Bone Painting Coroner Chapter 2088

Bone Painting Coroner Chapter 2088

All of these things take some time to describe, but actually happened in the briefest of moments. A moment later, the star sigil on Zhou Yixing's forehead erupted with starlight, breaking him free from Bai Xiaochun's control. As sweat began to drip down his face, he released the bowstring. Then, a thrumming sound could be heard... as a fire soul arrow with an elevenfold spirit enhancement flew forth!

However, one of Qing Shui's hands was wrapped around Mingyue Gelou's slender waist, while the other one was in between her legs!

Qing Shui woke up really early the next day. After that, he carried on with his morning exercise. Even though the Taichi Fist didn't break through, it was constantly improving. Qing Shui felt that it was considerably stronger when he executed the moves now compared to before. This was the benefit of gaining an upgrade in strength. Once one's strength ascended, the strength of Taichi Fist would become stronger even if it didn't break through in realms. Similarly, if one only experienced an ascension in realm, the strength of Taichi Fist would also become stronger.

The Misty Hall Palace Mistress looked at that middle-aged man!

"Qing Shui, It's rumored that such a Golden Buddha Aura Lotus would be guarded by a Thunderous Beast. " Di Chen said worriedly.

On the flatland in the west, there was a forest with the semblance of a spreading fire. The trees were not especially tall or flourishing but looked more like a host of withering trees. Qing Shui could feel from the drawing that these sparse trees were brimming with vitality.

Soon, everyone was echoing his words. No fighting broke out; they simply tried to ingratiate themselves to Bai Xiaochun to get one of the pills for themselves.

Flourishing trees with blooming flowers; torrid heat with dense vegetation; ripening fruits with yellow leaves; snow-covered land with piercing winter winds. As Qing Shui approached the mountain, he could clearly sense the ¡®atmosphere' of the four seasons with his Spiritual sense.

? ? ¡­¡­

"The war would be one in which the Spirit Stream Sect was wiped out, and the Blood Stream Sect suffered severe losses. The truth is, we don't actually want such a war to happen. If we could prevent it, and maintain the full strength of the Blood Stream Sect, then the Profound Stream Sect and Pill Stream Sect could be easily wiped out. Then, we would be much more confident in maintaining the strength necessary to defeat the Sky River Court!" At this point, Song Junwan's eyes shone with a mysterious light.

As they neared the various mountain peaks, they caught sight of the fatties from the Ovens.

"The Deadmire?!?!"

Tier 6 () :?Canghai Mingyue, Shi Qingzhuang, Mingyue Gelou, Huoyun Liu-Li, Yu He,?Qing Qing, Qing Hanye, Zhu Qing?

"There are useful items inside. Keep it for now!" Qing Shui smiled as he handed the sachet to Lady Duanmu.

He was so engrossed in his work that he forgot to eat or sleep, and watched over the pill furnaces constantly for three whole days. Soon, the pills inside the furnaces were beginning to form. Unfortunately, just as the process seemed on the verge of concluding, one of the pill furnaces suddenly showed signs of instability.

As far as Gu Tianjun and Sima Yunhua were concerned, they would be the ones offering help up front. Therefore, they didn't see any reason why Bai Xiaochun should refuse.

It happened too quickly for anyone to process. Two proud arcane guards were exterminated in the blink of an eye¡­. The old man with the horn almost couldn't believe what he was seeing.

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