I have been Looking For You Chapter 541

I have been Looking For You Chapter 541



Tan Lang laughed wryly. To be honest, Tan Lang was happy to be able to stand upright in one peace and talk. The moment he entered the Freezing Hell Jail, he had given up all hope of staying alive. Now, after spending so much time healing himself in the Heavenly Saint Sword's inner space, his broken legs had recovered. However, his internal injuries were very bad, and it would be near impossible for him to fully recover his cultivation base.

Yan Zhan Yun sighed. In fact, he was wrong this time. Maybe some parts of what he said was right, but Jiang Chen had a bigger plan for this.

"Fuck off."

"You're not alone££The Jiang family's ancestors must have done a lot of good deeds for the Mayor to have such a good son££He must be proud."

"Bastard, how dare you insult our elder?! You're courting death!"

The Great Manager changed his topic; a crafty look emerging in his eyes.

The Blood Devil leader became furious. He raised his devil weapon high up into the air, then he forcefully slashed towards Jiang Chen. With this action, he had just saved the life of the remaining Early Heavenly Core Blood Devil leader, since Jiang Chen was distracted.

Liu Hong said.

Of course, although the temptation was huge, Jiang Chen didn't act recklessly.

Someone immediately showed interest.

"Has Jiang Chen truly left the Martial Palace?"

The power in the tail was incredibly large and even against a Great Saint Master, the Saint Weapon would surely break apart if it was hit by this tail. Suddenly, the tail of the Golden Fur Tiger King made contact with the layer of azure and violet glow of light and was effortlessly cut in two. However, the part that had been cut off resumed its trajectory path due to inertia and hit Jian Chen in the arm, which consequently forced Jian Chen's sword arm to aim down from the tiger's neck.

Every single mercenary was boiling with excitement as their will to make battle soared into the air. One by one they charged through the open gates with their Saint Weapons leading the vanguard. With each swing a magical beast would fall to the ground, be split in two and rain down blood everywhere.

"Honored Radiant Saint Master, this man here is brother Jian Chen." Yun Li spoke courteously toward the Radiant Saint Master. A Radiant Saint Master had the ability to wield a unique energy that in turn made their position within the Tian Yuan Continent rather majestic. Even a lower leveled Radiant Saint Master had the same ranking as an Earth Saint Master.

Jiang Chen said with a smile. In just one day, he had completely mastered the Illusion Heart Sutra and was able to unleash the Great Illusion Realm. If Yang Shuo was still alive and learned how quickly Jiang Chen mastered the skill, his jaw would definitely drop.

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