A War That Transcends Worlds Chapter 1871

A War That Transcends Worlds Chapter 1871


Those so-called mountain peaks were actually the talons!

(TL: is Qing shui's new profession a rags & bones man? xD)

Qing Shui showed no reaction after he heard the words they had spoken. Hatred? Let them hate, the more their emotions influenced them, the more clumsy they would be. No longer caring about them, Qing Shui proceeded forward to the weapons rack and began to choose a weapon.

It was just like what had happened with Bai Xiaochun. Qian Dajin was being forced to accept a very dangerous mission outside the sect. A bitter smile appeared on his face, as he realized that he had no choice but to emerge from hiding to carry out the mission.... However, he still clung to the hope that being outside of the sect might help him avoid catastrophe.

Also, it was obvious that whoever this person was, it would only take them about five or six breaths of time to reach them.

This was Bai Xiaochun's first time encountering the fan in this fashion. As he continued to speed closer and closer to it, he realized thatĄ­ he was probably going to enter it!

"Sir, do you have some unfinished business in life that I could help you take care of...?"

Li Long was shot in his crotch by Qing Shui!

"These six lines were compiled after years of suffering by previous generations. If you go about eating following these principles, then you're guaranteed to be safe. Alright, let's call it a night. Head to sleep everyone, today's midnight snack is over. The Outer Sect disciples are still waiting for their soup." As he spoke, Big Fatty Zhang began to fill the empty bowls with rice gruel.

They were none other than Prince Ur-Demon, Reverend Devourer andĄ­ Gongsun Wan'er!

Bai Qi glared angrily at Bai Xiaochun, but was clearly afraid of provoking him into further speech. Considering that his mother had been dragged off to be punished, and his father was enraged, all he could do was grit his teeth and swear an oath to kill Bai Hao in the ancestral land!

He was forced to stand in this arena for far too long and was now very irritable.

"Who is Little Yuchang?"

Mu Qian's third son, Mu Lin, inherited his father's talents. He was one of the members of this branch with the highest potential. Despite his age, he was already a Grade Ten Martial Saint and was only a step away from the peak. Qing Shui was surprised as that meant that Mu Lin's innate talent was really quite remarkable.

"But we don't know the level of his cultivation base!" someone protested. "Without that bit of knowledge, trying to do something like that...."

Zhao Tianjiao was sinking into his nervousness. The person he feared most in life was his Master, and at the moment, not only was he anxious, he was also embarrassed. However, Chen Yueshan was not. After the initial shock of her father's arrival, she reached out again to grab Zhao Tianjiao's hand, then looked up with an expression that said she wouldn't back down an inch.

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