The Legend of the Nephilim God Chapter 1477

The Legend of the Nephilim God Chapter 1477

Right now, Jian Chen was already at the threshold of breaking through into a Saint Master.

Nangong Wentian said. Although Jiang Chen had formidable strength, he still couldn't represent the Nangong family in the third match unless he broke through to the Combat Soul realm.

"Young master, you're finally back!"


The disciples from the four big sects were even more shocked than those outsiders. Nobody except for themselves knew how strong Ling Ao truly was. Amongst the outer circle disciples, only the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang could certainly be able to defeat Ling Ao, but now this Jiang Chen has proven that he could do so as well.

Lord Nether coldly harrumphed. He suddenly stretched his sharp claw forward and shattered Jiang Chen's bright beam. Not only that, the claw continued its way and grabbed toward Jiang Chen. At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly became about three times faster than before, and swiftly dodged Lord Nether's attack like a stealthy ghost. When Lord Nether finally realized this, Jiang Chen had already arrived on top of the huge cage.

"Are you worried about that Lord Blood Moon? I am sure that Lord Blood Moon won't be easy to deal with, also, the Valley of Yin Spirits was left behind by Blood Moon Shaman. If my guess is correct, Lord Blood Moon must have inherited he skills from Blood Moon Shaman. Therefore, the Valley of Yin Spirits to him is like water to a fish. It's going to be a tough fight."

Once more, this caused everyone to stare wide eyed in amazement. No one could have imagined that Jian Chen would be able to kill Shi Xiangran in a single moment even with his barrier, and then going on to kill Jiede Wukang in the next moment.

Jiang Chen sneered, then he started circulating energy to his shoulder to eject the poisonous needle. He didn't really care about the poison in his body. He circulated the Dragon Transformation skill, then the Green Hellish Python's poison burst out and covered all poison in his body.

Yan Chen Yu was in a bad mood, and the first person she thought about was Big Bro Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen touched Yan Chen Yu's nose with his finger.

Duan Jianhong said.

In the Tian Yuan Continent, such rumors did indeed state that consuming Class 5 Magical Beast meat over a long period of time would increase the chances of a Great Saint Master becoming an Earth Saint Master.

Tianxiong Lie's head had instantly come up with these thoughts, but even at that moment, he had felt that whatever was happening right in front of his eyes was nothing more than a dream. He had been a Great Saint Master, his brother was a Great Saint Master, and even the other seven he was with were all Great Saint Masters, but they weren't even able to kill or even capture Jian Chen. How could this be anything but a nightmare?

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Clapping his hands, Ming Dong looked at Ka Di Yun with a smile. Beckoning for him with a finger, he spoke, "Come now, let's try again. You just need to put a little more effort to knock me back."

It was extremely calm within Kargath Academy; nothing had been riled up by Cheng Mingxiang and his group of people's movements.

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