SImp Chapter 2560

SImp Chapter 2560

It was noon, and this was the busiest time each day for the Silver Moon Restaurant. Many rich and famous people wearing expensive clothing kept arriving.

"I thank elder Xiu for his guidance, this junior will do as senior says."

Jiang Chen was covered by a fire barrier, while Big Yellow just walked next to him like it was nothing. The duo began slowly walking forward. Since the poisonous miasma here was too strong, there were no demons or devils anywhere nearby.


Therefore, the Crown Prince didn't want to wait any longer. He only desired to make Yan Chenyu his girl as soon as possible.

Jiang Chen asked doubtfully. Because, with his senses, he was unable to find anything underneath Redsun Town. Of course, he still had high confidence in Big Yellow's treasure sense ability.

After being hit by the True Dragon Palm, Firethorn Savage still showed no signs of dying. He was still unceasingly bellowing while dim golden lights had begun to surround his body. He was preparing to unleash his innate ability.

At that moment, there was a movement in the grass off in the distance.

This blood oath was something that the patriarch had created using the three energies of his body and life. The owner of the blood oath was equivalent to the owner of his very life. Now that he had given the blood oath to Jian Chen, it also meant that his life was in Jian Chen's hands.

Right at this moment, an incredibly loud explosive sound could be heard everywhere on the Blissful Island. Followed by the loud noise, the island started violently shaking. The shaking got more and more violent with each passing moment, and some hills on the island even collapsed. The thick ice surrounding the Blissful Island was also beginning to crack, as if something terrifying was about to emerged from underneath.

"Rosco, just what exactly is going on here? I can see that this gale is coming from here." The village elder asked Rosco with some confusion. His elderly face was filled with a serious expression.

Nangong Wentian said. His trust in Jiang Chen was blind. Only those who knew Jiang Chen well would have this kind of blind trust toward this amazing man.

"Young brat, what did you just say?"

By the third rotation, the Chaotic Force had completely lost all form of energy and disappeared from existence. And with the energy being infused with Jian Chen's body, Jian Chen himself could feel his own body grow drastically in power.

Jiang Chen said in a solemn manner. The evil-minded dog was of a rare species. He would do whatever he wanted, and if he did in the Black Sect what he did in the Heavenly Sword Sect, it would be a huge problem.

"Looks like I need to find a way to obtain some Heavenly Yuan Pills."

Afterwards, Jian Chen stayed within his room for the next two days to when the annual auction would take place before finally leaving his room.

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