the ground as his body burst forwards towards the poisonous scorpion's much smaller head. The Light Wind Sword in his hand was once again enshrouded in that hazy white light as Jian Chen aimed it straight at the scorpion's tiny eyes.


Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

The armored man walked forward before stopping in between Jian Chen and Zhou Butong. With a small smile to Jian Chen, he said, "Fellow brother, could your grievances with the Zhou clan be resolved with a small talk? If there is a possibility of making a big problem turn into no problem, then that would be for the best. There is no need for the two of you to fight. The magical beast wave is coming to Wake City soon, and so this is the moment where the entire city must unite as one. For the sake of unison, please talk it out. After all, this magical beast wave endangers the lives of tens of thousands of ordinary citizens. Fellow brother, please think about it for a moment." The man tried to soothe Jian Chen's fighting spirit.

"I'm going to find that monk."

Jian Chen shifted his body. Just as he began to move, the wound on his back immediately seared with hot pain. The muscles on Jian Chen's face twitched a few times due to the strong feeling of pain.

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