I reincarnated as a friend of Slime Chapter 2354

I reincarnated as a friend of Slime Chapter 2354

"Allow me to keep this a secret for now. I'll tell you about it when we arrive at our destination. Disperse and make the preparations. I'll be leaving first." As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Chen exited the tent and flew off toward the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom with haste.

At that moment, the sounds of hooves could be heard as a blue robed middle aged man came riding forward with his Class 3 Magical Beast mount. "Second sister, you've been gone for so long without telling your older brother, so what better than for your older brother to come greet you?"

Li Wu Ling's killing intent was soaring high in the skies. Nevertheless, his mind had been twisted by Jiang Chen's words, and his energy had become more unstable.

This time, none of the seven members hesitated to respond. With a crisp response, their faces couldn't hide their excitement. Although they knew that Jian Chen wished to use this method to control the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, it wasn't too important to them. The more important thing was that they had a robust pillar of support behind them. Furthermore, being connected to the Qinhuang Kingdom was something that many kingdoms wouldn't be able to get even if they tried.Chapter 505: An Injured Qin Wutian

Xiao Wei explained.

On the top of the platform, Bai En gasped in admiration as he watched Jian Chen, "This kid is definitely a unique one, his battle experience is rich, and his speed isn't slow at all either. It seems this student is called Changyang Xiang Tian, so judging from his name, he is from Lore City's Changyang Clan. It seems that I really will have to make a report to the headmaster later."

"What terrible luck, how could I come across such a thing?" Jian Chen quickly calmed himself, but inwardly, he was still cursing to himself. He knew how terrifying a Silver Striped Golden Snake could be despite never seeing one in real life. Just reading about it was enough for Jian Chen to understand that with his current Great Saint strength, fighting against a Silver Striped Golden Snake was extremely troublesome.

Returning back to their original inn, the three men congregated in the same room behind closed doors.

"Please go back chiefs, and don't forget to search for the dog for us."

Jiang Chen nodded his head, then he led the group and continue their journey towards the depths of Inferno Hell.

This amount of Sword Qi was almost unbelievable to imagine. It allowed anyone to believe that it was strong enough to set the heavens aflame or even destroy the firmament of the heavens. But in the Light Wind Sword, there was still a minute crack to be seen.

Jiang Chen reminded Yan Chenyu.

Despite each magical beast being quite strong, the humans attacking them at the same time was far too much. Each man was an Earth Saint Master at the least, and taking a hit from them was taxing on their strength. As for the Flying Spirit Snake and the Albino Earthworm, taking on three Ruler Armaments each brought about even more damage than what the Amethyst Thunder Lion had caused. As of right now, only the Pangolin Emperor had an advantage over the other side and was in good condition.

Plus, more importantly, they had no grievances or hatred with Jian Chen. It was only because Tianxiong Lie had invited them that they were involved in this matter.

When the deadly poison gas entered Jiang Chen's body, he immediately felt a heart piercing pain all over his body. This was the deadly poison of a Green Hellish Python. He didn't dare neglect the poison. He immediately started circulating the Dragon Transformation skill and the Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea, making them furious like some ancient beasts. The Dragon Marks started absorbing the poison gas with incredible speed, and in just a split second, all the poison had been absorbed. Not only did Jiang Chen not feel uncomfortable, he was feeling energetic.

"Honored Imperial Protector, we will use up all our energy to protect the Changyang clan." The two replied.

"No matter what, you have to get him here! Aside from Sect Elder Guo Shan, there is no one else who can handle this Fan Kun."

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