Super Gene Chapter 1655

Super Gene Chapter 1655

"That's not it. A family in isolation and a family that isn't are different. To be called an isolated family is to be in an isolated state and to not have contact with the outside world. Only by doing that can a family be said to be isolated. Our Huang family for example has been stationed deep within the mountains for many years without many of our disciples exploring the outside world. That has led to only a small amount of people knowing who we are. The other isolated families are like this as well."

"It's just as Little Chen said. In regards to my master taking the initiative to visit them, the Great Leiyin Temple expressed great surprise. Even their Great Saint Buddhist came out to welcome us. I'm not a disciple of the Great Leiyin Temple, but we have a deal with them. I'm only a disciple in name, and I will temporarily not be cultivating there. In fact, many disciples of the Great Leiyin Temple are training outside the temple, so it's perfectly normal."

"R-run aw-away! He-he's an Ear-earth Saint Ma-master!" One of the bandits stuttered with fear as his face lost all color. Even his speech had been utterly incomprehensible as he tried to run away. The other two men had been spooked at the mention of an Earth Saint Master and tried to run on foot as well.

The Mighty Soul Derivation skill was the most powerful skill that could train one's soul in this world.It provided unlimited Soul Power for those who practiced it, therefore you would never run out of Soul Power when concocting pills.


Ahhh!!! ££

Yan Chen Yu patted Big Yellow's head and reminded him.

"Jiang Chen, you££ how dare you to kill Sect Elder, you're outrageous!"

"Let's go and check it out."


Disciple Huang was laying on the ground crying in sorrow. Tears flowed down from his face. What happened, why was he always the one getting beaten?


"Guo Shan, don't yell at me just because you're an alchemist! You want to protect this evil guy? Does that mean you want to walk the path of evil as well?"

"No no, I can't! My grandfather's anger is something you definitely don't want to see. Although my grandfather is usually kind, when he gets angry, even my father becomes afraid." The fatty instantly turned nervous as he thought about his grandfather.

"So it's like that? It's no wonder he was able to collect so many tokens if he is able to be compared against the five experts."

This young lass must be making fun of them to cheer them up from their depressed state.The young master could only be considered an expert in consuming pills, since the Mayor had been feeding him numerous pills all these years.He was just one large pill!Although, he had changed dramatically compared to the last time they saw him££Him saying that he can concoct pills must be a joke.

Wu Lang nearly shouted out loudly. He had never thought so many things could possibly happen while he was in secluded cultivation. Today's events was even a risk to the lives of all these people.

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