Ascending the Tower of Worlds Chapter 1524

Ascending the Tower of Worlds Chapter 1524

The old man's words were powerful and unrestrained, but Qing Shui understood what he was implying. He smiled and said, "I'm considered quite good friends with the Ye Clan. It's not easy for Miss Ye to support a clan all by herself. If it's not inconvenient, I hope that the Old Master can also show them some care in the future."

Canghai Mingyue began to shed tears. After that, she immediately walked towards the spot where she buried her parents. When she reached it, it made her feel as if she was struck by thunder. Almost nothing had changed in the whole Canghai Clan. However, the tombs had disappeared.?

"Ai, don't be like that!" he transmitted. "I'm talking about a lot of money here, the kind of opportunity that only comes around once in a blue moon. It's right here in front of us! Come on, don't leave, ya little punk!"

Even the four great riversource sects in the Heavenspan River region, the sects who controlled the Great Wall, had heard of the name of Arch-Emperor City's Inspections Commissioner, Bai Hao.

After a short hesitation, everyone nodded!

Now that he was sure that he was dealing with a person, and not some freakish entity, his spirits were lifted immediately. Rushing forward, he burst into the intersection in almost the same moment that Zhou Yixing emerged.

Qing Shui was stunned. For a period of time, he was pleasantly surprised but he did not know what was going on. After thinking for a long time, he realized what had happened.

Emperor's Qi!

The Giant Ghost King's cultivation base was back, and of the three devas who opposed him, he had killed one, and apparently captured two. It happened so quickly that there was no way for the three great clans to know what had happened, much less the six heavenly marquises back in Giant Ghost City.

"You can leave. I didn't think that there would be people who dared to ride on top of my head, and even planned to make a move against my daughter. You must be tired of living. F*ck off now, I don't wish to kill today." Canghai casually spoke.

And this time around, Qing Shui felt that he was almost there. He should be able to reach the small success stage for the Heart of Roc in at most one day. He was full of anticipation for this moment's arrival. The prowess of the Primordial Flame Balls which was going to be two times stronger than before was not something which could be undermined. That killing prowess could almost be a match for the five-colored poison.

When Song Que saw the entranced look on his aunt's face when she looked at Bai Xiaochun, he sighed. By this point, he regretted coming early to visit. The truth was that if he had known Bai Xiaochun would show up, he would rather have been beaten to death than come at this time.

Qing Shui knew that the acupuncture points are distributed among the Twelve Channels and the Eight Extra Vessels!

Qing Shui did not plan to make any since he intended to browse the contents of the scripture only. After all, the materials used for concocting poison were hard to come by as they weren't sold in typical markets, especially the various types of poisonous bugs. Moreover, some demonic beasts contained poisonous ingredients on their body, which made it harder to acquire. Qing Shui would prefer to gain more knowledge about these poisonous materials rather than hunting for the ingredients blindly.


"Father, Luan`er had recently sent news that he just broke through to Xiantian. Shang`er obtained the recognition of the Xinan Medicine King Clan and was accepted as a core disciple by one of the elders, and even Bufan has stepped into the Martial Commander Realm, giving his all in assiduous cultivation." Situ Ba spoke to Situ Nantian in a courtyard.

The Tricolor Scorpion King was also a Peak Martial King demonic beast. The overall strength of the Scorpion King was unknown to Qing Shui, but he understood one thing clearly: the scorpion's venom was extremely lethal. If that woman had not consumed medicinal pills that could suppress any poisonous effects beforehand, or equipped herself with a piece of high-grade snow jade, she would have died on the spot after being stung by the scorpion.

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