Beast Queen Chapter 2618

Beast Queen Chapter 2618

However, the Earth Saint Masters didn't stop there. With loud shouts, tremendous power exploded from their bodies, increasing their strengths three-folds instantaneously. With another charge, the dozen Saint Weapons blocked off any escape path for Saiya.

When Jiang Chen's feet touched the dirt clump, it made a cracking sound. It didn't take long for Jiang Chen to notice that something was wrong, he felt the dirt clump was soft, like some living thing.

Even the arenas themselves were protected with a frail looking but incredibly strong barrier that sealed up the insides completely. Only a person that had entered through a Space Gate would be able to gain access. That way, no one from the audience would be able to interfere, and the fights on the inside would not be able to affect the outside world.

Daoist Black reminded.

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen and asked.

Martial Saint Palace!

Besides, the deeper one went, the richer the natural Yuan energies were. This would no doubt serve to increase the healthy competition among the disciples.

"Brother Jian Chen, Wake City doesn't have any Radiant Saint Masters, and even if there are, they are hard to find. You should take them back first, I'll go to a nearby Second Class city to go find one." Qing Yun then followed up.

"You lie! Master was a magical figure who already broke free of most of the binds he had, even age itself! How could he reach the end of his life span then? Big brother, you can't lie to Little Spirit!" The very notion of her master dying from age had made her angry beyond belief.

Crack crack££

Jian Chen looked at Changyang Ke and gave a faint laugh, "Third brother, perhaps you should use this axe instead." Right as he spoke, he tossed the axe back at Changyang Ke.

Of course, Nangong Wenyang didn't reject the idea either. He was not a person who could make that decision. In the end, everything would be decided by the Nangong family's leaders.

With this slam, Lord Baoju's head was instantly ripped open. With great speed, after Lord Baoju's head was split apart, Big Yellow opened his mouth wide and pulled the demon soul out.

Shangguan Sheng said with a sneer on his face.

A strange light appeared in Yun Li's eyes. Not running up to fight with Kai Er and the others, his sword flew back to strike the wall, creating a hole. Leaping out of it, he opened his mouth to cry out, "Assassins! The Flame Mercenaries are rebelling! Soldiers, come eliminate them!"

"I'll keep this devastating weapon a secret. When the time comes, I'll put it to good use."

Each spike had the diameter of a water bucket. They looked extremely sharp and unbreakable.

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