Journey of the Devil Chapter 1333

Journey of the Devil Chapter 1333

"That's right. During this period. The Crown Prince has gone to the Martial Palace and disturbed Yan Chenyu every single day, but Jiang Chen has never shown himself. With Jiang Chen's temper, he didn't even kneel down before the Imperial Emperor. If he is around, he would definitely have emerged because of the Crown Prince's constant visiting."

"What?! Ten million?"

Kabolds had only the strength of a Saint, but he was extremely smart. His past suggestions had been of great benefit to the Flame Mercenaries before, so everyone would readily agree with what he said.

Jiang Chen started laughing out loud. He couldn't hold his excitement. The Dragon Transformation skill really could absorb the Green Hellish Python's deadly poison. This was awesome; this meant that he was immune to all poisons in the future.

"He has entered the inner area of the Island of Ice."

Wu Cong was shocked, "Even I can't break this stone door? There must be some amazing treasures hiding in this ancient pagoda!"

Jian Chen's words made it seem as if the Xia clan were of no importance to him. Something like this was unbearable to endure by the young lord.

His brother, Jian Chen, was an Imperial Protector of the kingdom. With a relationship like that, Qin Ji would be full of confidence even when he spoke to his own father, the king. Qin Ji could even feel that his father now treated him very differently, and even the eminent dukes and ministers who held great power treated him much more courteously than before.

Guo Shan stared at the pill in Jiang Chen's hand with extreme disbelief. His eyes were attracted to the Five Elemental Pill. In just half an hour, Jiang Chen had actually managed to successfully concoct the Five Elemental Pill.

After saying that, the disciple jumped into the skies and flew towards the Green Sanctuary Sect. Although he was a Late Heavenly Core warrior, he had a sober mind. Before getting all details regarding the man and the dog, it was better to stay put. Besides, there were many outer circle disciples who were training in Misty Mountain right now, and if he couldn't killed the man and dog with a single strike, it might bring devastating damage to all outer circle disciples.

Wang Heng said while bloated with pride. Ever since he had come to Inferno Hell, this was the first time he had been so cocky.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh££

"Big Yellow, is that broken sword really an Emperor Weapon?"

"I'm really curious though. What did a stupid dog like you do the Heavenly Sword Sect to make them pursue you for thousands of miles?"

Such boastful words immediately startled the ones from the Demon Palace, but they quickly recovered and burst into laughter.

The Double Solar Finger arrived in front of him in an instant, and Chen Shuang did not dare be careless. The combat weapon in his hands produced some buzzing sound as he swung it and unleashed a bright sword beam.

"Little Chen, did you really see another gate?"

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