Fractured Stone: The Assembly System Chapter 1086

Fractured Stone: The Assembly System Chapter 1086

Looking pleased, the king spoke with a great smile, "Now that this battle is finished, let us all go back. Nephew Jian Chen, let us return to the palace." With that, he led Jian Chen with a friendly wave back toward the palace. On the way, he asked about Jian Chen's wellbeing and constantly treated him well.

"Jian Chen's strength is an unknown to us, but to have a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master at his beck and call? It is him." Katafei spoke. There had been suspicion and confusion to be in his mind, but his face betrayed none of those emotions.

After three months of cultivation, he had already broken through to the 10th layer. He was only one step away from reaching the Saint level, and could break through at any moment. The Class 3 Monster Core from the freshmen martial arts competition had already been completely used up by him. Although it was said that Class 3 Monster Core contained large amounts of energy, the amount that Jian Chen needed for his cultivation was far greater than that of an average person's. After all, the abilities that he achieved through his cultivation were extremely terrifying. Thus, a Class 3 Monster Core that could allow an average person at the 8th layer reach a middle Saint level, could only help Jian Chen reach the peak of the 10th layer.Chapter 32: Monster Core Hunt

Even worse, Jiang Chen might not need to say anything. If today's events were known by others, they would all become public enemies and become the other disciple's targets. At that point of time, there would surely be someone who wanted to lick Jiang Chen's boots and find trouble with them. If this truly happened, then they would have a hard time in the sect.

Big Yellow said in a scolding manner.

The man in black's words startled Master Blissful. His tone was a little strange actually, as if it was similar to Chen Jiang's tone.

The student happily agreed. He carefully and tenderly took the badge, and then he walked off the platform in extremely high spirits.

"Good, good!"

"Because you are easily recognizable."

Sensing that he was slowly being cut away from the power of life, Jian Chen began to close his eyes. At that moment, he was at peace with himself. Death to him was no important manner. After all, after traveling so many years in the Jianghu, Jian Chen had killed many men and death had long since dulled his emotions. The only emotion he had felt in his heart was that he would have no more chances to explore the pinnacle of the way of the sword.


"Hehe, don't be afraid, I won't ask you to marry me right now."

"Benefactor, we are all from the Redsun Town. These Blood Devils have been witnessed by many around Yellowstone's area during the last two days, and we have no idea how many of them exist. Many people in our town has become their prey, and we're actually heading towards Yellowstone City to get some help. We never expected to bump into these devils on our way, and we almost got ourselves killed. Thank you for saving our lives!"

Turning his body in the air, he flew down to avoid the paw and landed gracefully on the ground. His eyes hardened as he looked at the gorilla type warbeast. "What a strong defense, to somehow surpass my expectations by so much, no wonder the legends say that even Magical Crystal Cannons aren't able to injure it."

Wu Ningzhu's eyes widened.

Jian Chen looked past the elder and at the gold and red imperial palace without answering his question.

Leaping off of the tree branch he was on, Jian Chen stared at the white tiger with some dejection, "So this is a Class 6 Magical Beast, just how in the world is this considered weak?"Chapter 356: Class 7 Magical Beast

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