Beautiful Disaster Chapter 1675

Beautiful Disaster Chapter 1675

What he found was that as soon as he summoned it, it would appear in front of him, almost as if it were completely ignoring the space between the two of them!!

As of this point, the conspiracy to have Bai Xiaochun killed had been completely defeated. As everyone left Heavenmaster Hall, Bai Xiaochun looked up into the sky and felt freer than ever.

"If a fifteenfold spirit enhanced item like that went up for auction, it would bring in an astronomical price! And this Grandmaster Bai enhanced it all on his own!!" The exclamations turned into a small-scale sound wave that caused much of Arch-Emperor City to tremble. As for Chen Xiong, he could barely speak.

By this point, Master Cloud-Dao was actually quite confused, and was already furious at Li Yuansheng. Furthermore, if the hallmaster was connected to Bai Xiaochun in some way, why hadn't he said so earlier?! "In the immortal's cave of Eccentric Earthvile. Zuo... Zuo Hengfeng was recently accepted as Earthvile's new apprent--"

In fact, to people from the Eternal Immortal Domains, it would probably be more valuable than ten deva-level immortal pills.

Looking at the Golden Essence Extract in his hands, Qing Shui gauged that it weighed about 1 jin as he mumbled, "What can this be used for? Forget forging weapons, I don't even know if it's sufficient to coat a weapon!"

At the minimum, it usually took them several breaths of time to do so, and yet this nameless cultivator in front of him had only required a single breath of time. In fact, from the look of it, it might have been even slightly faster than that. Apparently, this young man was no stranger to war.

"I want to become a deva.... I want to become a demigod...." Remembering that he needed to change his way of thinking, he tried to inwardly focus on the longevity aspect. "Umm, I guess becoming a demigod would mean I could live even longer, right?"

"Junior Brother Nightcrypt, come on over here," Song Junwan said, smiling. Her voice was full of both tenderness and joy.

He rode on the Fire Bird at full speed in the morning. At night, he'd cultivate within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. While the Fire Bird rested within the Realm from time to time, he'd ride on the Diamond Gigantic Elephant.

She had worn her snow white veil again but Qing Shui felt he could still see her beautiful smile!

Qing Shui nodded. Ji Yunlang was able to think through everything and Qing Shui also understood where he was coming from. It was just that he had only offered to help out and hadn't planned on gaining any benefits. It was because in the future, he might still need help from General Manor.

Because they had already been relatively close, he didn't hesitate to follow through withˇ­ the Throat Crushing Grasp!

36 was Zhou Yixing's limit, and was such a strain that he was already coughing up blood. And yet, that was how much he hated Bai Xiaochun! All the way down to the bones!

But then he considered that the emperors of the two dynasties were both experts in the Archaean Realm, and his nervousness mounted.

As for the warden, he breathed a sigh of relief. He had felt a lot of pressure over the last half a month, and had been worried that the slightest slipup on his part would get him dragged into a huge mess.

AST 997 - Two Hundred Thousand Miles, Seven-headed Scarlet Serpent, Hallow Fruit, Spirit Deer

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