A Level 1 Skeletons Revenge Chapter 1851

A Level 1 Skeletons Revenge Chapter 1851

"Because of the ninth Tideflow vortex, and the waning earthstring energy, the sky grew weak...." After confirming this by observing a few different locations up above, he looked back down at the ground.

The two of them were only in the Xiantian grade, so Qing Shui felt that it should be easy. One day in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was slightly more than three months. He had confidence in succeeding.

"The second Tideflow. Presumably, all of the people here should be able to reach at least three or four Tideflows. Each one will be bigger than the one before, and will require even more earthstring energy!"

HoweverĄ­ after Heavenspan rose to prominence, Arch-Emperor City declined. Then a grand war was fought in which heaven and earth were split apart. Heavenspan replaced the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, and occupied the island in the middle of the Heavenspan Sea.

"Old Yun, is that fellow really so terrifying? So much so that you're putting up with it to this extent?" One of the elders from Cloud Mist Sect, who was wearing luxurious clothes and had left earlier, frowned and asked.

"Someone is using celestial magic!!"

He raised his head to look at the mountains that penetrated the skies. The towering and enormous mountain silhouettes gave people a heavy feeling. Qing Shui had felt the same way when he was at the Giant Beasts Mountains and it deserved to be called dangerous grounds.


"Is that you, Xiaochun? You're definitely going to succeed in your Foundation Establishment. I have to work harder!" With that, he turned and sped off into the distance.

Not surprisingly, the Underworld River Restricted Area actually contained a river. During the day, it looked like nothing more than an ordinary, dried up riverbed. However, after midnight passedĄ­ the Underworld River would manifest, flowing through the area for some distance before disappearing off into the night.

As for Bai Xiaochi, he paid close attention to Bai Xiaochun's reactions, and would quickly add more information whenever it seemed appropriate. Even more outrageous, he actually floated up and began to massage Bai Xiaochun's neck and shouldersĄ­.

Increase one's lifespan by 50 years!

But now, the ten mammoths Berserk Ghost Body of the Undying Heavenly King had formed, and he had lost control. His body became a vortex, sucking in all of the blood qi, and causing blood-colored light to shine up visibly into the sky.

Most important of all was that this young man was dead set on becoming an Outer Sect disciple, and now, hope had been set down right in front of him. Finally, he stamped his foot.

"What, aren't you even going to come inside? Is the mighty Arch-Ancestor, a majestic celestial, really that cowardly? Ohhh, right. I forgot you're afraid of ghosts." Even as her words rang out into the evening, ghostly images appeared from within the palace, and Bai Xiaochun's headache immediately got worse. The strange thing was that, considering he had his Sutra of Former Reincarnation, you would think she wouldn't want him to get near her.

Bai Xiaochun had no desire to see anyone die. However, he was no saint either, and didn't allow such feelings to extend to people he didn't even know. What he cared about were his family and friends!

"I'm gonna kill this guy! Dammit! I'm gonna kill him!"

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