Man, Ive never imagine it would turn out like this Chapter 2007

Man, Ive never imagine it would turn out like this Chapter 2007

Jiang Chen didn't reply to Jiang Zhen Hai's question.

It was only at this point that Zhar's face could be seen, a deathly white color. The clothes that he wore underneath the armor had already been dyed a bloody red from the attack of the azure and violet Sword Qi.

Xuan Ye said.


A Late Combat Soul Golden Guard suddenly kneeled down on the floor and spoke with a trembling voice, "Imperial Emperor, when I found the Crown Prince, he was still conscious, and he said that it was Yan Chenyu who did this to him."

"Quickly, report this back to the sect, we can only rely on the sect elders to help us."


Continuing, Jian Chen spoke, "Princess You Yue, the marriage between the two of us has never been agreed to by either of us. Our parents may have agreed, but the way this marriage was proposed is something I am actually against. In the past, I hadn't the power to do anything about it, and so I accepted it in silence. But it is different now. I have the power now." With that, Jian Chen stopped speaking for a moment. Although he hadn't been completely straightforward, the intelligent You Yue could understand where Jian Chen was going with this.

Wu Cong shouted. He was the first person to march toward the ancient pagoda. Soon after, the crowds had all gathered in front of the ancient pagoda's entrance. It was an aged stone door, and it looked really thick and solid.

"Fuck off! Don't get in my way unless you want to die! I'm here to participate in the trade fair."

"Let's go and check it out."

Chang Wuji gave a cold smile, "You underestimate our Changyang clan. Now, release the two immediately, we've still time to talk about this. Otherwise, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom will become the enemy of our Gesun Kingdom. Your annihilation will be in due time by then!"

"Attack now, don't let them fully activate the formation!"

He knew that Jiang Ru Long wouldnot marry Mu Rong Xiao Rou and marry into the Mu Rong family.He was confident in this because they were both men.It was pretty simple.If he were to switch bodies with Jiang Ru Long and had to choose between suicide and marrying Mu Rong Xiao Rou, then he would rather commit suicide.

The trio were stunned, and the smiles on their faces froze.For someone as experienced as them, they could easily tell that the pills on top of Jiang Chen's palm were recently concocted.The pills were still giving off a warm feeling, a sign that they just came out of the furnace.

Many people were unable to bear what he said. Putting aside the cultivation of this guy, just his words alone were enough to draw a lot of hatred onto him. Just by making a simple speech, Jiang Chen had successfully drawn the attention of everyone; catapulted himself into the limelight before the competition could officially begin.

Man, Ive never imagine it would turn out like this Chapter 2007 End!

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