Stygian Mage Chapter 324

Stygian Mage Chapter 324

"Let him be, why are you talking so much to someone that is soon going to die?"

Right at this moment, a cracking sound came from within the house on the left side of the courtyard. In the next second, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow felt a cold breeze being emitted from the house. They turned around and looked at it, then they saw the entire house was covered in frost. The frost soon turned into solid ice, and it made the entire courtyard, even the entire mountain peak's temperature, drop significantly.

TL Note: Purple clouds were said to be something Laozi could ride upon. An important cultural thing I can't really explain.

As the sword dropped down, a small amount of Sword Qi flickered as it flew toward Jian Chen.

Yin Ren encouraged himself mentally. His eyes kept gazing at Yan Chen Yu, and suddenly, he became excited.

It appeared like the old man had used all of his strength with this attack.

Zhang Han asked.

At that time, two figures suddenly came walking out from behind the crowd and onto the arena platform. These two men looked to be around twenty-five and twenty-six years old. They wore the uniform of Kargath Academy, and the moment they stepped onto the arena, the entire congregation exploded into discussions.

Tu Yi instantly cried out in surprise. Everyone's eyes were wide open, and they were unable to remain calm any longer. No one were able to remain calm when faced with this much Nine Solar Holy Water. They had no idea how Jiang Chen had done it, but this pot truly contained as much Nine Solar Holy Water as they had gotten in the past hundred years. Faced with this situation, their attitudes toward Jiang Chen had once again changed tremendously. Not only did they no longer feel unsatisfied toward Jiang Chen; they felt grateful instead.

Nanbei Chao's still responded pretty quickly. He had finally found out which one the real Jiang Chen was, but he had run out of time to fight back. What he could do was move his body and try his best to dodge Jiang Chen's longsword.

A wisp of undetectable coldness flashed through Jian Chen's eyes. However, he expression remained unchanged, purposely clasping his hands at the fifth elder courteously, "Yang Yutian greets the fifth elder!"

"Brother Yan, you have the Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline, why do you still care for a Devil Source Stone?"

The moment the Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chen's hands, it immediately transformed into a streak of silver lightning under Jian Chen's control, and flew at the other man at an inconceivable speed. Before the youth's sword could even get halfway towards Jian Chen's sword, it had already stabbed towards the youth's throat with a demon-like speed. The point of the sword halted right at the moment of contact on the outermost layer of thin skin at the throat, causing some blood to slowly drip down his throat for everyone to see clearly.

"I'm not so certain about whether or not we can save him. Under normal circumstances, such injuries would definitely kill almost any person in this world. It is a miracle that he's still showing signs of life. This man has a very strong will, and as he has consumed some kind of powerful pill, it provides treatement to his injuries. There is nothing much your master can do. No matter what, your master will try to help him with the Lotus Sutra, and hope I can wake his soul from slumber. As long as his soul awakens, I believe he will regain consciousness by himself."

"Senior, this junior may not be able to persuade the Qinhuang Kingdom help the Huang family, but if I am able to find another individual to help, I hope that the betrothment of Huang Luan to the Huanggu family can be annulled." Jian Chen stared seriously at the ancestor. He knew that the man in front of him held unbelievable power and might, but as long as he could convince him, there was a chance for the problem of Huang Luan to be resolved.

"Father, how did you change Little Fatty so much?" Xiu Mi smiled to elder Xiu.

Changyang Hu was excited however. Smiling, he looked back at Jian Chen, "Hahaha, fourth brother, there's no need to worry about your big brother! Even though I've lost my limbs and became a cripple, I've felt rather calm these past few days! I've thought a lot recently, and you know. I came to realize something. The previously calm life I felt to be boring isn't so bad. I'm tired of the days of fighting and killing, a life like this has grown on me."

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