Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife? Chapter 1929

Her Wicked CEO: How To Seduce A Hikikomori Wife? Chapter 1929

"Could he really stand on the summit of Kyushu one day?" Qing Zi mumbled, he was completely dumbfounded.. That feeling he got from Qing Shui¡­¡­

As for the lotus seed pod, it could be used to form a brand new body. Although he wasn't sure if it would work as well on dead ghosts as it could on living beings, he was determined to try. Despite that, he didn't take action blithely. The lotus seed pod only had two seeds in it, and there was only one drop of blood. Therefore, he wanted to make sure he was thoroughly prepared before he began.

Qing Shui happily laid down on the ground of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. To think that he would gain so much from just one trip to the Thousand Buddha Cave. Not only did he comprehend the 3rd Wave of the Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm, but also he even managed to pick up such an unbelievable little girl.

Qing Shui remained perplexed with the many unanswered questions as he looked at the fearful eyes of the Howling Moon Silver Ape. What puzzled him even more was the reverence. Qing Shui couldn't even imagine that the Howling Moon Silver Ape could have such an expression.?

"No, I'm just asking. I feel that we have traveled quite far from home."

It only took a few breaths' worth of time for the entire trial by fire, with the exception of the desert, to be transformed into a realm of death!

AST 245 - A Beast Tamer's Nemesis, Soulshake Bell?

Even as the Saint-Emperor wrestled with the issue, and the court officials continued to submit requests, Bai Xiaochun was seated cross-legged in his blessed land, thinking about everything that had happened in his life. Eventually, his eyes opened, partly blank, partly alive with enlightenment!

He was strong, mighty, vicious, and explosive!

After a long moment, he took a breath as a feeling of profound emotion filled him. After all, he knew that, while he had saved them, they had also saved him!

"Miss, my name is Pan Long. I'm pleased to be able to meet you. I feel that fate has brought us together and I was wondering if I can have the honor of inviting you to the Pan Residence so that I can be a host?" The youth used a soft and gentle voice as he spoke to Wu-Shuang.

Of the five devas, three were the patriarchs of the three great clans. The other two were Duke Deathcrier and Duke Netherworld!

"Is it really so hard for you to address me that way?" Di Chen continued to say that, although she was not angry but she felt depressed that she only occupied such a position in his heart. She did not want to appear so perfect in his heart because that would cause her to feel awkward interacting with Qing Shui.

Golden Eagle!

"For me?" Di Chen turned her head to the side and looked at the modest man beside her with her beautiful eyes. Suddenly, she noticed that he has already matured a lot.?

Clearly, they represented some magical technique that assessed a person's identity....

He had struck despair into the hearts of the disciples of the other three sects. He had slaughtered Zhao Rou and Fang Lin of the Pill Stream Sect, had seriously injured Nine-Isles, had successfully wrested all the heavenstring energy from Song Que, and had risen to Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment!

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