Zone Zone No Mi In One piece world Chapter 2752

Zone Zone No Mi In One piece world Chapter 2752

The Imperial Emperor suddenly stood up from his throne.

Jian Chen didn't say a word and instead gave a small smile before flying toward the highest mountain peak with the bloody Spirit Apes following from behind. Each were still biting their teeth as if they hadn't forgotten about their animosity with Jian Chen.


"Haha, of course. Our Harido clan only needs one of them. We won't participate in the battle over the next one." The slightly aged voice from the Harido clan could be heard once more, this time with a hint of a smile in his tone.

"The Earth Devil is dying."

"The thing is, how are we going to combine all the alliances?"

"What?Pills with 100%effectiveness?Zhou, is this for real?"

"What a unique school this is. Everyone is hidden away to practice their cultivation, making them genuine hermits that have detached themselves from the secular world. Becoming Saint Rulers would be no problem for such figures that stand aloof like this. Even these mere Earth Saint Masters would be capable of achieving such a height, what a remarkable place." Huang Tianba praised.

"Everyone may rest assured. I will take care of this issue with the Xiao family and guarantee that they will never cause a commotion for the village again." Jian Chen confidently spoke.


Jiang Chen walked in front of the others. He looked calm, but a killing intent could be seen in his eyes. Never had anyone dared to threaten him; those who did would all have a miserable ending.



"Dad, there is no right or wrong in war, there's only victory or defeat. The rule in the world of cultivation is the same. You can never show mercy towards your enemies because your enemy won't be grateful, and once you let them go££ Well, it's the same as planting a seed of revenge in your own backyard. They did nothing wrong, but since they are part of this war, they will have to bear the consequences of it."

"Damn you, I have no interest in you at all!"

Jiang Chen said in a stiff manner, "But, before we do this, hand over every single Mortal Restoration Pill you have now, they will serve as compensation."

But because of the sheer amount of tree leaves that covered the sky, almost every inch, the five Spirits Apes weren't able to diffuse them all. Many of the tree leaves began to shoot into their skin, breaking through their rather strong fur. Jutting into their bodies, they left scar after scar, dying their entire body red with blood. In a flash, their golden skin was more crimson than gold.

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