Mechanic of Spirit and Science Chapter 2808

Mechanic of Spirit and Science Chapter 2808

"I'm sure there is a treasure here, and it's restraining those demons and devils. If not, Inferno City would long ago have been destroyed. However, I haven't found it in these seven years I've been here."

Chang Bai stood on the side, smiling wordlessly. However, his eyes did not at all hide his expression of anticipation.

Jian Chen only left the room of his mother when it was night time. Personally accompanied by her back to his own room, he was then greeted by two maids.

"Jiang Chen must be crazy! He just ate so many herbs directly, isn't he scared his body will explode from the tremendous energy?"

Meanwhile, the Great Saint Master who lived in Wake City could discern from the roars if they originated from Class 5 Magical Beasts.

Yan Meng said with a smile.He was very polite to Jiang Chen because once Jiang Chen cured Yan Chen Yu, his position in the Yan family would skyrocket.


Jiang Chen said casually.

Even Jian Chen's body was sent flying back for several kilometers before he could stabilize himself. He could only see a bright flash of fire in front of him, nothing else.

Because of this intense collision, Jiang Chen was once again knocked back a few dozen steps. However, the King Weapon hadn't killed Jiang Chen, like they had expected.

The Golden Fur Tiger King at that moment didn't retain any of its majestic aura. Instead, it looked like it had just come out of a desperate battle with countless deep wounds.

Walaurent City was fairly decent, with its wide streets with no trash or garbage to be seen, it was far more orderly. Wake City in comparison had many mercenaries with their stalls cluttered together by the side of the streets. From this, the difference between a First Class City and a Third Class City could clearly be seen.

"What are you trying to do?"

Big Yellow felt somewhat depressed. He had never seen any living being like this before, it was simply something that couldn't be killed.

Han Yan furrowed his brows.


"Awesome, brother Jiang really can kill that Yang Shuo! He has my complete admiration! From now on, in Inferno Hell, I, Tian Yishan will followed brother Jiang and obey all his orders!"

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