The Absolute Phoenix King Chapter 1477

The Absolute Phoenix King Chapter 1477

His Upper Dantian which has just leveled up was actually starting to liquefy. Some liquid state appeared in it and the energy in his body once again gushed into the Upper Dantian, forcing it to continue on with the changes.

They stopped at a gorgeous pavilion, after which the man said: "Young Mistress, there is someone here to buy the house."

"That is exactly what is happening now!" His eyes flickered as the dragon that was his Daoseed finally began to center on one location, his dantian region.

"Now that's clever," he murmured quietly.

After four more hours passed, the Immortal Fox Valley was visible in the distance.

"Shut your mouth! Do you want everyone to die here?" The middle-aged man slapped the young man on his swollen face.

"Someone's poisoned us!!"

"3rd Brother, don't be careless. A binding formation can be modified at any time. Old Fifth had been crippled in a single move. That young man definitely has his strong areas, we mustn't be careless." The leading old man wearing golden clothes said.

He was burly and well-built, but terrifyingly, had no skin. Blood-slicked muscles were all that could be seen, with occasional blue veins bulging out here and there.

With that, he poured some spiritual power into the jade slip Sun Wen had given him. Soon afterward, nearly a thousand glowing lights appeared in his mind, each one of which was one of the beasts located in the area.

"Qing`er, what rubbish are you talking about?" Di Chen shot back.

Fifth was in the spirit enhancement shop, where the two of them had relied upon each other for survival, with Bai Hao constantly giving him advice¡­.

This was the leading and formidable existence in Duanmu City. However, right now, he was up against Qing Shui, a cultivator who could hit out with a strength of close to 2,900 stars. Even without his Thunder God, he would have a strength of close to 500 stars.

Bai Xiaochun gaped mutely as the dust billowed out in all directions. That was when he realized that he was surrounded by a sea of furious Fragrant Cloud Peak disciples.

After she lost her memory, she felt even lonelier. She didn't know anyone, and she was filled with anxiety towards the world. She felt insecure, hence, she concluded that it's best for her to not trust anyone so as to avoid being tricked by people with bad intentions.?

"No, even if all the clans in the Qing Village combined together, we would not be a match for any of the great clans in Hundred Miles City. Despite this, your grandpa is still someone at the peak of Houtian. Even if they ignore this fact, they would still have to be careful not to antagonize us any further than necessary as they also know about the relationship between our Qing Clan and the Hua Clan of Heavenly River City." Qing Yi explained.

Most of the time, the battle between Martial Saints would take place in the sky. Hence, it has been a long time since Qing Shui last used his Mighty Elephant Stomp. Luckily, the Mighty Elephant Stomp was at the Peak Large Success Stage, which was only a bit away from Great Perfection Stage.

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