Rise of the Shattering Shield Chapter 1032

Rise of the Shattering Shield Chapter 1032

Yin Zhong Cheng kept swinging his gigantic axe while chasing them, but it never caused any damage to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. After a while, he gave up on attacking and focused on conserving his energy.

"I'm doing this for everyone's sake. If he really destroys the bronze plate, none of us are going to enter this ancient pagoda, and we will have to return empty handed."

The impaled Great Saint Master's eyes widened. In his final moments of being alive, a single thought spiraled through his head, "What££what a fast sword££"

The weakest members there were all of the Great Saint Master realm, but their speed was still fast. Not too long after, their group finally reached the apex where they finally stopped in their paths. That was because there was already several hundred men gathered there with serious looks on their faces.

The Mortal Restoration Pill was a basic Yuan power pill that was different from other pills.In the Martial Sky continent there were Mortal Restoration Pills, Earth Restoration Pills, Heaven Restoration Pills and Saint Restoration Pills.The ingredients for these pills were simple, but what made them different from one another was the rich and pure Yuan power inside.Therefore in theory, only a Saint was able to make a Saint Restoration Pill;this was mainly because a Saint had greater and purer Yuan energy than others.

When the mountain range disappeared, the mountain range returned to its previous peaceful state. Aside from the destroyed mountain right in the center of the mountain range, everything around was still the same. Although they had fought for a long period of time here, there were no traces of a battle having taken place in this mountain range.

"Very simple, the Flaming Angel has a Hot Yang characteristic, so not matter which stage, seedling or mature, it is a pure Yang herb. On the other side, the Glory Lotus has a mild characteristic. When you planted them side by side, the Flaming Angel's pure Yang characteristic started repressing the Glory Lotus's growth."

"True Dragon Palm!"

However, luck wasn't with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, as both of them were pulled into the fracture at the same time and disappeared without a trace.Chapter 485 - The Barbarian Earth Bull

"Eldest brother!" Jian Chen howled in grief before his eyes flashed red and a large amount of killing intent began to billow outward in a single wave of emotions like a cloud. The air around Jian Chen turned cyan in color before he instantly flew toward the stronghold walls.

While Jian Chen was around twenty years old, he had somehow managed to make it to such a high level of strength. Based on this fact alone, Kai Er had naturally assumed that Jian Chen had a strong patron supporting him. Even if he had no patron and was simply a genius of cultivation, Kai Er would be willing enough to follow him for that method. Even the other elders and masters of the Weiss clan had come to a similar conclusion. So these two elders had readily agreed to follow Jian Chen because if he continued to walk this path of success, then sooner or later they would stand at the top of the continent as well.

After traveling the continent for many years, Rosco had learned to deduce things quickly thanks to his experience as a Saint Master. His eyes grew wider as he began to think about what could have caused the gale of wind. "Could££could this be the result of Jian Chen's cultivation?" The thought of that had caused Rosco's heart to waver, he knew what could have possibly happened to bring about such a result. 10 years ago when he was a Saint Master, he had experienced this before on a smaller scale. He couldn't believe that Jian Chen would have long since surpassed him in such a way.

"You don't know about this? I was told that not long before this, the third son of the Lee family, Lee Chang Hong, was killed in Fragrant Sky city. The killer is this Jiang Chen! The Chief of the Lee family went to Fragrant Sky city himself a few days ago, and I don't know why, but he came back empty handed. No one would have thought that Jiang Chen would come to Red city and even stay in the Misty Rain Tower."

After both sides exchanged some words of conversation, Jian Chen moved onto the heart of the matter. "Today I come to your esteemed kingdom to borrow your Space Gate. Would that be fine with you?"

"Zhizhizhizhi!" The five Spirit Apes began to howl in panic and pain before they utilized the earth attributed energy they had to form outside of their bodies as a secondary form of earthen armor.

Without further delay, Wang Da Niu immediately left the courtyard and started walking towards Guo Shan's mountain peak, his mind full of doubt and fear.

"If not for there being something wrong with his brain, I would have delivered him a slap just now!"

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