Demon bow of the destruction Chapter 828

Demon bow of the destruction Chapter 828

There were no signs of life anywhere. Everything was gray, and the pressure that weighed down on the area mounted continuously.

Living Mountain Incantation - A secret magic from the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect

"Who's your woman? You know no shame." Wu-Shuang nudged Qing Shui on the face.

The person who was talking just now had already left. Qing Shui could not understand the interactions between the Sword Tower and the Heavenly Palace, but he was bored and had nothing to do, so he simply went towards to Lingxiao Treasure Hall.

"But I'm a Xiantian, would it be alright for me to step up?"

"Who are you? Are you telling me that he can't be killed?" Qing Shui asked calmly, essentially emotionless.

"Power, power is still a requirement?"

Bai Xiaochun's true self was joined by three clones to fight back against a single deva-level palm strike being delivered by Mistress Red-Dust. With even one less clone, all of them would have been killed in body and soul.

He had an almost perfect physique, with tight muscles bulging out everywhere, making him almost like the ultimate representation of manly attractiveness....

The rate of recovery, as well as the vibration of the golden needles had a direct correlation to Qing Shui's rate of energy consumption.

Suddenly that was a series of popping sounds, his arms and legs trembled, an overwhelming strength arose, and there was shock in Qing Shui's eyes.


"Who do you think is stronger, Qu Runie or that young man?" Someone felt that the old man knew a lot and could not help but ask.

"Then let's start!"

Most depressed of all were the seven or eight Outer Sect disciples in charge of raising the spirit tail chickens. It wasn't that they cared a lot for the chickens themselves, but rather, that the chickens weren't really theirs to begin with. Although the peak lord didn't say anything, they felt the matter to be a big loss of face. After all, whoever was stealing the chickens was doing it right under their noses.

The immortal's cave was simple but impressive. It had a medicine concocting workshop, secluded meditation facilities, a spirit plant nursery, and a place set aside for practicing magics.

Almost immediately, Bai Xiaochun's voice pierced into Chen Yueshan's daze, and she looked over with concern written on her face.

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