Why i love you? Chapter 2523

Why i love you? Chapter 2523

But, he couldn' t even take his eyes off this 14 year old young lady in front of him.He felt like he was falling in love for the first time.In fact, Jiang Chen had pretty much seen and experienced everything this world had to offer, but when it came to love and relationships, he was nothing but a newbie.

Therefore, a man and a dog begun to fight within the cave; one wanted to eat the man, and the other wanted to drink the other's blood.

"This££" Jian Chen was speechless. He knew about the situation regarding the Sword Spirits, but he still found it hard to believe that the Sword Spirits would unexpectedly gain a human form within his consciousness.

Hearing that mercenary, the other 10 mercenaries couldn't help but have serious expressions on their faces. This new-found information had sent their heads into a whirl as they realized that if they wanted to capture Jian Chen alive with their Middle Saint Master strength, they would need more effort than they had thought. After all, with their formation, they were capable of going up against a Great Saint Master and the news given to them by the Tianxiong clan explicitly said that Jian Chen had only Great Saint strength. At the very best he would be at the Saint Master level, so at the very beginning, they hadn't bothered to take Jian Chen seriously.

"Don't worry second brother, leave the two to us." An old man within the remaining three Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler smiled coldly.

Seventh Place was Tianmu Ling with 1965 tokens.

"Saint Ruler!" Jian Chen was secretly surprised. He had never thought that there would be a Saint Ruler guarding the place.

The True Dragon Flames and Demon Taming Lock were all the weapons Jiang Chen could use against this Ice Demon King. Only by suppressing the Ice Demon King's strength would he be able to run away from it.

Even if Jiang Chen and Big Yellow worked together, there would be no way for them to defeat this man in black. This impact had made Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's blood and qi start boiling, this feeling made them feel unwell.

Jian Chen continued to sit on his bed while deep in thought. Right now, he had come across the profound material that was the Illusionary Flash. It was extremely challenging to practice despite it being a supplementary battle skill and was harder than even the Heaven's Stolen Fortune. Its innermost contents were both mysterious and profound; some of the contents even dabbled with matters regarding space itself, causing Jian Chen to be confused beyond belief.

Wu Jiu turned around and looked at the natural defense mechanism, then he said, "Big Yellow, with the help of the Spiraling Defense Mechanism, can we break the natural defense mechanism with my current strength?"

The old monk felt it was a pity. Although he wasn't a man completely indifferent to worldly temptations, he wasn't a greedy man either; just curious. However, he also knew that some treasures could only be used by Divine Beasts, while no other beings could even activate the treasure. So, although the broken sword was in the hands of the Asura Palace, it would be no different than scrap metal to them.

"We're not leaving, we'll follow you to fight against the Demon King Palace! One way or another, we'll provide our strength for this war!"

"Master, Artefacts are extremely powerful. This howlite is a precious material that can be used to make the Azure and Violet Twin Swords. When you manage to make both, you will come to understand the power of Artefacts." Ziying spoke.

"Brother Tan, how many Combat Kings are fighting to become the 13th Tycoon?"

As the group left Lore City, they could see a large group of people in the distance with an awe-inspiring amount of presence that shot forth into the sky. Even from far away, everyone could feel the distinct pressure radiating from them to the point where even Lore City could feel the effects. As a result, the mercenaries and merchants within the city couldn't help but cast their eyes about them in surprise. Constant chatter could be heard, but very few dared to wander near them.

Yu Zi Han shouted out as he stared at Jiang Chen with disbelief. Jiang Chen's cultivation progress never stopped, he had come to the Black Sect not long ago, and now he was going to break through to the Heavenly Core realm.

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