Subhash Chandra Bose -Real Story Chapter 2351

Subhash Chandra Bose -Real Story Chapter 2351

After getting rid of the obstacle, the three men continued their journey toward the Nangong family at high speed. After an entire day and night of flying, they had finally returned to the Nangong family. This time, no one had stopped them.

"Big Yellow, we can't take this golden egg."

"Lord Jian Chen, please spare us, spare us please. We££we were possessed and seduced to the point of foolishness by the thought of the reward. You must be generous, please spare us this time." A mercenary crawled from the ground and began to bow his head to Jian Chen while pleading in a loud voice.Chapter 149: Meeting the Zhou Mercenaries Once More

"Could this be a battle skill of Jian Chen's?" Some people began to ask.

Ye Wuyou cried out loud, and a powerful force rushed out from his body, instantly ripping the Earth Jail apart. From the time the Earth Jail's force fell onto his body, it had only taken him a split second to break it. However, for Jiang Chen, even if he was just given a split second, it was more than enough.

Guo Shan's eyes widened more, the way he looked at Jiang Chen had completely changed. These questions he asked had troubled him for a long time, but this young man in front of him is simply a man who knows everything. With just a few words, he had solved his problems for him.

"Yes, I'm going back soon, I hope I can still make it in time."

Hearing this, Jian Chen stopped for a moment as he thought about his words, "Could he have some sort of strong support behind him?"

Seeing how Kai Er was so casual, the guards to the carriage looked at him with their eyes narrowed. Despite how impassive Kai Er was to their lord, they didn't say anything.

After continuously withstanding two tribulation bolts, Jiang Chen threw his head back and roared out. It was a dragon's cry that shook both Heaven and Earth, and astonished all those who heard it. Even those Demon Kings were shaken upon hearing this roar. All of them stared at Jiang Chen in shock, freaked out by him. In their minds, Heavenly Tribulation was an extremely frightening concept, and even a Great Saint would fear it like a fierce tiger, and would have to prepare greatly before facing it. However, this young man's body was clearly overpowered, as he looked like he was just showing underneath the raging thunder and lightning.

"Old Whiteghost, look at you, I'm sure you've never seen something so huge in your life before."

The president quickly glanced across the Inky Stratus, stopping as soon as he reached the exhausted Jian Chen. A sliver of shock flashed across his face and he cried out, "Yang Yutian, did you cast that God's Descent from before?"

The amount of monster cores within the elder's Space Belt didn't number more than the amount Jian Chen had; only having around 50 monster cores in total. However, the lowest ranked monster core was a Class 2 Monster Core, there was not a single Class 1 Monster Core in sight. Over half were Class 2 Monster Cores and 20 Class 3 Monster Cores. There was also a single Class 4 Monster Core. Aside from the monster cores, Jian Chen also counted around 70 purple coins worth of money.

"Brother Jian Chen, are you alright!" Huang Tianba asked in concern. Waving his hand, the energy of the world pulled Jian Chen up from the crater and gingerly laid him down onto the nearby patch of grass.

Laughing out loud, one of the elders from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom smiled, "Naturally. We've already broken through the defenses and slain two Heaven Saint Masters while the third one fled. As of right now, our army is marching toward the Gesun Kingdom's imperial city. We heard that the northern stronghold was being quite stubborn, so the four of us decided to come as support. I'm convinced that the eastern stronghold will be soon destroyed by the Blue Wind Kingdom."

Seeing that he had been discovered, Jian Chen leaped out from the shadows after realizing they were useless.

"Wow! Big brother's amazing! If big brother meets that baddy again, then there won't be any more need for fear!" Little Spirit spoke up excitedly.

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