Infamous In Against The Gods Chapter 1171

Infamous In Against The Gods Chapter 1171

Before he could even run 20 meters away, the figure of a person quickly appeared right behind him with an extreme amount of speed. In the blink of an eye the person had already caught up with him as the silver glint of a sword left behind a brilliant glow of light as it arced toward the escaping figure.

When Jiang Chen saw the broken sword tip, tears finally started flowing down from his face. His vision was blurred by the dares, but Jiang Chen dared not blink, he only stared at the sword tip in front of him, scared that he was actually just dreaming, and everything in front of him would disappear the moment he blinked.

Xuan Ye said with a smile on his face. He had now finally found Wu Jiu; 7 years of relentless searching had finally come to a happy end. He couldn't help but feel happy and relaxed.

Jian Chen stared emotionlessly at the middle-aged man before speaking, "Fact of the matter is, if I wanted to kill you, it would be as easy as stomping on an ant. Right now, you have no chance of taking the Saint Ruler's skeleton from me." Despite being from the Huang family, the middle-aged man was trying to humiliate Jian Chen¨•there was no way he would easily forgive him.

"Perfect. You can go now, I won't kill you."

Speeding off toward the black bear with its tiny body, the cub was able to reach a curiously fast velocity. From afar, the cub looked like a straight white line with a speed that made its body hard to see.

"Don't tell me that this is the Class 5 Magical Beast££."

Jiang Chen said.

Along with the remaining generals, Jian Chen and the soldiers swiftly walked through the palace into the deepest parts of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom.

Hearing this, the elder asked in shock and disbelief, "What! You're saying that you and Changyang Xiang Tian killed Class 2 Magical Beasts?"

Since Big Yellow possessed the Dragon Horse bloodline, his combat strength was incredible. With just a mere Mid Combat Soul cultivation base, he was able to fight equally against the Crown Prince.

Wu Jiu rolled his eyes and nearly fainted. It seemed like no matter what kind of situation they were facing, this guy would always be confident; no matter what kind situation they were facing, he would always find a solution for it! However, tomorrow was the date of war, and Wu Jiu just couldn't figure out how Jiang Chen was going to deal with the Martial Saint Dynasty.

Jiang Chen had reached the peak of the Qi Jing realm, and he was only one step away from forming his Qi Sea in his Dantian and thus reaching the Qi Hai realm. What he needed was an opportunity. He had used all of his powers in the fight today, and he had also used the Single Solar finger which consumed all of his power. This was what permitted him to break through the bottleneck, finally allowing him to reach the Qi Hai level.

The Tiger Restoration Pill had been completely absorbed, and Jiang Chen had changed completely.What was missing in the Yuan source of his body was now there, and his weak body had become almost perfect with the help of the Dragon Transformation skill and the Tiger Restoration pill.

Within the magma pool, Wu Cong swam around like an extremely fast fish. But too bad, not only could he not find out where Jiang Chen was, he didn't even find any signs of the Magma's Heart.

However, it was clear to see that this Steelwing Beast was a newborn. It barely possessed any intelligence, and there was not a single bit of danger awareness to be seen. As such, it was currently quite content and quiet in Wang Yufeng's arms, unaware that the man who was holding it had killed its mother.

Within the Changyang clan, Jian Chen gathered Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Yun Zheng, and Senior An all together around a round table.

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