A long way down Chapter 1081

A long way down Chapter 1081

All the men at the scene had seen what Jiang Chen was capable of, but they still couldn't help feeling a shiver down their spines upon seeing him casually killing Mu Rong Tian.

Nangong Wentian stood up and bowed toward everyone in the palace, then turned around and left.

"Forty years old, so what? Didn't Captain become a Saint Master at that age? Either way, I'll eventually reach the Saint Master level." Xiao Dao replied in a slightly dissatisfied tone. With a yearning expression reflected in his gaze, he muttered, "Wait until I gain the strength of a Saint Master. Then I can adventure around Magical Beast Mountain Range alone, and fight the magical beasts at close quarters, one-on-one. It will be an impressive sight."

Jiang Chen never felt nervous.As the greatest Saint in the past, he had gone through countless, dangerous tribulations.Furthermore, the cleansing medicine they fed him for the purpose of removing the impurities in his body would still need 3 days to take effect.3 days, that would be his opportunity to fight back.

The sounds created from the Heaven Saint Masters battle were tremendous to the point where the entire Lore City could hear them. Despite the distance separating the clan and the city, the sounds of battle could be felt by many of the experts.

"Qhia Ka!"

"Comfortable, what a pleasant feeling! For the last ten years, I have never felt such a pleasant joy before!"

Jian Chen held a pair of scissors in his hand and began to slowly cut away the clothes near You Yue's wounds. Following a "Kacha", the scissors cut a perfect circle in the middle of You Yue's luxurious robes. Underneath, You Yue's slender white skin could be seen along with the faint pink undergarments she wore.

"Ah, miss Huang Luan, which kingdom are you from? I have heard of the Huang family before, but which clan it is, is something I know not." You Yue smiled softly.

Indeed, Jiang Chen was a man whom everyone in the Qi Province knew about. Besides, the place where Liu Hong had gone was the Yellowstone area, where Jiang Chen was worshipped like an immortal, and even a three year old kid idolized him.

Wu Jiu was shocked.


"Yang Yutian greets the fifth elder!" Jian Chen clasped his hands at the old man. Although his tone was courteous, he carried no respectful expression.

"The Imperial Emperor said that if he really succeeded the mission, the resentment between us will be cancelled once and for all, but, is there really any possibility that he could do it? Hehe!"

£¦This guy has a calm attitude and presence of mind, he doesn't show any signs of unease. Besides, he has a dignified appearance and an innate aura of supremacy, I can foresee that he will have a limitless future. A genius such as this is the future hope of the Black Sect. His talent and potential is not any weaker than Nan Bei Chao's.'


"If my memory serves me well, everything that has happened so far is because of you alone."

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