My Husband Is The Demon King Chapter 2862

My Husband Is The Demon King Chapter 2862

Jiang Chen said.

A bright smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face. This really was a massive amount of wealth. However, getting the crystal cores was no easy task.

The youth smiled coldly as the silver white sword within his hand started to emit a faint white glow. With a single slash, the sword tip flew towards the black panther's opened mouth.

"How arrogant is the one called Jian Chen, to refuse to see everyone of us? All he did was pick up the opportunity to kill the Class 5 Magical Beasts by the Earth Saint Masters, just how is that amazing?" One of the men spoke indignantly.

Roar roar££

In Jian Chen's mind, a pair of mysterious footsteps began to appear. Then a picture appeared inside of Jian Chen's mind. Just like a movie reel, the picture never seemed to stop, but all he could see was a figure wearing a white chang pao. It was a young man holding a sword that was quickly pacing through a mysterious land. He was walking so fast, that a regular person would have a hard time seeing him clearly. Because the young man was walking far too quickly despite the small amount of room he was in, a series of after images were trailing behind him.


Big Yellow cursed. Although he had been quarreling with Han Yan a lot during their journey, when there was an enemy, he would stand together with him.

"Lord Wukang!"

This only provoked Mu Rong Hao even further, "Hmph!You are only good at talking, let's see what you've got!"

Suddenly, just as the battle axe began to emit more earth Saint Force down onto the battle axe, in a split second, Jian Chen's body flickered away and reappeared a step further away and dodged the giant axe just in the nick of time.

Jiang Chen grabbed Wang Yun's arms and checked his meridians. He found that although Wang Yun was seriously injured, his legs and arms still weren't completely disable, they were only fractured. The chances of a full recovery was still there.

"That££ I££ I££" The shopkeeper sputtered. When he had said that the wood was from a mysterious place, it had been a fabrication he knew nothing of. It was only meant to raise the mystique and price of the wood. What he didn't expect was that he would meet someone more knowledgeable about it than him.

"I'll give you all one chance to live. Hand over all of your Class 2 Monster cores, and you may go. Otherwise, you will all die here. Pick now, I will wait for your decision." Jian Chen said gently.

Two days later, Jian Chen and Ming Dong finally returned to Changyang Manor. Xiao Tian and the others had been extremely curious on how they had managed to disappear so suddenly. It was because of their extreme confidence in Jian Chen's strength that they did not panic when the two had disappeared. However, they did wonder just what business was so important for the two to disappear so out of the blue.

Fan Zhong Tang shouted out loudly and unleashed two symbols, defending himself from the banner's absorption force. Because he was facing the infamous Blood Banner, a ferocious and evil weapon that had caused a huge disturbance in the Qi Province decades ago, even Fan Zhong Tang felt scared.

"Carry on, once you reach the deeper area of sector two, the dangers will be greater! Even that big yellow dog will probably die in there, and if that really happens, then their bodies will get buried in there. Jiang Chen will disappear without anyone knowing what happened."

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