Reincarnated Upgrade Specialist Chapter 2511

Reincarnated Upgrade Specialist Chapter 2511

Jiang Chen's image had a magnificent charm. Even those frightened teenage girls were looking at him with adoration.

"I don't think Jiang Chen is someone like that.Furthermore, only he is able to save Yu'er.Speak no more, just go and get it!"

The appearance of Duan Li immediately caused the crowds to become restless. In the eyes of all outer circle and novice disciples, any disciple from the inner circle was a superior existence.

"Imperial Protector, we may as well head back to the Qinhuang Kingdom. In there, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger wouldn't dare do anything to you." Tian Luo proposed.

Obviously, Mao Fang had expected this. That's why he had called upon his junior disciples for help.

Jiang Chen wasn't bothered by Ling Yi's action. No matter how many people arrived, he had no reason to fear them. Furthermore, he had never planned to leave just like that.

"Jiang Chen, I gave you three days to catch your last breath! From today onwards, there will no longer be a Jiang Chen in this Eastern Continent! Also, those who joined Jiang Chen in this war against the Martial Saint Dynasty; you're ridiculous and ignorant! I will let you know the price you have to pay for your actions!"

The spear caused the air to violently vibrate. The friction between the spear and the air produced a lot of fire sparks. In just an instant, the spear arrived in front of Shangguan Chong.

"Captain Cross, catch!"

Outside Jiang Chen's courtyard, there were a few men standing around. The leading men were Wang Yun and Huang Zhen. After getting guidance and teachings from Jiang Chen, Wang Yun had broken through to the Early Heavenly Core realm, and had managed to enter the inner circle.


Jian Chen's expression changed as he noticed the tail come at him. Noticing the sturdy tree branch to his side, he immediately jumped and kicked away from his spot without hesitation. His entire body was then sent flying forward towards a large tree with dense, leafy branches.

Dugu Feng gave a nod of his head, "Understood!" With that, Dugu Feng left the inn with the monster cores.

Standing in front of the bed, Jian Chen looked over the man only to see the blue robes he was wearing. From his appearance, the man looked to be around 28 years old and was quite handsome.

"Ah££ brother, you're awake."

A force pulled the group. They immediately held their breaths, and didn't dare resists the force.

"Jiang Chen, you've decided to stop being a coward and show yourself? With your current strength, don't you think you're just seeking death by showing yourself now?"

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