Game Alive Chapter 1310

Game Alive Chapter 1310

Hai Dongqing was not embarrassed. Instead, she seemed even happier: "I was quite curious about you. I wonder how you cultivate? You could reach such heights at such a young age. Within the World of the Nine Continents, there would not be many youths who could achieve the same cultivation as you."

Sighing, Bai Xiaochun shook his head and looked at the baby girl in the crystal coffin. Her eyes were closed, making it seem almost as if she had already perished. However, Bai Xiaochun knew that she wasn't deadĦ­ just sleeping deeply.

"Forget it, these pills are currently useless anyway. I don't care whether there is any effect or not, there is nothing left to lose."

En, the texture was a bit tough and a bit crispy, but an extremely savory taste spread out in his mouth, giving rise to an alluring scent! Very quickly, the entire Energy Enhancing Fruit was devoured by Qing Shui! The most surprising thing was that the Energy Enhancing Fruit actually had no seed! After it was eaten, the fruit released waves of fiery Qi that arose from his Dantian, circulated through all of his energy channels and meridians, infusing his body with boundless strength!

When Qing Shui returned, Di Chen and the others came forward. Madam Duanmu couldn't help but quietly cheer in her heart after looking at the girl on the Fire Bird's back, what a fairy-like person.

Thus, he packed his bags, and without any fanfare, left the next day at dawn, a beam of bright light shooting through the air.

He dug a huge hole in the Realm and placed the piece of earth with the Stonegold into it. He did not even touch the Stonegold Phoenix Tail Grass, feeling that this was the best measure he could take.?

"This can't be right! What went wrong!?" The next few days, he spent more time researching the banebeasts. By that time, it had been twenty days since the opening of the Fallen Sword Abyss.

Gu Wu rushed towards Qing Shui while flashing a wicked smile that could send shivers down his spine. After that, he shouted in a roaring tone that echoed throughout the sky.

The arguments over the name, and the very birth of Bai Xiaobao, temporarily relieved some of the pressure weighing down on the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. People began to smile and laugh again, even the Grand Heavenmaster and other important officials. The Giant Ghost King, Li Qinghou, and the other celestials all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw tensions in the nation being eased.

After escorting Doctor Wu out, Qing Luo returned with a peculiar expression on his face.

"Nine grades? Before that, the Movement Restriction Talisman that you said you would draw was only second grade? How are these grades divided up?" Qing Shui felt doubtful. He was thinking about it secretly in his mind.

"Ahh, you rascal." Di Chen pounded Qing Shui angrily as a flush of red appeared on her face.

"Oh, hmmĦ­ then there's gonna be some difficulty. If we don't appear like a couple, it's impossible to get the guy to believe, right?" Qing Shui rubbed his nose as he stated seriously.

"So what if he's Qing Shui? Uncle, I want to rip her into pieces, I want toĦ­."

Before she could finish, Bai Xiaochun gingerly interrupted. "The blue sky boa also came to contribute."

As his body shattered into bits, and before his divine soul could do anything, a massive pressure crushed down in the area, suppressing the power of reincarnation. As a result, he was unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation, and was snatched up by Bai Xiaochun. He was Bai Xiaochun's first demigod soul from the Eternal Lands!!

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