Sword Spirit Chapter 249

Sword Spirit Chapter 249

"You won't have to opportunity to know why. My purpose for killing you today is to teach you a lesson. In your next life, stay low, and try not to be so arrogant; there is always someone whom you cannot afford to offend."

Qing Styx casually waved his hand and unleashed a beam of energy which shattered Jiang Chen's Six Solar Finger. He was a peak Late Divine Core warrior, Jiang Chen was far from being his match.

With his finishing sentence, four seventy-year old elders suddenly came out from the skies in each cardinal direction around Jian Chen so as to trap him in.

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at the fist-sized dot. Just from the size of this dot one could easily tell how gigantic the Divine Continent was. It was at least a hundred times biggest than the Eastern Continent, definitely enough to make one's scalp go numb.

At the same time, the general of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's army had sent out the order to attack as well. The magical beast cannons constructed on the walls of the city fired in the direction of the Qinhuang Kingdom's army. They let loose several ear-whistling projectiles that streaked through the air toward the Eastern Deity Swords.

"Alright, we'll do as you said."

Jian Chen once again used his spirit controlled sword technique to continuously attack the snake.

Tiangang Yi was terrified. He quickly spoke, hoping that he could escape from his ill fate. However, it was just a childish wish.

"What a vigorous man, I have never seen such an incredible young genius before!"


"Sir, who are you? Why do you meddle with what we are doing?" Old man Mateng shouted with a deep voice. His eyes also began to flicker with killing intent. Although the man in red robes possessed similar strength as him, it did not cause old man Mateng any fear, because they had five people while he was just by himself. They had an advantage in numbers.

"We'll go that way. My Divine Sense can sense the path where they have walked before. They are not far away!"

Qingsuo and Ziying had been awakened by the external sensations they felt and let out gasps in amazement and joy at the revelation.

The Seventh Emperor instantly cried out in shock, and he looked at Jiang Chen as if he was looking at a ghost. His Combat Weapon was a top-tier Superior Weapon, and it was considered a weapon that could destroy everything. But now, his opponent had just broken it with but a single strike. This was really frightening.

The Third Emperor had a bad feeling about this. Right at this moment, everyone's expressions were extremely unsightly. Although Jiang Chen had yet to attack, the Nine Stars Killing Formation was already trembling just because of the energy unleashed from his body, as if it was going to collapse at any time.

In just two hours, what happened on Mount Tianyuan spread throughout the entire Jian Province. Just like Shangguan Yiqing, the death of Xuan Yuzi was a huge blow to the Myriad Sword Sect; their biggest hope had fallen, it was a loss that could never be redeemed.

Jian Chen's gaze hardened as he locked onto the middle aged man. His grip on the Light Wind Sword couldn't help but tighten; he had already seen the middle aged man's plans to kill him. Faced with this Peak Saint Master that was unafraid of death, Jian Chen was faced with some trouble. After all, his current strength was only at the middle Great Saint level. The difference between that and a Peak Saint Master was still a pretty large gap.

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