God of all System Chapter 1330

God of all System Chapter 1330

TL note: Profound Steps was mentioned earlier back in his room in the Changyang Mansion, it's basically him moving fast.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Ignoring the angry expressions of the elders, he moved onto the fighting stage where both of them were standing. He pointed his sword at the two elders then shouted, "You two, kneel down now!"

The president did not understand why the fifth elder was so surprised. He continued, "Fifth elder, the news about Yang Yutian must have already spread to the three great clans of the empire. Right now, the Holy Empire is not very peaceful, so Yang Yutian's safety is extremely crucial. You will handle this."

Jian Chen nodded his head in agreement. "That's correct. Our soldiers are far ahead in ability. When the time comes, I will move if need be to reduce the loss on the Eastern Deity Swords. You all should rest up for now. We will continue tomorrow."

"He is Zhang Yang, originally some nobody. However, it seems he found something unique yesterday, which allowed him to break through to the Late Divine Core realm. After that, he became extremely arrogant and claimed he wanted to seize first place in the outer circle competition."

Han Yan and Nangong Wentian exchanged glances, both of them wore the same helpless smiles on their face. They knew how amazing Jiang Chen was, and it was hard to imagine what exactly this young 17 year old man had gone through in his early life, and why it seemed like he was an expert at everything he seemed to do. Now, he could even construct this incredible Skymend Formation which could seal the dimensional crack. They wouldn't have believed anything like this to be possible unless they witnessed it themselves.Chapter 376 √Ņ The Ice Demon King Strikes

"Xiang'er, just how strong have you become? I can't even seem to tell." Changyang Ba's voice shook with unrestrainable emotion. He was extremely overjoyed and simply could not use words to describe such joy.

Another horseman cried out in anger.

"What are you guys trying to do? I'm sure you know the strength of our chief Jiang. If you dare challenge his dignity££ well, it's an action equal to seeking death!"

Big Yellow threw his glance into the distance. The four men looked where he was looking, and saw a few large golden clouds formed from extremely powerful energies flying toward the Black Sect. With the clouds were at least five peak Late Combat Soul warriors. In the Eastern Continent, only the Martial Saint Dynasty had such a frightening force.

"Haha, the matchless Saint of the zither, the Heavenly Enchantress. A beauty that would bring the moon to shame and can captivate even the birds and beasts. The fairy of the Tian Yuan Continent with beautiful grace. With one word, hundreds of flowers grow ashamed of themselves." One of the elders laughed.

The king replied respectfully, "Replying to Imperial Protector, this is the news brought back by Qin Wujian who has been stationed to Gesun Kingdom. He is completely certain that Jian Chen is already a Saint Ruler. Also, at that time, rainbow clouds had even appeared, blotting the skies of a fifty thousand kilometer radius."

Without saying, Jian Chen and the group had had an overwhelming harvest; excluding the first group with their 20 monster cores, the other two groups had 70 cores and 150 cores respectfully. So in total, they now had 260 cores.

Sensing Jian Chen's plan to escape, one of the remaining Saint Masters immediately cried out, "Block him quickly! Don't let him escape!"Chapter 134: Wrath of the Tianxiong Clan

"That's right. They tried to kill me, so I fought back and killed them. Is there something wrong?"

"What has happened just now?" A deep voice called out from behind as the king came striding forward in his sleeping clothes along with several bodyguards.

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