Dragon Martial Emperor Chapter 754

Dragon Martial Emperor Chapter 754

One last reason; an eye for an eye. The Seventh Emperor had chopped off Jiang Cheng's head. Therefore, he had chopped of all these enemies' heads and sent it to them. The supreme art of war was to subdue the enemy without actually fighting them. He had to gain the upper hand in this battle; planting the seed of fear in the minds of the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect.

Yu Zi Han let out a sigh. After being with Jiang Chen for quite some time, he knew pretty well about Jiang Chen's character. He would never show any mercy to his enemies. Besides, Fan Kun's actions this time had gone far above Jiang Chen's limits. Today, even the Sect Chief himself wouldn't be able to resolve this matter easily.

The Imperial Emperor started laughing. He felt deeply grieved. When he met Jiang Chen for the first time in the Martial Saint Palace, Jiang Chen was just a kid who had yet to reach the Combat Soul realm. In the Imperial Emperor's eyes, Jiang Chen was an ant whom he could easily crush. If he had killed Jiang Chen at that time, today's disaster would never have happened.

Not only was this gigantic ruler a powerful weapon, it could also absorb energy from the stars. Nangong Wentian would nearly every night use the energy of the stars to temper his Combat Weapon, as well as his strength, providing himself with a great benefit.

With the fusion of man with sword, Jian Chen had become a sword. His entire body had suddenly turned into something similar to a sharp sword and charged at Jin Feng. Although his speed was not as fast as travelling with the use of Spatial Force, it was not much slower.


"That's right, this is the Nine Leaf Resurrection Grass. Unfortunately, there's only one, so I can only concoct one Resurrection Pill. There are six men here, so we need another five Nine Leaf Resurrection Grasses."

The liquid resembled flying swords, and it came flying towards Jiang Chen with great speed.

"Big bro giant, who are these two?"

"Ming'er, greet Mister Chen."

"Awesome, brother Jiang really can kill that Yang Shuo! He has my complete admiration! From now on, in Inferno Hell, I, Tian Yishan will followed brother Jiang and obey all his orders!"

"Me too."

The fire from the Fiery Tiger demon was very powerful;both corpses were instantly covered by a sea of flame.

With that, the six people flew out of the caves toward the south.

"Fuck you, daddy wants to kill you all!"

Each Dragon Mark looked like a real dragon. The Dragon Marks devoured the energy contained within the blood essence, bit by bit, and used the energy to form new Dragon Marks. This energy wasn't the most important element, the strength of the bloodline was the most important thing right now.

Zhou Bei Zhen shouted out loud. Although he couldn't understand why Jiang Chen did this, he did have confidence towards Jiang Chen.

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