Pursuing Immortality Chapter 1939

Pursuing Immortality Chapter 1939

Eyes shining brightly, he slapped his thigh.

A demonic beast at the peak of Martial Saint Grade One was not an opponent that Qing Shui could take on with his current strength. He had been very baffled by his own strength. He had already attained the strength of seventy countries with the help of supplementary techniques and his powerful armor, yet he still couldn't set a foot in this Martial Saint realm.

If any ordinary disciple in the Qi Condensation stage could see Bai Xiaochun right now, that person would be shaken to the core. Although the pressure he exuded was not that of a Foundation Establishment cultivator it would still cause anyone to tremble in capitulation.

However, the compass was so dilapidated that it apparently only had the strength left to seal down an area, and nothing more.

Rumbling sounds echoed about within the workshop, causing the walls to shake to the point where they were beginning to break apart. However, the three stone daises remained in place. As for Bai Xiaochun, he grabbed one of the tree branches for stability. As he did, the ten golden designs on the surface of the tree began to converge together.

"That's... that's Sect Uncle Bai! Greetings, Sect Uncle Bai!"

"Brother Xi, it was Qing Shui and themĄ­" Xu Gangze pointed at the rest and cried out to the oppressive man in a sobbing tone.

After all, they had just been immobilized and scanned with divine sense; if they had harbored any ill intentions at all, they would have been killed beyond the shadow of a doubt!

The Chosen battles were supposed to be a solemn occasion, but not this time around, and everyone knew it.... Things had begun normally, but the simple addition of Bai Xiaochun into the mix turned everything sour.

"After eighty-one eruptions, my Undying Skin will reach the initial stage of completion, and I'll be in the Iron Skin stage!" The Undying Live Forever Technique's mnemonic floated in Bai Xiaochun's mind, and a firm and unswerving expression could be seen on his face. All of his hard work over the past year, including enduring all the pain and hunger... had all been for this moment!

"Erm, may I know if you have any business with Qing Clan?" Qing Shui only stopped when he was almost at the same level as them.

"Count me in, Junior Patriarch!"

"I can't believe Boss Azure Dragon can stake claim to personal property!!" The surrounding cultivators felt as if lightning were crashing around in their minds, giving rise to shouts of astonishment and disbelief. Even the people from the Azure Dragon Society, including the Dao protectors, were all struck mute with astonishment.

The fighting had only been going on for a moment, and had been matchlessly bitter. Bai Xiaochun's hair was in disarray, but he didn't slow down in the slightest. A single fist strike sent the clan chief tumbling away, and caused other clan members to scatter. When he and his four clones all fought with full strength, they could crush anything in their path as easily as dried weeds.

Hai Dongqing first reacted in surprise. After that, she started walking towards the enormous beast. As she did so, Qing Shui hurriedly grabbed her. He ended up subconsciously pulling Hai Dongqing's pale hand.

"Bai Xiaochun, I challenge you to fight!!"

After he set off, Qing Shui asked the burly man that was driving the carriage, "Big brothers, how long would it take if I want to go to the Cang Lang Country?"

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