Huang Junran and Huang He hesitated for a moment. In the previous moment, they hadn't thought of Jian Chen as anyone important. Although Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master, he was not a major threat to the Huang family. However, now that they had personally bore witness to Jian Chen's Origin Energy and its might, they could no longer look at Jian Chen in the same light as before. The Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits could easily damage a Heaven Saint Master's Saint Weapon; that was an ultimate threat to their life. The tremendous power that Jian Chen controlled in his hand was enough for them want to not offend him or even go against him as an enemy.

"No problem."

Khafir nodded his head before thinking back to a few years ago at Kargath Academy when the energy of the world flew around Jian Chen with an explosive force when he became a Saint. "Changyang Xiangtian was no ordinary genius. Given time, he will pass any limits placed on him and will surely be stronger."

"Brother Jiang Chen, are you satisfied with the provided residence?If you're not satisfied I can change it for you!"

Jiang Chen tried hard to resist the obnoxious stench as he took a small blade from his bag. He then cut through the Green Hellish Python's skull and took out its Demon Soul.

Georgien gave a heavy look to Jian Chen with a permeated expression of fear. The memory of the event that had happened within the Gesun Kingdom's imperial palace was still fresh in his mind. His very own Saint Weapon had been damaged by this youth in front of him without the slightest amount of effort.

"Haha, this soldier is quite smart. From this piece of information alone he has figured out that I am from the Gesun Kingdom. However, there is a critical flaw in your words. While I am a native of the Gesun Kingdom, I did not intentionally move into your Blue Wind Kingdom to be a spy. This matter today was nothing more than a coincidence." Jian Chen laughed happily. Now that the stronger commanders were all poisoned, the pressure on him had been lifted.

"The three people next to master Cheng seem to be powerful Saints who have already condensed their Saint Weapons. To think that the elites that are normally rare to see would all appear here££."

A blazing red sword materialized in Cheng Mingxiang's hand and he easily blocked Changyang Hu's attack. Not only did Changyang Hu suffer from serious injuries, he also was not accustomed to using his left hand to control his axe. Even if he had been completely fine, he definitely wouldn't have been Cheng Mingxiang's equal anyways.

Jiang Chen shook his head and said.

"Fine, I'll leave it to you. I hope that the captain is as you say he is." Yun Long spoke apathetically.

"There is still a second matter." The patriarch continued to speak, but after that moment, an embarrassed look overcame his face. Apologetically, he spoke to Jian Chen, "Jian Chen, I know of the matter that happened days ago. It was nothing more than a misunderstanding on our part. We hope that you will pay it no mind. That elder in question has already been deeply punished."

On the altar, a young man in red clothes was sitting cross legged with eye closed. His face looked evil. With black lips and a black aura hovering around his body, together with a mysterious symbol on his forehead, he looked just like someone who came from hell.

The elder had narrowed his eyes for a moment before letting out a grim sound of laughter, "Unharmed? It seems elder Ma hadn't left even a single scratch on you! Jian Chen, you really did grow even stronger than before." Surrounding his body with the wind element, the elder shot up fifty meters into the sky without a second to spare.

"Oh my heavens, a twenty-four-year-old Class 6 Radiant Saint Master's actually appeared. This is just unbelieveable. Let me contact the elders immediately." Gaethyr immediately shot off with a speed even he did not know he could travel at, disappearing in the blink of an eye.Chapter 731: Blue Badge (Three)

"What conditions do you have?"

Jiang Chen dashed toward the Lion King. He didn't want to waste too much time with this Demon Palace, so he decided to wrap it up quickly.


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