The Insatiable Chapter 2992

The Insatiable Chapter 2992

"Stop there££££"

Yun Can continued his provoking.

"Yes.Have you brought the herbs for the Cleansing Pill?"

"We have an agreement with the Firethorn Savage, no men from the Green Sanctuary Sect can step into the third sector. Provoking the Firethorn Savage is no fun thing, and this guy has no idea how dangerous it is to enter the third sector. Once he provokes the Firethorn Savage, his life will end."

"That's right, sire Wu Yun, we only wish to buy the Class 5 Monster Cores from you, not steal them. Even if you sell them to us, you won't lose out. These Class 5 Monster Cores aren't safe with you, and keeping them on you would surely bring about disaster. If you were to sell them to us, then you couldearn a great sum of money to the point of not needing to worry about clothes or food anymore. Even then, you would be able to buy many monster cores to cultivate your own strength. Some day in the future, you could break through to become a Great Saint master, or even an Earth Saint Master. What have you to lose?" Zhou Tong of the Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion spoke out.Chapter 181: Few Against Many

Outside the Jiang family.

She hesitated. This matter was surprisingly related to her mother, so she couldn't be indifferent to it. After a moment's hesitation, she finally nodded her head in agreement. "Fine, I will go with you to the Gesun Kingdom."

"Who are you? How dare you get in front of me? Today, Jiang Chen's life belongs to me, Huo Yuner!"

The great sword was definitely fast as well. As it traveled towards Jian Chen's back, it carried about a strong gust of wind that immediately cut into Jian Chen's waist without obstruction.

The tightly-shut door of the carriage was suddenly opened, which revealed a youth who seemed to be in his twenties, wearing a long, white and luxurious robe. The youth had an extremely handsome expression, and his plain and expressionless gaze seemed to carry an unique charm, as if it was as profound as the vast starry sky.

The Crown Prince's expression dramatically changed as he cursed out. This familiar scene was something he would never be able to forget. Big Yellow's fart had cast a permanent shadow in his heart.

Jiang Chen flapped his blood wings, and with extremely fast speed, he caught up to the leader. He slashed at the leader with his huge wings, and followed by a painful scream, the leader was cut into half by Jiang Chen.

"If the Lee family eliminates the Jiang family, won't the city have no owner then? At that time the city will be thrown into chaos as new powers will fight in order to gain control for themselves."

Rosco laughed at her words, "Fang Er, you've never come into contact with Saint Force, but it is an incredible yet mysterious force. Jian Chen is at the very least a hundred times more hard working than me, but he still won't work himself into an illness. As for not eating, that doesn't need to be said either. On the Tian Yuan Continent, the stronger experts could go ten days without eating a meal with no problem. I myself would occasionally go without a meal with my comrades for five days and still be able to fend off the bandits with a ferocity of a dragon and the vitality of a tiger."

"Hmph! You want to use a finger skill against me? Your crude Heavenly Imperial Finger is too weak! Have a look at my Six Solar Fingers!"

"I'll be going to the Chaotic Ocean tomorrow. I wonder if Brother Jiang can assist me? If you could go with me, I'm sure my hunting trip will be successful!"

"Brother Jiang, what are we going to do with these dead bodies?"

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