National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1791

National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1791

They had spent a lot of time on this journey ever since they first left after the new year. It had already been three months, but the temperature was slightly warmer as they moved toward the Central Continent. Of course, there were still exceptions, such as Cold Ice City which was winter all year round and would snow every few days.

Qing Shui overheard the fatso saying he would bring that group of young chaps to Peony Court for some fun after finishing up him. Even without thinking, it must be a place of romance like Night Fragrance Court, but Qing Shui wanted to tease this goddess who got cold feet, and who was frightened away by the big fatso's nudity. What would she do if he accidentally tore apart her clothes while dueling?

"Two years¡­at most two years. My mother and I will fetch you back, and make those that made you suffer pay back in tens and hundreds." Qing Shui consoled himself quietly.

Even as he turned to leave. Zuo Hengfeng caught sight of him, and his eyes lit up. Snapping open his fan, he cooled himself a bit as a carnal smile spread out across his face.

In the moment that Gongsun Wan'er looked at Bai Xiaochun, the Heaven-Dao aura within him stirred. Sensing that someone was looking at him, he glanced down to try to determine who it was. At the same time, the old woman from Irispetal Peak smiled, thinking to herself that all of her years of spoiling Bruiser had finally paid off. A single order from her had sent him away.

This ghost gate then swung toward Bai Xiaochun, radiating intense pressure that caused even him to gasp. There was no time for him to react; the gate slammed down on top of him, trapping him right on the surface of the Eternal Sea.

At first, Qing Shui was prepared to use his primordial flames to burn the corpses. However, he knew that the woman would definitely have her ways, since she had come here quite a few times.

The two armies weren't very far away from each other to begin with, placing all the people who wanted to kill Bai Xiaochun very close. As that happened, the Song Clan patriarch laughed.

With little to no effort on Qing Shui's part, the medicinal herbs were growing exceptionally well in his realm. The black fishes and tortoises flooded the crystal pond, but the sense of vitality they emitted was even stronger than before. That Golden Medicinal Turtle laid motionless at the bottom of the crystal pond. The other black fishes and black tortoises didn't dare to antagonise or provoke it.

Canghai Mingyue seemed more charming with the intense blush on her face. Her mystifying eyes were also trying to evade Qing Shui's gazes.

The old man looked towards the child who was laying on the bed and probed him with his own spiritual sense. Everyone who had reached Xiantian Grade would definitely have this kind of spiritual sense. It's just that some would have sharper senses, whereas some would end up with more limited ones. There were huge advantages if one had a keen spiritual sense. For example, one would be able to sense the energy and the situation of one's body and they could also tell if the energy spreading out from their organs were strong enough or whether they're normal.

Licking his lips, Bai Xiaochun said, "Listen, everybody, let me explain¡­."

"It worked!! Master, we did it!! We created the formula for nineteen-colored flame!! This formula belongs to you and you alone, Master. Even with the formula, no one else would be able to conjure this type of nineteen-colored flame. It's yours, Master!"

Normally speaking, this was a thing that he could never do. Not even one of the archaean emperors would have been able to accomplish such a task. The only type of person who possibly could have would be another sovereign.

A sixth!

There were no other options available to Gongsun Wan'er. She didn't want to become a slave of the Celestial, and therefore, she simply closed her eyes and lapsed into silence.

He fell in love with the experience almost immediately, after which he came to frequent the mountaintop sermon pavilion.

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