Divinity Jam Chapter 2431

Divinity Jam Chapter 2431

Yu Fengyan had walked out as well only to see Bi Yuntian standing still. The moment she saw Jian Chen, her face suddenly froze in astonishment and utter disbelief.

"Do it together!" Old man Mateng exclaimed with a deep voice and also materialized his Saint Weapon, rushing at the man.

The Pingyang Kingdom was the kingdom to give them the least amount of money, only a single million purple coins. Bursting into tears, the envoy from the Pingyang Kingdom explained to them that a mysterious expert had invaded their treasury and stole everything of value.

It was a shame that this sphere of energy was traveling far too fast. Despite Jian Chen's effort to dodge the sphere, he wasn't able to completely avoid taking damage. Originally the sphere had tried to slam against Jian Chen's chest, but since Jian Chen had moved his body, it had struck firmly against his left shoulder.

"We've waited for you for one whole day. At last you've finally come out. This must be the very first time a mere Heaven Saint Master has received such a treatment in history." The middle-aged man spoke. This time, his voice had carried a cold edge to it. "Jian Chen, I am from the Shi family, and he is from the Jiede clan. We are both Saint Rulers and came today to have you return our items back to us. You must know that much." The Saint Ruler from the Shi family spoke. He must have realized that Jian Chen knew the two of them were Saint Rulers and had thus mentioned it so readily.


"How can this happen?"

Death he was not afraid of. It was just that he didn't wish to die like this. Besides, in this world, he still had a mother he loved dearly and his two siblings that cared deeply for him, Changyang Hu and Changyang Mingyue.

"Come on!"

However, the dragon mark's color was pale and still far away from becoming vivid.With this thought in mind, the pale Dragon Mark started shaking violently, making a powerful force rush out from it.


"Sanskrit! This object originates from Buddhism!"

"Heavens, what did I just see? Brother Jiang Chen has just broken through to the Mortal Core realm, but he can fly in the air! This is hard to believe. Only those at the Heavenly Core realm can control the natural energies and fly using the Heavenly Core in their body! This... This is a miracle!"

"With those bronze plates, Wu Cong will not let those men from the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan kill Jiang Chen. The real treasures are hidden in the ancient pagoda, and perhaps the exit to the outside world is also inside it. If we can't get the stone door open, we might just be trapped here forever."

As a veteran of hundreds of battle, there was no hesitation in Bai En's movements as he slid to the side while simultaneously turning around to stab at Ming Dong behind him.

Jiang Chen casually estimated and gave out a number. It was a conservative estimation. If he wanted to break through to the Combat Emperor realm from the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, this amount was the basic requirement. Jiang Chen didn't want to waste his time later on searching for Heavenly Yuan Pills, so he wanted to get all he needed from the Heavenly Tower in one go.

Against a sword whose light seemed to encompass the entire sky, the Peak Saint Master expert didn't know what he should do to protect himself. In that moment of hesitation, the silver blade of Jian Chen reappeared from within the glow and stabbed straight through his throat.

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