Nisha of the Red Chapter 1790

Nisha of the Red Chapter 1790

Jian Chen's eyes were tightly closed. His two arms were spread out while his head was raised up high, holding a posture of gazing at the sky. He was currently using all he had to pull the Radiant Saint Force from the barrier. At this moment, he was already functioning at his limit as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, without holding back anything. This was because he knew that if he wanted to reach Class 7, this was perhaps the more crucial step, as only with a brilliant achievement could he be highly regarded in the union. This would allow him to have an easier path towards Class 7.

"That Heavenly Core warrior has a bad temper. If senior elder can go there personally, I'll be at ease!"

The group of 6 continued to walk towards the 1st region. As they got closer to the exit, the nearby academy gradually entered their lines of vision. Although there were definitely many people that had been unable to endure the task and gave up on it in the middle, at least 1000 people had entered the forest together. Even if more than half had given up, there were still at least a few hundreds of people remaining. However, the mere hundreds of people spread out in the enormous forest rarely met each other, so it was rare to come across others that had decided to remain in the forest.

This was too mean, couldn't they just leave them some clothes? How could they meet other people like this?

After some time, Tianxiong Lie bit his lips and spoke out, "Tell everyone to retreat."

Liang Xiaole's face was full of admiration as she stared at the two, "You two are really amazing; you're not even at the Saint level yet and you can easily kill Class 1 Magical Beasts. In my opinion, once you reach the Saint level, you will be able to kill Class 2 Magical Beasts with ease."

"Then go kill yourself, get the hell out of here, I do not want to see you here!"

The old Seventh Grade Combat King was struck with astonishment. Right at this moment, everyone turned their heads toward the sky. No one had any idea what was going to happen. However, they had a really bad feeling about it.

After Nangong Wentian came into the courtyard, he turned around and shut the door. He had a dull expression on his face, and it looked as if something was troubling him. He walked up to Jiang Chen.

"What is going on?"

Without waiting too long, a long wooden table was placed in front of the pill shop. The fat old man sat down next to it with a peaceful look on his face.

Afterward, Jian Chen gave a few more personal notes of how he would often circulate his strength to familiarize himself before leaving her in peace. She would have to stay in the room herself for better results. Although she was a Saint Master now, she became one far too fast. Thus, her Saint Force almost felt foreign rather than being as easy to operate as her arm. Time was needed to familiarize herself.

The fuck?! What was there to be proud of when you were a dog?

The single explosive roar of the white tiger had killed a dozen Earth Saint Masters, astonishing both elder Bai from the Moyun clan and even Jian Chen. The other hundreds of spectators had watched this with a growing look of horror at the tiger.

Someone tried helping.

Suddenly, the man's expression changed. With a flip of his hand, an ancient jade pendant appeared in his hand. A weak thought flew out from the pendant, and entered the centre of the man's head.

"Jiang Chen."

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