SATAN detailed Chapter 1722

SATAN detailed Chapter 1722

Jian Chen looked at Luo Jian with some disdain before saying, "Then let's test it out; let's see if I have the power to snatch away your monster cores or not." Jian Chen said nothing more after that, as his body started to sway before charging quickly at Luo Jian. His hand held the iron rod and struck like a viper towards Luo Jian's chest, using the darkness of the night as its cover.

The death of Zhang Han had caused turmoil to appear in many alliances, and it also made many people hear Big Yellow's name. In just a short period of time, he had become someone everyone knew about. It wasn't until now that these people realized there was a formidable dog that followed Jiang Chen.

"I'm going to find that monk."

Roar££ roar££ roar££


The fourth elder had a lot of trust in the third elder, and so without any more questions he took the pill and swallowed it.

Kendall's eyes wavered on the slender sword of Jian Chen's for a moment before growing calm once more and laughed, "If you guys don't believe it, then go ask Jian Chen yourself.". There was a smile on his face as he said this, but how could he not be happy? There was one more expert in his group now.

"Could this be a battle skill of Jian Chen's?" Some people began to ask.

The inner circle disciple said. His voice trembled whenever he thought of Jiang Chen's savage and ferocious approaches.

Turning to Dugu Feng, Jian Chen commanded, "Bring out the head of the Yun family."

Qing Styx shouted out loudly. He knew Firethorn Savage wouldn't believe his explanation anymore.

The five Imperial Advisors did a friendly salute to Jian Chen as well before exchanging several words of greeting. "For the Imperial Advisor of the Qinhuang Kingdom to come here, this is an honor for our Dazhou Kingdom. But considering this is quite the important manner, if we may, could sire please show proof of his status?"

Big Yellow struggled hard and pushed away Jiang Chen's big hand as he gazed at Jiang Chen with a pair of angry eyes.

Jiang Chen asked.

After the clouds had dispersed, the figures in the sky were noticeable to everyone. A single ray of blue and red the size of ants could be seen floating high in the sky. Again and again, they would clash against each other with a loud explosion.

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and walked into the mountain.Chapter 46 ÿ Killing a Black Striped Rhino with Two Punches

Ka Zhafei shouted out in anger as he dashed forward so that the sword would be taken out of his body. In the next moment, a large amount of Radiant Saint Force coursed through his body to treat the wound. While the wound on his chest wasn't fatal, it was still a heavy injury that would impact his fighting ability.

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