Villainous Chapter 2578

Villainous Chapter 2578

Tonight was New Year's eve. The Qing Clan had prepared a grand feast for dinner during the evening. Everyone from the Qing Clan was gathered together, including Di Qing though she felt a little uncomfortable.

"Welcome to Cellblock D of Devil Penitentiary, Fellow Daoist Bai Hao. Come, come, let me show you around." Forcing a smile onto his face, he led Bai Xiaochun toward the northernmost of the four tunnels. "Although Devil Penitentiary exists inside of a stone turtle statue, it's actually very large inside. Five unique dimensions exist here, namely Cellblocks A, B, C, D, and the Supermax Cellblock.

Qing Shui was relieved, when he raised his head again, Qing Shui could already see Madam Duanmu who was riding on the Ice Crane. Her skin was as smooth as jade and she had the same elegance as before, seeming very graceful. She looked very pretty, however, what was prettier was the aura that she was giving off, it had a fatal attraction.

The cultivation of the Ancient Book of ˇ®Rebirth' was heaven-defying. To Qing Shui, it was even stronger than the Heavenly Pellet.

Today, Zhao Tianjiao wasn't wearing pink. This time, he wore a long white robe and a scholar's hat, making him look completely different than before.

He could feel a strong destructive force inside his body. Qing Shui quickly wore his armor and equipped his weapons to get a sense of the level of his terrifying power.

"Lass, let me give you a present. You will definitely like it." Qing Shui smiled as he retrieved some Crimson Pellets of the Nine-Headed Moon Wolf's core which he had set aside. He remembered that Luan Luan had tamed ten Earth Devouring Mice when he left. As long as they were fed these powerful Crimson Pellets, their strength would no doubt advance by leaps and bounds.

"I never could have guessed that they would come up with a way to deal with the pill furnaces in less than half a year. Those weird beasts have obviously been mutated recently...." Even as Bai Lin sighed darkly, the savages outside the wall began to cackle madly. As for the vengeful souls, their murderous auras grew even more intense, and they once again began to charge across the battlefield.

"Hello, we meet again!" Huang Qing changed her expression from a frown to a smile.

Bai Xiaochun was so shocked by Lu Shiyou's behavior that he was panting. However, his curiosity was also piqued, so he produced another Aphrodisiac Pill and threw it over.

To date Qing Shui's power had surpassed that of a ferocious tiger's. After all, if the ferocious tiger in the past was to be brought here, it wouldn't be able to defeat a wild boar. However there were powerful tiger species here, just like that giant White Jade Snow Tiger of LuanLuan.

"Which clan?" Qing Shui was quite curious. Yan Clan was the master of Yan City so logically there should not be any stronger clans. However, there would definitely be some obscure clans with extremely high abilities but with no interest in being any city custodians.

He was also pleased to know that the Silken Web Ridge would be joining the alliance as well. Should anything happen in the future, things could be settled without much resistance.

Furthermore, with Bai Xiaochun's help, Zhou Yixing's necromancy had advanced by leaps and bounds; he was now just a hair away from the celestial rank himself.

Why would the house where she had lived for twenty years turned out like this? Her father who cherished her in every possible way when she was young, her brother, senior, every single one of them were like murderers now. Who else could she trust?

A cracking sound could be heard as a tremor ran through the puppet. Its head was destroyed, and it staggered backward. However, Bai Xiaochun lunged forward, calling upon his fleshly body strength to grab it and hoist it over his head like a shield.

If he used the Godly Armor Shield, as well as the Seven Star Armored Vest and the Divine Shield Talismanˇ­ˇ­ Just thinking of it made Qing Shui's blood boil, his various skills and equipment were why Qing Shui felt confident in traveling around the Central Continent.

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