The Grandmaster Demonic Cultivation Chapter 1900

The Grandmaster Demonic Cultivation Chapter 1900

Shangguan Yilong gnashed his teeth in anger. The group flew past the sky garden and ventured further.

Hearing this, Jian Chen had a faint smile on his face. This piece of information was a good thing for the Gesun Kingdom. With two kingdoms retreating, the pressure would be significantly less.

Not long after that, with his mouth wide open and tongue hanging out, Big Yellow came to Jiang Chen and Han Yan while wagging his tail. The first thing he said was, "Buddy, let's fight one on one, see who is stronger!"

Thinking about Jiang Zhenhai, Jiang Chen couldn't help but show a gentle smile on his face.

"No, this isn't the real Judgement's Sword. The real Judgement's Sword's strength is definitely not just this. Whatever. Since we can't run, we might as well work together and cast a Heaven Tier Battle Skill together to break that incomplete Judgement's Sword." An assassin clearly understood the Radiant Arte, so he called out immediately to try and save them.

"Kaka, too bad, that guy's luck reached its limit, causing him to bump into you. All he did was pave a way for you."

"Chen, stop this nonsense."

The news that Jiang Chen was going to stay behind had made all townspeople happy. They had seen how mighty Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were last night. As long as this man and dog were here, they would be safe.

"No, that's not the true Judgement's Sword. The true Judgement's Sword would cause a phenomenon several times greater that it is now. Although Yang Yutian has cast Judgement's Sword, it's only a small portion of the true Judgement's Sword." Master Hou said with a low voice. Even though the Judgement's Sword cast by Jian Chen was far from the true arte in terms of strength, it was still an incomparable deed in their eyes.

"Save your congratulations for later, things have yet to end."

"Jian Chen, the difference between a Saint Ruler and a Heaven Saint Master is even further than you can imagine. A Saint Ruler has already understood the mysteries of the world to the point where each movement they take embodies the energy of the world. As the proverbs say: all are ants beneath a Saint Ruler. In front of a Saint Ruler, a Heaven Saint Master is indeed as weak as an ant. If you truly wish to see a Saint Ruler's strength, then this old man will let you satisfy your curiosity." The ancestor spoke. At the last word, a barrier suddenly appeared and imprisoned Jian Chen within it.

The youth that had been chased by these three men crawled up to his feet with a painful grit of his teeth. When he saw that the bird-like magical beast cub in his hands was unharmed, he let out a sigh in relief. After listening to what Jian Chen had said, he spoke, "I know where the Heiyun clan is." His voice was had been exuberantly weak since his internal organs were heavily injured as well.

Jiang Chen portrayed an image of incomparable grandeur. He showed his mighty character which resembled a peerless lord. He continued, "I'll say this today; Heavenly Sword Sect, Green Sanctuary Sect, and even that bullshit Burning Sky Pavilion, if anyone of you want to kill me, come seek me out in Inferno Hell!"

"One wouldn't think that this was the cause of a skeleton. It seems that he had not yet reached the Ninth Layer when he was alive." Jian Chen muttered. In his heart, he was excited. Although it was only a skeleton, the energy within it was no weaker than a Ruler Armament. That to him was already a major profit since the skeleton would be able to be processed for Chaotic Force through the Sword Spirits. This way, he would be able to use the Chaotic Force one day.

Yan Chong said.

The Silver Striped Golden Snake's strength could be determined by how long it was. A Class 1 Silver Striped Golden Snake was 20 meters at the very least. With every increase in class, it would grow 20 meters in length, all the way to a maximum of 100 meters long at Class 5 . Any Class 6 Silver Striped Golden Snake or higher would already be able to freely manipulate their body dimensions, so it was useless trying to rank one by its body length.

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