Rise Ethereal Essence Chapter 121

Rise Ethereal Essence Chapter 121

Yiye Jiange raised up her hand that Qing Shui had been holding and said, "I have feelings for you - a feeling that you are a rascal."

As soon as some medicinal ingredients that had been refined were put into the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron in sequence, the primordial flame was used to heat it up. At the same time, he wrapped his spiritual sense around the Golden Flint Iron Cauldron.

In the central district of Arch-Emperor City, in Borough 9, there was a rather luxurious building in which several dozen people were gathered.

However, in the moment that Bai Xiaochun turned, the long-faced young man suddenly fell back, eyes flickering with derision. There was absolutely no way he was going to give Bai Xiaochun the chance to get close to him. His only goal at the moment was simply to buy time.

Bitterly shaking her head, "Qing Shui, you are still youngˇ­ After a few more years, you will forget this feeling you have for elder sister. You should concentrate on your career and cultivation right now. I am but a flower that's about to lose it's bloom, and not only that, but those people would never allow me to remarry again."

"It seems like He`er likes him. I didn't think he would become your savior the moment I met him, you know." Weng Xue sighed with emotion, as she reminisced her first meeting with the young man.

Walking along the inclined slope, Qing Shui slowly moved to the inner parts of Flowerfruit Mountain. Qing Shui was now able to hide his presence while holding his weapons, as there were many trees in Flowerfruit Mountain. He rode on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant, keeping the ˇ®Man Elephant Unison' active, and he kept the Crimson Dragon Bow and the bone arrows at the ready.


Now, he felt exceedingly speechless because he could have even forgotten the fact that he had trained in the Ape Formˇ­..

Considering his dramatic performance, Bai Xiaochun could see that Zhou Yixing was obviously scared. However, Zhou Yixing had misjudged the situation. After all of the things Bai Xiaochun had experienced, he knew more than ever that the longer the people of Heavenspan lived in the Eternal Immortal Domains, the more people would make the same decision as Zhou Yixing.

Qing Shui did not know if his thoughts were right, but he felt that her future partner would definitely stand out from the crowd.

The main thing he wanted to do was avoid the laughing-crying ghost face. Unfortunately, despite how large the ice plain was, he was actually lucky to have not encountered him in the first two days. On the third day, even as he proceeded along cautiously, a sensation of imminent crisis caused him to shiver, and then push forward with incredible speed.

Theoretically, even if half of the 300 fishes were male and the other half were female, they would still produce a few million offsprings in two yearsˇ­.. Qing Shui looked back at the large pond and smiled widely.

"You know what I heard? The Celestial is going to pick this new apprentice at any moment! And the apprentice could come from any of the four river branches. Up to now, he's only accepted four apprenticesˇ­."

Earlier, Qing Shui stopped the people from Shi Clan from sending him off as he did not wish to alarm too many people.

"Without "Divinity Protection", let's see what else you can use to pit against me!" 2nd Master Xiao did not show any reactions because of the deaths of over a hundred Xiantian cultivators.

"Big brother, do you need more fishes and turtles? Is that why you are here today?" Ni'er excitedly pulled on Qing Shui's hand as she led him towards the two other kids.

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