Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 1471

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 1471

"Hmph! Liang Xiao, do not speak! Today, even if your dad or your granddad was here, no one would be able to save Li Wu Shuang!"

"This mean is such a heavenly defying monster, and is able to attract Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm, he's definitely an abnormal monster. Once I've captured him, I'll cultivate him into my secondary body. That'll be enough compensation for the loss of the Freezing Hell Jail."

Tyrant muttered to himself. He came from the remote Western Region, and was a rare genius on the Buddhist path. Although he was only twenty years old right now, he had already reached the Fourth Grade Combat King realm. He had never admired any geniuses before, but today, he felt like prostrating himself in admiration for Jiang Chen.

Yun Li's words made Jian Chen's eyes twinkle with an icy light, and a sneer appeared on the edge of his lips. Kai Er and the others narrowed their eyes with concern. The Blue Wind Kingdom was a huge beast they had no chance of provoking, so the words of Yun Li had frightened them.

Jiang Chen said.

"Don't step on me££"

Right at this moment, the Earth Devil let out a wild roar. All the scales on its body shattered in an instant, and at the same time, a strong suction force burst out from its body. It was a mysterious summoning power.

Jiang Chen felt like throwing up some blood. This dog was an extremely ridiculous being££ no, the supreme ridiculous being. His ability to attract hate was unrivaled. No matter where he went, no matter what time it was, this dog could give anyone the impulse to tear it to pieces.

Against the strong amount of Sword Qi, Tianxiong Lie didn't bother to evade, instead, he used his earth attribute infused battle axe to defend himself.

Yun Lian recalled the whole story for Bi Yuntian to hear. When she heard how Bi Yunhai had been beaten to death by the head of the Yun family for the battle skill, Bi Yuntian became even more grieved. She couldn't help but bitterly cry.

Without any doubts, the Lion King followed the Wolf King's footsteps. The Heavenly Saint Sword had impaled his body and taken his life away.

No matter how sincerely the Ice Demon King guaranteed his safety, Jiang Chen would never put his life in the hands of someone else.

"Cultivation skill?"

"What kind of monster is this?"

Of course, they could only hide these fantasies deep within their minds. Furthermore, after the female disciple finished speaking, although the crowds were really unsatisfied with their claims, they had to stop immediately, and didn't touch an herbs in front of them. This included all those superpowers from the different provinces; none of them had the courage to offend the Shangguan Clan!

One of the Sect Elders tried to give advice to Jiang Chen.

The elder paid no mind to Jian Chen's silence and lackluster movements. He just stared at Jian Chen with eyes that seemed unnaturally deep. They almost seemed capable of seeing through the secrets Jian Chen had without fail. With a smile, he spoke, "It is no wonder you are an Imperial Protector for the Qinhuang Kingdom even as a Heaven Saint Master. With a talent that exceeds all others, it is still rare to see someone so young to step into the Heaven Saint Master realm."

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