Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured Chapter 2968

Please Sign: Your Runaway Wife Has Been Captured Chapter 2968


Yan Zhan Yun was prepared. When Lee Shan Yue moved, he had already moved in front of Jiang Chen.

"Uncle Tian, I just knew you would come. This time, we were fortunate to have you, otherwise Jian Chen really would have been in grave danger." Ming Dong looked at Tian Jian with gratitude. However, there was still lingering fear. He struggled to imagine just what would happen to Jian Chen if Tian Jian did not appear on time.

"That's right. That monk has killed many geniuses from the four major powers. With their approach to matters, there is no way they will let this monk off the hook easily. Certain death is all that awaits that monk."

After saying that, Yun Can turned around and left.

Big Yellow transformed into a golden light and smashed into a Bloody Combat Wolf with his head, but the Bloody Combat Wolf turned into bubbles and burst apart. It was actually just a phantom.

Plenty of men had looked on in hesitance. Not all of them were like Griff and could throw away all that they built up for for the sake of having a mountain as support. Many of them had spent far too much time and blood to have what they had today, and so they were unwilling to bow their heads towards him.

"A man like him is destined to leave a glorious mark in history! He is a peerless genius who can't be found, even in a thousand years! I'm afraid that only Nanbei Chao can be his match££"

Jian Chen's instant takedown of three Earth Saint Masters hadn't made anyone afraid, the remaining group of Earth Saint Masters had already resolved to block him and encircle around him with their Saint Weapons.

Old Man Ling Shan said in a gloomy manner.

"Father, second aunt, please rest assured. I will definitely have my men scour the continent to find second sister." Jian Chen resolutely pledged. When he was young, Changyang Mingyue had been very caring to him, and he had left the Changyang Manor with a very favorable impression of her. The disappearance of Changyang Mingyue had left him feeling very melancholic

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Wu Yan was forcefully thrown onto the ground, causing pain and dizziness to fill his body.

The leather wearing man began to constantly change directions, and so too did Tianxiong Lie who was following closely behind in the tall grass yet he was unable to keep his eyes on the figure in front. Every so often he would have to jump into the air,

"Mighty Jiang Chen!"


"Right here! He just cheated lots of Mortal Restoration Pills from us! Don't let him go!"

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