The Lady from the Heavenly Lotus Tea-House Chapter 2242

The Lady from the Heavenly Lotus Tea-House Chapter 2242

"The freshmen martial arts competition's second place, Tie Ta, actually became Kargath Academy's headmaster's apprentice. Moreover, he had an intense fight with the cultivation genius, Cheng Mingxiang."

Without stopping, Jian Chen continued to make use of the Chaotic Force to strengthen his body. After the third revolution, the strand of Chaotic Force had finally been used up completely.


Elder Huang didn't waste any time speaking, and immediately turned around to walk inside. Jian Chen followed closely behind.

Many people fell down onto the ground. Even Jiang Chen and Han Yan were staggered, and nearly fell back into their rattan chairs. This dog was truly abnormal.

"Black Hawk, what's your name?"

Even though Jiang Chen didn't have the cultivation base of a Saint, he still wouldn't be suppressed by a few puny Heavenly Core warriors.


"We££ we££ we're from the Xiao family. The young master of our Xiao family is the disciple of the Blackwind Sect's sectmaster. Do you really wish to offend our Xiao family and taste the consequence!?" One of the youths cried out with fear and shock at Ming Dong.

"I will kill him with my own hands, it's that simple."

"We're done for, the Yan family is completely done for this time; these cruel monsters will be the end of us!"

Suddenly a large palm came toward Katata to smack him down. Borrowing the body of the Green Scaled Ape, Katata kicked off from the ape in order to dodge the strike.

Hearing the entire story from start to finish, uncle Tian sat there without a word and with furrowed eyebrows.

Without hesitation, the group flew backward in an attempt to return to the forest where the flat clearing was.

Remembering the name of the villa, Jian Chen left the area and began to wander around the city.

As the tremors in the ground became more apparent, everyone grew more and more serious as they tried to find out what exactly was causing the tremors.

Jian Chen's Chaotic Body possessed very great regeneration abilities, but after using Chaotic Force for a period of time, Jian Chen had already discovered that it had other, wondrous uses. If Chaotic Force was gathered around an injury, it would make the injury regenerate even faster.

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