The Flames In Mind Chapter 2717

The Flames In Mind Chapter 2717

Nubis' eyes filled with a bright light while he clenched his fists. He wasn't an ignoramus; Jian Chen's words left him to ponder to himself even more than before. He knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime event that he couldn't possibly hope to miss. The strength of a Winged Tiger God was something that far surpassed any human he knew of. In the case that the Winged Tiger God matured fully, not a single force in this world would be able to stop it.

The other two grand elders didn't speak a word and instead looked around at the destroyed buildings of the nearby area. With each scene of destruction, their expressions turned more serious. The both of them had been Heaven Saint Masters for a very long time, and they could tell that the energy used in these attacks had been comprised of the fire element. Being able to control the world energy was a magical feat that only a Heaven Saint Master was capable of doing.

Li Tianyang and the Great Elder worked hand in hand, both sending out a thread of their divine sense into the Freezing Hell Jail and locking down on Jiang Chen's aura.

After Jian Chen and the other three left the booths, they left for the area where the transactions would take place in the auction house. On the way, they past by plenty of precious items.

Jiang Chen stared at Han Yan who was currently lying on the floor, preparing himself for anything unforeseen. However, what happened next allowed Jiang Chen to know that his worries were useless. The Ancient Divine Devil bloodline in Han Yan's body was much stronger than he expected.

"With just these two Class 5 Monster Cores alone, I suspect that they will last me a very long time as I cultivate with them." Grasping both Class 5 Monster Cores in his hand, Jian Chen couldn't help but feel happy. In his heart, this was nothing but good fortune.

Jian Chen smiled and greeted the three one by one. After chatting for a while, they had started to get so familiar with each other that even Tie Ta's name was known by them.

The old man was startled when he found out that Jiang Chen actually was a Qi Hai warrior.His eyes immediately lit up, and a smile emerged on his face, "I'm Yan Meng, may I know your name?"

Guan Yi Yun said with a dissatisfied expression.

From the midst of everyone, a group of heavily armored men walked forward. One man in particular wearing a black robe stood tall. His eyes shined with a purpose as sharp as his sword. From the perspective of a regular person, the man's skin resembled that of copper, and combined with his stature, the man looked rather intimidating.

Although the amount of Class 3 Monster Cores he had to consume was a frightening number, Jian Chen wasn't concerned at all about a lack of monster cores. Not only did he have hundreds of Class 3 Monster Cores in his Space Belt, he was also in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. He could enter the deeper regions and kill Class 4 Magical Beasts any time he wanted to. Class 4 Monster Cores contained enormous amounts of energy, and far surpassed that of Class 3 Monster Cores.

Jiang Chen unleashed a golden glow that covered body, he looked like a peerless god of war giving out his orders.

Over the next three days, Jiang Chen spent all his time together with Jiang Zhen Hai. He didn't take a single step out of the Jiang family mansion. Jiang Zhen Hai also cherished every moment they now had together. To be honest, he could've broken through to the Mortal Core realm on the second day, but he held it down and decided to wait until Jiang Chen left.

Dugu Feng only smile coldly from where he stood. Looking behind Kaizer, he took notice of Jian Chen, Ming Dong, Tie Ta, and You Yue. They had just exited through the VIP entrance.

Suddenly, another whistling sound could be heard as a golden ray of light came from behind Jian Chen. In an instant, the lightning like bolt of light speared through the second brother's chest. Right where the heart should be, only a hole could be seen.

Jian Chen gave several harsh coughs while spitting out several particles of parts from his body out from his mouth. Not only was the ground dyed red with blood, it had several bits of the ruptured parts of his internal organs.

The lightning clouds were dense, especially the ones above Jiang Chen's head. It was very obvious, and anyone could easily tell that the Heavenly Tribulation was attracted by Jiang Chen.

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