Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 2505

Fishing the Myriad Heavens Chapter 2505

Jiang Chen shouted. He didn't want to kill them all, but instead provide them an opportunity. After all, Jiang Chen's real enemy was the Imperial Emperor and the upper echelons of the Martial Saint Dynasty. These people in front of him were merely the weapons used by the Martial Saint Dynasty, and none of them had any grudges with Jiang Chen.

Leave no survivors, this was Jiang Chen's approach towards these evil Blood Devils. Violence must be met with violence.Chapter 141 √Ņ Underground Energy Vein

As Jian Chen rode his horse forward, the two soldiers at the gates scrutinized him with a heavy stare. However, Jian Chen had already changed his appearance; he was completely different from before. If people who had been familiar with him wouldn't be able to recognize him, then how would some strangers be able to find out who he was?

In the world of cultivators, the authority of the mighty could never be offended. In this world, there weren't too many rules; it was simply a world that followed the rule of the jungle. If someone was ignorant enough to scold a Combat King, even if he was killed by that Combat King, it would be a death in vain.

As the space within the Freezing Hell Jail was extremely huge, it was not an easy task to find Tan Lang amongst so many cages. However, after putting the Great Soul Derivation skill to use, he quickly found Tan Lang's aura, and immediately began striding in that direction.

The Black Swamp Serpent cursed out again. The insidious and wild look in its eyes had been replaced with fear.

"Lord Jiu, why are you still defending the Dynasty? In fact, even if Little Yu didn't hurt the Crown Prince, the situation we're facing right now would still be unavoidable. The Imperial Emperor wants to get rid of you, and since the Crown Prince can't get Yan Chenyu, he will definitely be crazy about it. The Seventh Emperor, Shangguan Clan, and Myriad Sword Sect are determined to kill Jiang Chen. In the end, none of us were able to escape their evil plan. Therefore, in my opinion, even if Yan Chenyu killed the Crown Prince directly, the consequences would still be the same, and this was all in Jiang Chen's prediction. The only thing different is that they came much faster than he had expected.

"Kill it first before we discuss that."

"Ji-Jian££Jian Chen."

Before the servant had even finished speaking, Kai Er waved his hand, "I know already, you may go."

On the others side, shrill screams also sounded out without stop. Jiang Chen was showing his mightiness! The Bloodthirsty Sword had transformed into a flexible poisonous snake, and in just a short moment, he had killed eight men with his sword. Although he was facing a group of dozens of strong warriors, his speed was simply too amazing, causing the enemies to have a difficult time even reaching him.

"My lord, please don't worry too much. Madam Yun'er will definitely be fine. You forget that Madam Yun'er is a bright Saint Master." A white haired elder spoke with a tone of confidence, but even his face could not hide the look of worry on it.

Right at this moment, regardless of who it was, those from Lianyun Castle or those from the Demon Palace, they all looked at this young man with a graceful bearing in fear.

"Big Yellow, you're wrong. Just like the great tides washing away the sand, something good might emerged in a place like this. Since we're here, we should just go around and have a look, we might bump into something really good. You never know when luck will strike."

The scene had stunned everyone who witnessed it completely. Right at this moment, everyone's eyes had widened and were filled with looks of disbelief. A Divine Core Sect Elder was killed by Jiang Chen in such an easy way. If they hadn't witnessed it themselves, they wouldn't have believed it.

All the high-ranking members of the Tianqin clan sitting in the hall stood up and clasped their hands respectfully at the two great elders, "We greet the great elders!"

"I've never seen the Gathering of the Mercenaries myself, but I have heard that it is quite perilous. Rumors have it that the chances of a man surviving is about ten percent. Even an Earth Saint Master is not guaranteed to survive there. Lord Jian Chen must take care of himself." The second sister spoke gently.

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