My gay husband is a pervert Chapter 1057

My gay husband is a pervert Chapter 1057


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Jiang Zhenhai asked.


Liu Hong shouted out loudly. His body was covered with waves of golden Yuan energy, and the grandeur of a Mid Divine Core warrior was completely unleashed. He was getting ready to kill Jiang Chen and Big Yellow in an instant.

The Old Great Emperor furiously roared out. Then, he waved his palm and turned a tall mountain to dust.

Above a mountain range, white fog could be seen hovering everywhere, causing it to somewhat resemble a paradise. On top of the mountain range, palaces and houses could be seen everywhere, and the natural Yuan energy here was extremely rich. If an ordinary warriors was allowed to cultivate here, his cultivation would definitely improve significantly.

Chen Shuang said.

Looking at this, Wang Yun and the other disciple couldn't help but have panicked expressions on their faces. The way they looked at Fan Kun was filled with hatred. As one of the inner circle disciple representatives, Fan Kun had the audacity to kill his fellow disciple. He didn't care about the sect's rules.

The sound of steel meeting steel rang out as Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword and the middle aged man's large two-handed sword collided in midair. When the two sides came into contact, a powerful energy rippled through middle aged man's sword directly into Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword.

"That's true. But, I think there's no need to worry so much. Jiang Chen always thinks highly of himself, and he never takes others seriously. This time he was sent to get rid of that Blood Devil, this is indeed a suicide mission."

"You have a good master. However, don't you guys think it's a bit inappropriate for us to chitchat here?"

"The books said that not only could high level Radiant Saint Masters regrow arms, they could even revive the dead. It would appear that this wasn't a lie. If they could heal injuries like this, then perhaps the Radiant Saint Masters who stood at the peak have truly transcendent skills." Before, Jian Chen had doubted that Radiant Saint Masters could regrow an arm and revive the dead, but after seeing the effectiveness of the energy they used, Jian Chen firmly believed that this was the truth.

"By the heavens, what kind of flames are that?! It was so formidably powerful! An Early Divine Core warrior was just killed by it in an instant!"

"What is that?"

The next day, with the help of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, Tyrant successfully broke through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm, and managed to reach the peak of the Sixth Grade in one go. He was just one step away from the Seventh Grade. With his strong foundations that came from the sarira and Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, he could break through to the Seventh Grade Combat King realm at any time.

Someone shouted and started slowly walking toward the holes. This was the outer area of a beautiful mountain range. Many caravans were resting around the area, and this was the first time they had seen some unknown objects falling down from the sky.

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