DROPPED!! Chapter 2338

DROPPED!! Chapter 2338

Xuan Ye was still worried.

"I was told that the young man, Jiang Chen is a friend of one of our core disciples."

"Little Chen, how is it going with the Dimensional Creatures in the Red City region?"

Someone recognized Liu Wei Wang and the high ranked warriors from the Mayor's mansion. Although they had no clue how this young man offended both big shots of Silver Moon City, it was obvious that this young man was doomed today.

"Haha, Tianxiong Lie, we've been friends for over a dozen years now. Whatever it is you need help with, then all you need is to ask. As long as I have the power, I will do it." After Tianxiong Lie had spoken, a sturdy looking middle aged man had answered him.

Hearing her explanation, Jian Chen had realized what was happening and smiled towards everyone. Continuing to walk with everyone else, Jian Chen smiled awkwardly while trying his best to not £¶talk to himself' any longer.


"Hmph! What an ignorant young man, you still want to pretend you aren't afraid of me? Die!"

A terrifying howl could be heard, it didn't sound anything like a human.Blood rushed out non-stop from his groin, as many people saw the bloody and mutilated object on the ground.

"With Jiang Chen, I'm sure the Black Sect will prosper in no time!"

The flames within Redsun Town had finally died out in the next morning. Almost half the houses and buildings had burned down, and mummified corpses could be seen everywhere. The townspeople had begun cleaning the place. Some of them who had lost their families and friends were crying their lungs out, and some of them couldn't help but curse at the Blood Devils' bodies and torture their already dead bodies, stabbing them with their swords to release their hatred. Even so, they were still filled with misery.

Since the Mu Rong family had been removed, Fragrant Sky city had calmed down, and there were almost no more fights in the city. The mayor had become the only power in the city, and he was monopolizing all of Fragrant Sky city.

With the unstoppable Wu Ningzhu, unless a Combat King warrior could fight her personally, she was like a lioness in the midst of a herd of sheep; no one were capable of stopping her.

Soon after, the two Sword Spirits continued to relay information to Jian Chen via the same mysterious manner.

The Eighth Elder laughed, "Only a Saint Ruler is qualified to stay for five years. Even the number one ranking person in the Gathering of the Mercenaries is only qualified to stay for half a year; that is the rules of our Mercenary City."

Yan Kaizer slowly lifted his head to look at Jian Chen's young face. Kaizer's face was very terrifying to see since it lacked blood because of the severe wounds he had sustained.

Shangguan Hui's expression flickered.

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