solo laveling Chapter 80

solo laveling Chapter 80


"Impossible, this young man is simply making an irresponsible remark, there is no way he can fix a dimensional crack!"

At the same time, a similar scene played out in the Shangguan Clan's base. When they found out about the reappearance of the Island of Ice, the Shangguan Clan immediately sent out their Sect Elders and some geniuses to try their luck.

"Tell him that I am still recovering from my wounds and cannot properly receive him."

As for Tan Lang, after having his body strengthened by the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, his constitution would experience a tremendous transformation. He could already be considered a genius, and at that point of time, not only would he fully recover, his cultivation base would improve significantly as well.

Hearing Qin Xiao's words, Jian Chen was stunned. He didn't think that Qin Xiao would have made a connection between the Multicolored Stone in his body and the azure and violet Sword Qi. This had also made him smile, he now had an explanation. This was because Qin Xiao's words had some meaning to them. The strong azure and violet Sword Qi using the energy from the Supreme Treasure was a fitting explanation.

Lee Shan Yue said hurriedly.

After the girl left, the entire library was silent for a moment. Suddenly, a loud voice range out, "There's another interesting scene to watch. A freshman at the 8th Saint Force layer is battling against a person at the 9th Saint Force layer; anyone who doesn't watch it would be a fool." A male in his teens wearing the school uniform said as he directly ran out of the library

Thinking for a brief moment, Jian Chen spoke, "It seems that we must go find him then, starting from the other two guests. Nubis, you must know where one of them went, please lead the way."

Tian Yishan was still worried.

"Xiang'er, you don't need to decide on what to do for our Bi clan just yet, let that wait for later." Bi Yuntian spoke with concern. Despite her son being the Imperial Protector for the Qinhuang Kingdom, the enemies of the Bi clan were far from weak, and their identities today were still unclear. If the patriarch of the Bi clan was a Saint Ruler and still couldn't resolve the matter, how would her own son be able to? At least for right now, it was impossible.

"Looks like you've also guessed that the matter of the Gilligan clan against the Winged Tiger God is much more complicated. That's true, peace will be broken soon and the silent guardian clans will all appear once again. Houston, I know you've already retired from the Tian Yuan Continent for a thousand years, but you are still a human expert who stands on the peak. When the Beast God Continent invades, I hope that your Bloodsword sect will be able to support our Tian Yuan Continent, to make a contribution to the human race." Tian Jian said solemnly to Houston.

"Yes master."

"Then where did you find such a thing like this?" Jian Chen's eyes shone as he continued to ask.

Jiang Chen sneered. He could easily tell the roots of Huo Yuner. Huo Yuner was cultivating a powerful flame skill, and it gave him a pretty strong ability. If one were to compare the attack strength of Huo Yuner and Yun Can, Huo Yuner was actually stronger than Yun Can. But too bad, his opponent was Jiang Chen, and this had made all his advantages become disadvantages. In front of the True Dragon Flames, Huo Yuner's flames were just a joke. Besides, Jiang Chen was an alchemist, and he was a master when it came to playing with fire.

Right at this moment, an insidious laugh sounded out from the skies above. Two tall Blood Devils suddenly appeared, and they stared at the townspeople from above.

"Yan Yang, face your death!"

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