Dominating Desires Private Chapters Chapter 2128

Dominating Desires Private Chapters Chapter 2128

"Number 158!"

"Sister Xuan!"

Qing Shui had gained a better understanding of the Tantai Aristocrat Clan after all the small talk. Although the Tantai Aristocrat Clan still had an Old Ancestor on top of them, he wasn't really involved in the matters of the clan. He wouldn't be unless the clan was facing a catastrophe or was breaking up.

"Eee?" he muttered, stopping in place and looking more closely. A moment later, his eyes lit up with disbelief. "A Dao Body?"?

It was a pity that it was something that was so near yet so far. That gloomy feeling made one feel very helpless!

Bai Xiaochun had already been feeling depressed about being here, but now, his anger sparked.

Godly Armor Shield!

"I don't know, I haven't really made up my mind to go to the Lion King's Ridge." Yiye Jiange didn't comment on Qing Shui's emotions. She only replied to him calmly.

"Can it be eaten?" Qing Shui managed to roughly guess 70-80% of the fruit's function after hearing the name. But, he continued to ask to find out more information.

Eyes flickering, Bai Xiaochun hurried along until he caught sight of three groups of cultivators, all of whom wore expressions of disdain as they tried to shove away the River-Defying Sect disciples guarding the entrance of the grand hall.


"That's the difference between our statuses in the sect," he thought. "Hmph! Let's see whether or not this guy has what it takes to submit to fate." As a cold, sinister smile spread out on Li Yuansheng's face, the surrounding silkpants exchanged glances. The turn of events had been quite sudden, and it didn't seem quite right that the vicious person from moments ago had suddenly become so nervous.

Qing Shui found out that the sky was quickly getting dark!

This would increase a cultivator's recovery speed. In normal conditions, this would increase cultivation speed, and in battle, might even let a little bit of recovery occur.


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The Grand Heavenmaster, the Giant Ghost King, and everyone else in the Eternal Immortal Domains had spent the last sixty years praying ceaselessly.

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