Life With A System Chapter 679

Life With A System Chapter 679

The Gilligan clan member spat out a mouthful of blood. His body was still trapped by the invisible force, unable to move at all.

Jiang Chen stared at Han Yan who was currently lying on the floor, preparing himself for anything unforeseen. However, what happened next allowed Jiang Chen to know that his worries were useless. The Ancient Divine Devil bloodline in Han Yan's body was much stronger than he expected.

But Jiang Chen didn't give him any time to guess. Under Jiang Chen's control, the nine Jiang Chen's raised their battle axes and chopped towards the Blood Devil leader at the same time. The leader knew that only one of the attacks was real, and the other eight were fake, they couldn't harm him at all.

The Heaven Saint Master from the Pingyang Kingdom looked at Chang Wuji with a look of utmost loathing, "Chang Wuji, Khafir, you two truly wish to die? Then allow me to help you on that path! Comrades, let us combine our strengths and kill them completely!"

As a man with high ambitions, he would soar the skies and battle through the heavens, and with every inch he walked, he would leave a deep trace.Chapter 69 ΓΏ The Pond

Elder He Mu had already been expecting Jian Chen's attack, and so at the most crucial moment, the elder's face maintained an impassive expression as he flew backward and turned his body to the side to avoid damage. At the same time, the scepter came up to block the sword.

"No matter what, it is good that he has returned! I hope he can chase those butchers out from the Fragrant Sky City and bring back peace!"

"Is this Myriad Sword Sect powerful?"

Jiang Chen awakened and realized that his mind had temporarily gone wandering just now.

"Senior, could it be that the holy lands contains one of the legendary Saint Tier Battle Skills?" Jian Chen couldn't help but ask.


Jiang Chen roughly counted in his head. The Black Sect, Heavenly Sword Sect and Burning Sky Pavilion each had nearly 200 disciples each participating today. The Valley of Happiness had less , with about 70-80 of them.

Jian Chen's body wavered slightly as he flew toward the wall like a demon possessed and struck out with his sword.

"Love-struck fool."

"Ding" "Ding!" "Ding!"

"The fuck? I thought Little Chen was just making fun of them, but he actually meant it? Big Yellow, does Little Chen really know how to concoct pills?"

"Old fool, I knew you were up to no good! How dare you hurt my brother?! I, Jiang Chen will let you know the taste of utter misery!"

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