World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 1542

World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 1542

"Little Chen, the gap between us and that mountain peak is large, how are we going to destroy it?"

The merciless slaughter continued for a little longer as each Zhou Mercenary cried out a battle cry continuously. Unsurprisingly, not a single one of them who exchanged a blow with Jian Chen had cried out in pain, since Jian Chen had cut apart their throats and rendered them speechless. Some of them weren't even able to feel the pain before losing their life.

The Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom far surpassed whatever entity they could safely anger. He was like a gigantic mountain that they wouldn't even be able to blow wind on. It was only because of the support of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger that they had been brave enough to fight the Qinhuang Kingdom. With the Sect of Dragon and Tiger gone, there was absolutely no way that they would fight against the Qinhuang Kingdom now. All that would remain to them on that path was death.

Faced with the third tribulation bolt, the only thing Tieyi Ying and Heixin Fu could do was run for their lives. If they slowed down, they had no doubts they would be killed by this Heavenly Tribulation.

The two beheaded bodies fell from the sky with blood gushing out from their necks along with the listless two heads Jian Chen had just blasted.

"Is brother Jiang Chen here?"

In the next moment, a stronger wave of pressure blew back and returned the pressure given to him by Ka Zhafei's battle skill. Its power had reached even the outside area where countless of Great Saint Masters coughed out a mouthful of blood as their faces grew even more pale.

The Old Great Emperor was furious! With all his strength, he unleashed the Heavenly Imperial Finger, revealing a gigantic golden finger that ripped the space apart as if crashed down toward the blood red dragon claw.

Of course, if Jiang Chen still wanted to exchange more Nine Solar Holy Water for Heavenly Yuan Pills, it was rather easy for him to do so. As long as he was given two more days, he could stay in the Heavenly Tower and focus on drawing out Nine Solar Holy Water, then he would be able to get more.

Jiang Chen asked.

Luckily, another door had opened up for him. In his current life, he would definitely enter the Realm of Immortals, fulfilling his hundred year old dream.

Yun Can instantly struck out with a mighty combat skill, the Doomsday Palm. Just the name alone was enough to scare people. This was an extremely powerful combat skill, and once it was unleashed, it would carry a devastating force that would break its target apart.

"Even he wants to kill me."

"Sigh££ brother, I really don't know where you find that confidence."

"Damn you, shouldn't you toast this master dog as well? If not for this master dog, do you really think that guy could have killed the Earth Devil by himself?"

Jian Chen looked seriously at Tie Ta as well. Those two strikes had been unusual; not only did they release a strange sound after striking, but at the moment of impact between the two hands, there was a resultant explosion that had been enough to shock the internal organs of both participants.

Jian Chen stopped his massacre for a brief moment before staring at the few Saint Masters. "Speak then, where is your captain?" In the restaurant, Jian Chen had figured out that the captain of the Zhou Mercenaries was a Great Saint Master expert. Within this group of people, he had realized that not a single one of them were at that level. With this situation, that could only mean that the captain was not here. That wouldn't do, since Jian Chen wanted to kill the captain.

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