The CEO¡¯s Daring Wife Chapter 2794

The CEO¡¯s Daring Wife Chapter 2794



"You're taking quite the risk here!" One of the youths shouted angrily as he and another person prepared to slam their fists into his head.

"But, since Little Chen has spared your lives, this master dog will spare you the same kindness. However, since I can't bite you to death, master dog's anger won't be appeased. Master dog also has to punish you!"

After flying for a short distance, a figure suddenly chased up from another direction. She was Wu Ningzhu.

Jiang Chen dared not show any neglect when facing the grim Violent Bloodthirsty Devil. In an instant, he drew out his golden battle axe and covered it with his True Dragon Flames. He let out a loud shout, then he unleashed the Clap of Thunder. The attack dashed forwards with an incredible speed, and it arrived in front of the Violent Bloodthirsty Devil in a split second.

Seeing how the two points of the sword made contact with each other, Cheng Mingxiang's eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe such an event had happened. Even if Jian Chen was his opponent, having the two points of the sword meet as both swordsmen stabbed out wasn't something any normal person could replicate, especially considering the difference in size between their two swords, and the speed at which they had thrust their swords forward. And to be able to do it so flawlessly, this was not the sign of a weak person; it signified that a person's Saint Weapon control had far surpassed that of a typical Saint.

"We pay our respects to the leader!"

"Haha, Yan Meng, I've been waiting here for long time."

For a while, Jian Chen was a bit at loss at the sudden changes. However, he soon realized what had happened, and immediately sighed in relief. He knew that every time he absorbed energy from monster cores, the berserk elements contained would also be ingested by the azure and violet glows in his dantian. Therefore, there was nothing strange about what had just happened.

"Really, what happened here?" Jian Chen wondered with a large amount of doubt and curiosity. Not wishing to stay there any longer, Jian Chen used the sun as his compass and began to move off in the direction leading out of the forest. Jian Chen did not want hurt his mind thinking about whatever had happened while he was unconscious. In general, he only felt fortuitous that he had survived the ordeal.

Without any other problems, Jian Chen and Ming Dong entered Kargath Academy. Despite Jian Chen being gone for so long, Kargath Academy hadn't changed at all. The biggest change was that the trees that had been planted a long time ago at the academy had grown by a large amount.

Someone shouted out loud from the back of a demon beast. The next second, the three demon beasts blocked Jiang Chen's path, and six Mortal Core warriors jumped down from the demon beasts. The leading man was in his forties or fifties, and a murderous expression was visible on his face. He stared at Jiang Chen in anger. This man was a Late Mortal Core warrior, and he was much stronger than Yan Zhan Yun and Lee Shan Yue from Red City.

"Sigh££ Life without Little Yu will be boring."

Jiang Chen thought to himself with bright eyes. This was the most powerful part of the Dragon Transformation skill, merging numerous special bloodlines into one and possessing special god given abilities by absorbing bloodlines. The future potential of the Dragon Transformation skill was beyond Jiang Chen's imagination.

The Shamanic Fire Ape punched a huge hole in the ground, then it jumped about 30 meters into the air, forcefully throwing its majestic body which was covered in scorching flames toward Jiang Chen.

When the group saw Jian Chen and the other two, they looked at them with suspicion. Everyone had been called to hurry on over when they heard that several Heaven Saint Masters had touched down in the Xiao family's compound. However, they couldn't help but question when they saw their faces; Jian Chen and the other two were far too young. It was not at all the appearance a Heaven Saint Master would have.

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