The Return of Asgard Chapter 2698

The Return of Asgard Chapter 2698

"Hahaha, how ridiculous can Sima Clan be? You guys here to pick a fight today, right?" Qing Shui fixed his sight on the man.


"With your potential, you'll surely become the most famous inquisitor in Devil Penitentiary!"

"Old Ancestor, let me take care of it." An elderly man who had been standing by side of the Eastern Palace Clan's Old Ancestor bit his lips as he stepped forward and volunteered with determination.

Bai Xiaochun felt like his heart was about to explode, and he really was about to start crying. A massive crashing sound echoed out behind him as the crocodile's jaws slammed shut.

His gaze suddenly stopped below the stone staircase up ahead of this great hall. An enormous crystal coffin unexpectedly laid there¡­..

However, the sustained barrage by the Blood Ancestor had knocked open a gap in the trunk of the Dire Skybanyan!

AST 179 - Culinary Arts: Tiger Bone Liquor and Drunken Haze

Without any words, Qing Shui cleaned the fish, deciding to stew two of them for soup, and fry the rest.

A moment later, the image of the bat transformed back into a dot of light that returned to the huge eye.

Before the black mist of rot could do a single thing to Bai Xiaochun, his hand had pierced through it with lightning-like speed and latched onto the throat of the Core Formation cultivator.

He used his Undying Hex, and also kept the Giant Ghost King held out in front of him. However, worried that all of that wasn't enough, he took advantage of the fact that everyone was looking at the soulhoarding pagoda to pull out his turtle-wok and place it between himself and the Giant Ghost King!

Du Lingfei could see that there were things he wanted to keep to himself, and she didn't press him. And thus, they proceeded along silently for a while. Eventually, Du Lingfei said something seemingly completely out of the blue.

"Then how are we going?"

"This is a sovereign clone. Maybe it's injured, but all we have to go on is the word of the Vile-Emperor and Saint-Emperor." Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but analyze the matter as he went along. After all, only he and Gongsun Wan'er had personally dealt with this sovereign clone before.

AST 821 - Departing on the Eve

In that moment, the backlash attack and the powers of regeneration surged. Bai Xiaochun felt like mountains were slamming into him, causing him to shiver and cough up multiple mouthfuls of blood. His own powers of regeneration were in full swing as his own Undying Codex vied with the egg sac!

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