Another World¡¯s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 1520

Another World¡¯s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 1520

That overwhelming pressure meant that the difference between their levels were too significant. There was no possibility of them being a match. It was now that he realized it had came from four powerful demonic beasts. It was no wonder that the aura had came from all directions.

"I really don't want to take that final step¡­. She's my only flesh and blood, after all¡­." Looking torn, the Celestial cast his gaze out of the Palace of the Dao in the direction of one of the other mountain peaks on Heavenspan Island. Standing there was Du Lingfei, who seemed so forlorn that she was like a mere husk of her old self, as if her divine soul was dead, and only her physical body remained.

One month!

After his mind calmed down, Qing Shui spent three days experimenting with the Duality Minutest Formation instead. Now that his earlier thoughts had become a reality, he had to practice the Duality Minutest Formation first before attempting the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation again.

There weren't many changes to how the Thunder God looked. Only higher level techniques and the Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique was used in the forging. He used the Penta Color Art of Forging and after a half day, the Thunder God shone in a bright glow.

"Upgraded? The third level of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal?" Qing Shui saw that the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had expanded by quite a lot. He estimated that the length and breadth had each increased by over 40 meters. It was now about 180 meters long, and about the size of 50 mu* of land.


Qing Shui looked back when someone abruptly pulled his sleeves. When he turned around, there was a tall and delicate fifteen or sixteen years old girl with a well-developed body pouting her lips as she looked at Qing Shui.

"Plus, any people hostile to the Bai Clan will definitely take an interest in me afterward...." Chuckling, he flew straight up into the air.

The battle turned into a one-sided massacre!

On his way out, the grand elder detected him and flew over to stop him from leaving.

"He dared to criticize others when he is the shameless one."

Cang Wuya silently laughed as he sipped his tea, not saying anything.

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He was now studying the stage of Heaviness-in-Lightness. Actually, he had repeatedly attempted to do so throughout the past half year, but it wasn't until now that he had been able to do anything with it.

Qing Shui did not want Luan Luan to go too far, he knew that Luan Luan had the Heart of Seven Orifices and that there was some time left. He said while smiling, "I'll go with you."

One spirit stone for one Fantasy Pill wasn't even enough to cover the production costs. Clearly, the burly man felt that Bai Xiaochun was lucky just to be able to sell things in the north. Actually, that attitude was prevalent among almost all of the northerners.

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