Born from a divine gamble Chapter 1987

Born from a divine gamble Chapter 1987

The king of the Gesun Kingdom himself was excited. To have a Saint Ruler in his kingdom was an extremely fortuitous event. But the most important thing was the fact that this Saint Ruler was engaged to his daughter.

Big Yellow tried arguing.

Jian Chen stood at the center with his sword in his right hand pointing down toward the ground. Five meters away from him, the armored young lord stood with his giant sword stabbed into the ground.

The Crown Prince was at the same level as Wu Ningzhu before he was castrated. Thus, even though Big Yellow had broken through to the Mid Combat Soul realm, he was only capable of defeating ordinary Late Combat Soul warriors, not near being a match for the Crown Prince. However, the current Crown Prince was no longer the same Crown Prince; he had suffered a huge impact after being castrated by Yan Chenyu. Although he had fully recovered, he was overall much weaker than before, making him only slightly stronger than an ordinary Late Combat Soul warrior. His strength was currently the same as Big Yellow, Han Yan, and Yan Chenyu's. Compared to Wu Ningzhu, he was now far weaker.

Nangong Wentian raised the gigantic ruler in his hand, and with a smile on his face, he arrived in front of a nearby herb and forcefully swung the ruler toward it. A bright glow could be seen coming from in palm, and in just an instant; the defense mechanism shattered. He just got his first herb!

All three Sect Elders had their eyes went wide, only now they managed to pull themselves out from the shocking emotion. They couldn't believe what just happened, and felt like this was the first time they knew this Zhang Yang.

"Ran Feng, I suggest you give up your hope. Ancestor Greenlotus has become history, just like the Greatest Saint underneath the heavens all those years ago. No one were able to do anything about it. You've placed your hopes on that little monk, but something that even the Great Leiyin Temple failed to accomplish, no matter how amazing that little monk's talent is, I'm afraid he won't be able to fulfill your dreams."

By the second day, Jian Chen had finally made it through the grasslands, only to come across the footprints of a large group of people. Looking at their tracks, Jian Chen could estimate that there were about a hundred people├┐truly not a small group.

"Little Chen, do you know why our cultivations are limited here?"

Seeing that everyone had felt something was strange about this wave, Yun Li knew that it was no use in trying to hide the secret anymore. Without pondering any longer, he spoke out loud, "Everyone, the truth is, this magical beast wave has a Class 5 Magical Beast hidden within it. For our Wake City, this magical beast wave could be said to be a test of survival of an extremely grim nature."Chapter 239: The Beginning Prominence of One's Reputation

These eight men all wore the same green robes. Looks of ferociousness could be seen on their faces. They didn't seem too friendly, it was as if they could kill anyone at any time.

"Ask Jiang Chen to come out and face his death immediately! There is no use wasting time and trying to be a loser!"

The Heavenly Saint Sword shook, unleashing countless devastating sword energies which instantly shattered all of Ling Du's internal organs. After that, the sword energies continue ravaging, causing his body to explode into a bloody mist, terrifying everyone watching.


"This is Granny Feng, the Valley of Happiness's Chief. If not for her combining their forces with ours, I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to survive until you returned."

But Qian Yun was completely unaffected by Jian Chen's demeanor, "This old man merely wishes for the Heaven Tier Battle Skill. If I can grab a hold of it, then it matters not if I interfere. The Gesun Kingdom is already on the verge of collapse either way."

Big Yellow said in a cocky manner.

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