Sword Saint System Chapter 1889

Sword Saint System Chapter 1889

AST 192 The Difference Between A Bad Person and A Bad Egg

The Heavenhorn ink dragon's cultivation base was so terrifying that even Zheng Yuandong had no choice but to call it Senior. Back when the Spirit Stream Sect fought its way from the delta into the Lower Reaches, the Heavenhorn ink dragon had been a follower of Patriarch Spirit Stream, and its contributions to the sect could not be understated.

"Young children shouldn't ask so much. Let's go home, it's time to prepare dinner," The young mother turned red from embarrassment, carried the little boy, and walked off. Laughter sounded all around her, making her walk even faster.

"However, that agreement would involve the Blood Stream Sect setting up an enormous spell formation on the Spirit Stream Sect's portion of the Heavenspan River. That spell formation would seal their sect for a thousand years!

However, now with this Golden Snake Grass, refining those two pills was now something set in stone. After this, Qing Shui continued to fish, he hoped to be able to obtain more Golden Snake Grass. With this, he could either keep it for his own use or exchange it for something good.

"Am I... am I really so outstanding?" he thought giddily.

"I can't say," Bai Xiaochun said, shaking his head in very enigmatic fashion. "It's a matter which touches on the most important thing in Elder Brother Zhao's life. How could I possibly reveal that information so casually?" Clasping his hands behind his back, he pompously strolled off toward his cabin.

All of a sudden, an intense sensation of deadly crisis rose up inside of him, causing his heart to tremble. However, that was also when a glint of hatred appeared in his eyes as he thought back to the tragic scene of that pit filled with 10,000 corpses. Instead of trying to stabilize his cultivation base, he actually bit his tongue as he staggered backward, and then sent the resulting blood spraying out of his mouth.

Frigid qi filled the building, instantly freezing everything over. In fact, from the outside, the building almost looked like an enormous ice cube!

Even as the Violet Cauldron Peak disciples began to chase Bai Xiaochun down, all of a sudden....

The spirit automaton was cursing inwardly, but didn't let it show. He simply grabbed the chunk of flesh.

Qing Shui continued to practice the Crane Form endlessly in front of the building. The crux of this form laid in the usage of the legs, posture, arms, and most importantly, the set of Crane's Might.

A few days later, one of the tests he performed was on a group of rabbits. After eating the medicinal pills, their eyes turned red, and they began to howl and leap up to nibble Bai Xiaochun's legs.

"Xiao Clan. They are relatives to Yan Clan by marriage. It is rumored that they have a Grade 8 Martial King expert overseeing the clan." Lai Chusong watched Qing Shui as he replied.?

"You naughty lass, you always don't say what you think, I will return him to you!" Canghai Mingyue pushed Huoyun Liu-li toward Qing Shui and left smiling.

However, the effect wasn't limited to the lower finger area. Even the blood qi in the upper finger was stirring into motion. A massive column of blood-colored light surrounded Bai Xiaochun, shaking everything around it as it shot into the sky.

At this moment, in the gray manor on Martial God Street, a middle-aged man walked into the backyard. There was an old man in the pavilion enjoying a cup of wine by himself. His stature was tall and sturdy and he had long whiskers and hair, giving off a sense of might.

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