A Thousand Lotus: The Miss Is Too Deadly Chapter 2545

A Thousand Lotus: The Miss Is Too Deadly Chapter 2545

Along the way, Song Que thought about asking for more details about the major general, but then decided not to. Instead, he gave a meaningful look to his female companion. The two of them had been working together for quite some time, and therefore, she immediately picked up on the hint and took it upon herself to make some inquiries.

Taking a deep breath, he was just about to head down into the city when he realized that the other cultivators in the area were all looking at him with strange, shocked expressions.


It was only possible to imagine how powerful of a precious treasure a patriarch would give to his beloved daughter.

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Just as Qing Shui wanted to explain some other methods that he had at his disposal that might help cure her, Shi Qingzhuang who was cradled in his arms, whispered in his ears. "Mount the horse, about 10 li from here there is a small manor I own. My horse knows the way, quickly¡­I¡­ can't¡­ control it anymore¡­"

"Noooo! I borrowed that third order bloodline beast bone from an Elder! Agghhhh. Don't eat it...."

Shouting at the top of his lungs, he powered up as well, his energy rapidly reaching that of the late Celestial Realm. He also drew on his fleshly body power as he prepared to fight. As a result, although his aura couldn't quite match up to the archaean's, his overall energy was close!

Another thing he had worked on was the ability to remove the destructive power of the lightning and leave behind only the spiritual energy. So far, he was only able to succeed with one out of ten lightning bolts, and even that was difficult.

At this moment, the Mystic Bird violently spitted out a green fireball towards the Skywolf. The fireball was only the size of a fist. It swiftly made its way towards the Skywolf's Inner Core.

Bai Xiaochun had originally been extremely irritated at having been interrupted, but then he heard the words being spoken, and his heart lurched with nervousness and guilt. Unfortunately, there was no time for thought or planning; he couldn't leave Bai Hao out there on his own.

"Can you teach us some martial techniques." Lan Tong now asked in an unrestrained manner.

"Young Master, this person knocked down and killed one of our people in broad daylight but still remained so arrogant. Look at how he's appearing as if nothing had happened as all." The man with a sharp mouth and a chin like an ape's who had stopped Qing Shui earlier now turned to the young man and said.

"Wait, here's something for you." Qing Shui hurriedly shouted towards her. These items were too precious, and he couldn't bear taking them for free. He had to compensate her, so that he wouldn't owe her, or at least owe her somewhat less.

The Five Elements Minor Formation was a training which required coordination with other people and thus Qing Shui didn't study too much into it after he had taught it to Mu Qing and the others. Right now, other than studying the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation, he spent most of his effort on the Spirit Gathering Formation.

Qinghan Ye had a charm that exuded from her blood, a typical type of charm, whereas Huoyun Liu-Li had an attractiveness that oozed from her very bones. But this woman in front of him was like a fox. There was an undisguised attraction of the flesh.

?"So many years have passed, could the concoction have turned bad?" He laughed at his own foolish thinking. Since the description had stated that it can be kept for 3000 years, that naturally there should not be a problem.?

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