Sex Master System Chapter 2902

Sex Master System Chapter 2902


Jiang Chen was too fast. Finally, when the crowd realized what was going on, three men had already died underneath his sword. The Skynet Formation was solely controlled by Shangguan Yiqing, and he could actually give these warriors a boost in their strength so that they could defend themselves from Jiang Chen. However, Shangguan Yiqing hadn't expected Jiang Chen to do this, so he was too late to stop him.

Wu Jiu nodded his head. Although he had recovered to the Early Divine Core realm, in order to deal with the Earth Devil, this cultivation level was worthless. With three days, and a huge amount of natural essences and pills, he was confident he could go back to the peak Divine Core realm. With his cultivation base at the peak Divine Core realm, his combat strength could be considered equal to an ordinary Combat Soul warrior's combat strength. At that point of time, with Xuan Ye's help, their chances of defeating the Earth Devil would be greater.

Such news like this could not be stifled. Like wildfire, news that the Yangji Sect had been destroyed spread through the Qiangan Kingdom.

Seeing Ka Di Qiuli walkover, Ka Di Liang stopped his movements and laughed, "Third sister, didn't you say you were going to the library? Why are you looking for me here then?" In his heart, he still dearly loved his younger sister.


Slowly moving away from Qingfeng, Jian Chen looked at the other group of Tianxiong members, "Tianxiong Lie has died. From this moment on, Wake City will no longer have a Tianxiong clan. I know many of you are guards paid for by the Tianxiong clan; since I am in a good mood and do not wish to mercilessly kill the innocent, you may all go."

The funeral continued for seven whole days before wrapping up. This time, Bi Yunhai's grave was no longer in a desolate place like before. Instead it was in the courtyard where Bi Yuntian lived within the compound. A jewel made specifically for the purpose of fengshui had been affixed to Bai Yunhai's grave, and had made the grave into a very grandiose one.

After all the Nine Solar Holy Water entered Yan Chenyu's body, she started violently trembling, and a buzzing sound could be heard from within her body.

All of the men from the Mu Rong family were screaming, amongst them were two of Mu Rong Zhan's children. They looked at Jiang Chen with hatred. In their eyes, Jiang Chen was a killer, a killer that wouldn't even blink when he killed someone.

"Hmph! As expected, this Yin Zhong Cheng doesn't want to give up. He didn't even come here himself; he sent someone else. Not only will he not offend the Little Devil King, he will also be able to have his revenge."

Yin Ren was screaming like a pig being slaughtered. He wanted to touch the chopsticks in his eyes with his hands, but he didn't dare do so. The intense pain had made his body cramp up, and he could only scream in hopes of releasing the pain.

"Jian Chen, I've already given you an opportunity. It was you who failed to appreciate my kindness. Since it's like that, don't blame me for being impolite." The Gilligan clan member spoke expressionlessly, before directly throwing a punch at Jian Chen who was several hundred meters away.

Jian Chen almost felt dizzy from this conversation, but he wasn't very disappointed. Taking in a long deep breath, he began to mutter, "I just knew there wasn't such a thing as a free meal in this world. I didn't think that the Chaotic Force would be this troublesome. A Ruler Armament had only a sliver of Chaotic Force, and a large amount of Chaotic Force is required to refine the Chaotic Body. Good heavens, where would I go to find such a large concentration of this energy?" Jian Chen didn't quite know if he was happy or sad about this entire situation. Although he had come across a great change within his body, his path would be a long and narrow one for now.

"En. Do you know where Yan Yang and the rest are located?"

Great Master Ran Feng said. His eyes were full of approval as he looked at Jiang Chen. In order to save a demon, Jiang Chen didn't give it a second thought, and straightaway gave away his own blood. This showed that Jiang Chen was a man of true nature; a man who cherished his friendship. It was really nice that his disciple was able to befriend a genius like this.

Jiang Chen kept asking. Know thyself; know your enemy, then you can go through a hundred battles without any fear of defeat.

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