In cutivation realm with anime system Chapter 1630

In cutivation realm with anime system Chapter 1630

"Looks like it will soon find us. The trade fair is starting soon, so we just need to do our best to hide from that Dark Eagle. Once we step onto the island, we'll be safe even if it discovers us. After all, no one is allowed to fight on the island, and I believe those people from the Qingyi Sect won't dare break that rule."

"The Cross Mountains!" The man's eyes lit up as he spoke, "Why is he going there?"

"So I see. Then you are the Pure Heart Pavilion's outer sect. No wonder your students can all ignore the temptations of the secular world." Huang Tianba spoke with clarity.

Jiang Chen gazed at all the men from left to right. His gaze was like razor sharp edge scratching their faces, causing the fear in their minds to increase.

Everyone were shocked by what they saw. As the saying went; an expert could always show his might with just the simplest move. Although Jiang Chen and Ling Yi had only exchanged one attack in a very short amount of time, the result was obvious to all. In the fight just now, Jiang Chen had clearly gained the upper hand.

"So it'll be then. Now that this matter is over, Chang Wuji, I'll have to trouble you with sending out the invitations. Please invite the officials of the Gesun Kingdom for them to participate in the official ceremony of the Changyang Manor in three days time." Changyang Ba boomed with laughter.Chapter 515: A Visit From Elders Feng and Yun

"You old senile fool, you don't even know how strong a Saint King is. With your strength as a Saint Ruler of the Fifth Heavenly Layer, you can't even change anything. If a Saint King wants to kill you, it's only a matter of the twitch of a finger. Even if you go, you'll just die for nothing." Nubis scolded.

Afterward, Jian Chen followed the king of the Dazhou Kingdom out to where the Space Gate was. The Space Gate had an array overlaid onto it and had a mysterious and complex magic to it.

It was this step that caused many men to die on their path to become an Earth Saint Master.

Just then, the Eighth Elder looked at the floating crystal suspended overhead and slowly raised his hand as if he was being attracted by a sudden force of attraction. Slowly, the crystal began to slowly float towards the elder's hand before finally making contact with it.

Hearing this, the king had a dark expression. "Arrest the assassin and throw him into the prisons. Interrogate him until we find out just who he is."

The carcasses of a Class 5 Monster Core was very valuable, so Jian Chen couldn't abandon them like he did the Class 3 or Class 4 Magical Beasts. With these two carcasses alone, Jian Chen could sell them for a high price since any corpse of a Class 5 Magical Beast or higher was usually an object that had no standard price in any city. The reason was because the blood and meat of a magical beast of such a high class was good for the body when consumed. The high quality meat of a magical beast could even increase one's strength or alter the body in a certain way.

However, something even more terrifying had just happened right before their eyes. Even though Jiang Chen had become a First Grade Combat King, that didn't mean he could defeat a Fourth Grade Combat King, as there was a huge gap of three grades between them. This was absurd!

Han Yan was surprised. Big Yellow had told him about what happened back in Inferno Hell, and the most important part of their story in Inferno Hell was Wu Jiu. However, Han Yan had no clue about Wu Jiu's real identity, that's why he was surprised when he heard Jiang Chen's explanation.

"Brother Jiang, I suppose this young lady is Yan Chen Yu?"

However, when he thought about how the Pingyang Kingdom had well over 700 million people, he began to calm down a bit. This was the treasury of the entire kingdom, and if he were to take out several piles of monster cores, it would cause no big ripple among the kingdom. Perhaps this depository of monster cores was the result of dozens of years of collection.

The youth and shopkeeper initially moved to plead with Jian Chen, but after realizing that Jian Chen was no ordinary person from his aura, they stopped where they stood. As a shopkeeper and waiter, they saw many different people everyday, making them able to discern a person by glance alone. In their minds, they knew that Jian Chen was no ordinary person; therefore, trying to plead with Jian Chen would have been useless unless they wanted trouble.

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