the system Chapter 1213

the system Chapter 1213

The Tianqin clan was an incredibly influential clan within Walaurent City. They could be said to be the number one clan in the city, and even the lord of the city was of the Tianqin clan as well as being the younger brother of the patriarch.


"That's right. Although the Profound River Palace can fight with the Demon King Palace, there are way too many demons in the Southern Continent. We, the Nangong Family has to contribute in this war as well."

Cross' left hand held the the cub as his right hand held a sword that was ready to pierce the cub's neck, causing a stalemate between the Golden Fur Tiger King and him.

"Don't speak right now."


While reabsorbing his Light Wind Sword back into his body, Jian Chen's feet immediately stamped against the ground, causing a clump of dirt to fly up. Concentrating the Saint Force in his body in his hands, he slapped the dirt forward. Immediately, the clump of dirt became a huge dust cloud that flew toward Tianxiong Lie and blocked his vision.

Chapter 250 ÿ Big Yellow Takes Credit

Someone felt like vomiting blood. They had never expected such a big turnaround.

Jiang Chen had sent out a powerful kick right after reappearing. The kick was surrounded by waves of golden energy, and it struck the center of the Hawk King's crotch. It was a kick containing almost all of Jiang Chen's strength, and it could easily shatter a mountain peak.

"He is alive and well!" Jian Chen replied.Chapter 522: Advent of Uncle Tian

Right at this moment, Yan Chen Yu shouted out as her hands began moving like they were dancing. After that, she began pushing towards the monster.

Liu Kui's eyes lit up. This dog had come together with Jiang Chen. He looked at all the dead bodies scattered around the stronghold, and since Yang Shuo was soon going to die, he would be the last one alive in the stronghold, and he would surely be killed by Jiang Chen.

For the entire night Jian Chen sat on his bed, and refined the Saint Force within his body endlessly, to ensure that he would be able to use it efficiently.

"Your turn now. I'll kill you today for sure."

At the Black Sect, the main gate was opened widely, and they were there to welcome the arrival of the great warriors. However, they were waiting for no one. This caused bitter smiles to emerge on Daoist Black and the other's faces. It looked like Jiang Chen had misjudged. Obviously, no one would come to help them.

Within the courtyards, Bi Yuntian and Yu Fengyan were talking to each other with worried expressions. On Bi Yuntian's face, the tear stains were quite noticeable.

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