The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 597

The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 597

The entire audience was looking at the auction stage. In the entire auction hall, only Jiang Chen was being focused on.

Ming Dong smiled happily at Ka Di Yun, but he made no moves to take out his Saint Weapon, "Just so that people won't say I was bullying children, I won't be too excessive. How about this, I'll stand here without moving and without striking back. If you can force me back or cause me to even take a single step back, I'll have lost. Sound good?" Ming Dong began to deemphasize himself; as an Earth Saint Master, he would really not be able to put a tiny Saint Master as an opponent in his eyes. Even if a battle skill was used, it wouldn't pose even an iota of a threat to him. The difference in power was just that big.

"Big brother Jiang Chen!"

"Brother Jian Chen, if we may have your opinion." Qin Ji looked toward the yellow clothed girl and Jian Chen and then the four men behind them. With a single glance, he knew that Jian Chen and the girl were both the pillars of their group.

A storm instantly erupted in the entire Black Sect. Some started roaring and cheering as tears filled their eyes. This was an incredible sacred moment for them!

Li Wu Ling's dead body and head fell down from the sky together with a large amount of blood. The scene looked pathetic underneath the bright shine of the morning sunlight. Li Wu Ling, who had just broken through to the Heavenly Core realm by forcefully cultivating a demonic skill, and Jiang Chen who had condensed 40 Dragon Marks; the two of them were simply not on the same level. Jiang Chen didn't even use his Axe of Thunder.

Nanbei Chao stood firmly with both hands behind his back. His speech about taking peoples' lives so lightly sent chills down the people's spines. He was an ultimate ruthless man, and for him, mortals were just tiny ants.

Too cruel, too brutal, everyone had their gazes on the 15 year old youngster.

Wu Lang's eyes flickered with wonder. He gave up the idea of fighting with Wu Cong, and strode away as well.

With a thought in his mind, Jiang Chen stored all the treasures into his storage ring. He had killed quite a number of men, and he had snatched a lot of storage rings. Once a ring was full, he could still use another ring. And in the end, he could still store all rings into just a single storage ring. Besides, Yang Shuo and Zhuge Yun's storage rings were pretty spacious as well, he had no worries about running out of space to store all the treasures.

Realizing that his mobility had been cut off, Jian Chen's face grew startled. Without a single moment of hesitation, his Light Wind Sword flew into motion as it flew out three different times. One was to block the dagger, the second and third were aimed at Jue's heart and throat, to try and force her back.

"This feeling, it's like good rain after a long drought, so refreshing! Who was it, who saved us?"

However, Jiang Chen was looking at the center line. That line was much longer than the other two lines, it was at least a dozen times longer. The bright dot at the end of this line was also the largest, it was the size of a human fist. Compared to that, the bright dots that represented the Southern and Northern Continents were only the size of a thumb. The difference was really huge.

Jiang Chen thought to himself. The old man had reached a state where he could see through life and death, just this comprehension alone could help him gain incredibly much.


"Right! The waiting rule does not apply to Combat Soul warriors, they can enter the Blissful Manor whenever they want. Not only that, the master of the manor will personally greet them. We just can't compare ourselves to them."


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