Angels And Demons: Two Worlds Residing In One Chapter 459

Angels And Demons: Two Worlds Residing In One Chapter 459

"Giant Ghost, old pal," Bai Xiaochun said loudly, "why didn't you reconstruct Devil Penitentiary?"

It was in that moment that Bai Hao's name suddenly lit up on the stone stele, in 1st place, with the words seven-colored flame next to it!

"In that case¡­" Qing Shui smirked as he began to move his body provocatively.

"Sure!" she said, nodding eagerly. "You're lucky, because today, Grandmaster Zhou will perform a public spirit enhancement. If you want to go watch, Exalted Celestial, I can definitely show you the way." Bai Xiaochun could see how happy Qing'er was. She seemed like a simple and pure young woman, and all of a sudden, it made him realize that the cultivators in the Eternal Immortal Domains weren't all unreasonable and fierce.

Mu Qing stood within the formation excitedly. The surprised look on her face was indescribable, yet it still looked really beautiful as usual. The expression given out from her bright and beautiful pupils resembled that of the stars in the sky.

"Brother Tian! Don't be so serious over such small matter! It's just a form of address." Qing Shui quickly intervened.

"Hmph! Those are just stories, right? I refuse to believe that this Bai Xiaochun is as important as people say he is. He's a nobody!"

"Right, there's also Princess Xu Shan from Spirit Advent City. This girl is a bit of a nutjob. What a pity.

"Stubbornness?" Qing Shui was puzzled. He couldn't understand what this old man was getting at.

It was too late for Qing Shui to dodge now. There was no time to and he had no time to think of why the opponent was not paralyzed. He clenched his teeth and moved to receive the attack from the dragon cane head-on.

"Treasure beasts? What treasure beasts? It's not surprising that there's a treasure beast in the vast Jade Sea. There has always been a rumor about it over the past few years," a middle aged guy who was sitting at one side asked. He seemed to be slightly interested in this topic.

As booms shook the battlefield, Bai Xiaochun looked up into the mountains at the enormous city to which the Profound Stream Sect cultivators were retreating. Just when he was about to start fighting his way toward the city itself, rumbling sounds echoed out from within the city's glowing shield of light. Moments later, a large number of Profound Stream Sect cultivators charged out.

This was a woman that wasn't in the least bit inferior to Di Chen, Yiye Jiange and the rest. Not only that, she was also so powerful that she could make a man feel inferior. The woman quickened her pace when she saw so many people coming out from the Tantai Residence.

Time passed. It was hard to say how long it had been since they started fighting. Perhaps ten years. Perhaps twenty. Maybe even longer than that.

Hai Dongqing's parents had already left the living world long ago. Her brother was essentially her guardian and a father figure to her, so as a gesture of respect, he wanted to ask for Hai Dongying's permission for his little sister's hand.

"If possible, let's go back to the Qing Village this coming New Year's Day. That way, you can go back and visit your home." Qing Shui continued.

The mouth of the pit was actually an entryway leading into what they were now looking down into, an enormous necropolis!

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