Conquer Chapter 48

Conquer Chapter 48

"Little Sister, you are supposed to marry Hu Yunlong, the leader of the Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild the day after tomorrow! Why are you with another man?" The man who looked slightly older compared to the other young men reprimanded.

Gales blew and huge boulders shattered as they knocked against the cocoon. However, the cocoon didn't change at all and the five didn't move either after it had came to a stop. Qing Shui knew that they must be definitely up to something.

Feeling wonderful, Bai Xiaochun went on to cultivate the Frigid School Will Evolving Incantation, and then work on his big toe with the Undying Tendons. Glancing outside, he realized that it wasn't dawn yet, and he got a bit irritated.

Qing Shui was feeling a bit curious about this lady. Her family refines demons yet she was able to bring out tens of Treasure Hunting Pigs. Additionally, she brought out tens of Lighting Bees. The demonic beasts that she summoned were unable to fight, however, each and every one of them was worth cities¡­

"Which level do you plan to stay at?" The lady smiled and asked.


AST 251 - Coolsteel Boots, the feeling of boots and women

After Qing Shui came down from the stage, he could see the expressions on the 3rd generation clan members ranging from awe, surprise, respect and even worship. In the past, the 3rd generation clan members would always looked up to Qing You, admiring his muscular frame and unruly strength. However, only now did they discover that the "trash" in everyone's eyes was a person that vastly surpassed what they had always known to be the epitome of strength. A person that silently endured their harsh words and torment, hiding his true strength until there was a reason for him to no longer do so. How could they not help but admire Qing Shui?

However, that simple action had a profound effect on the Azure Dragon Society cultivators. Their boss was now even more mysterious and unfathomable than before, shocking to a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering degree. As for the people from the Celestial Sky Society, their hearts overflowed with indescribable astonishment and terror.

The Eternal Flowers all had five petals, and were dazzlingly colorful. The fragrant aroma they emitted was delightful. As for the pistil of the flower, it featured a glowing sphere of light, within which was a closed eye.

"This is your 3rd Martial Aunt Zhu Qing¡­"

Because of the Water Repelling Pearls he possessed, it was impossible for fish and prawns to appear in the surroundings. However, he was still able to spot a few fish and prawns at a spot not so far away. The resistance force of the Water Repelling Pearls would repel them into the surroundings along with the water.

For many years, the cultivators of the Eternal Immortal Domains didn't understand the second tribulation. It was only after the Saint-Emperor became an archaean, and gained control of the power of resurrection, that the secrets were unlocked.

As of this moment, he pulsed with energy, like a divine weapon in the forging process!

Although most people in the audience felt that way, by the time the amber light of evening began to spread out....

By the time Qing Shui arrived at the Cold Ice City, it was already snowing heavily. Qing Shui felt really good when he was standing in Cold Ice City. The snowy weather was one of his favorites. He really enjoyed seeing snow, so much so that he was starting to plan to move here in the future.


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